Introduction + I need help!

I dont watch horror movies.
I’m 19 years old.
and I summoned him not only with the intention to make money. I wanted to learn as much as I could from him. but yeah. I should’ve learned more before doing it.

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This path needs no rush, good luck.


In my experience, there are a lot of parasites that are just looking for an opportune moment to attach themselves to someone and I think your intention to host Clauneck might have backfired and you ended up with a completely different entity.

From your post I think its clear that the entity is interested in your sexual energy which is pretty much the nectar of the gods for these things.

If this is indeed a parasite then you will continue to have nightly visits in the form of sexual dreams and occasional sleep paralysis. Also, notice if you feel drained when you wake up in the morning, that’s a big clue.

I would say, start doing morning and nightly banishing, get some incense for your room and make sure your hygiene is on point.


thank you!

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yes, I feel drained when I wake up, but I didnt paid so much attention to this because I have a poor sleeping schedule and I thought that might be the cause… and fortunately I’ve never experienced sleep paralysis, but you never know once you deal with this types of entities.

also, I dont have sage or anything at hand, but I’ve putted some salt into corners and at doors and windows, and when I went to confront him I heard noises coming from a corner where I put the salt on, and in other parts of the room.
but this time my prayers finally worked and I felt a light protecting me.

I was so lost and confused, but now I feel happy tbh. ill try to dont let fear get in the way.
although I’m pretty sure when the night comes it will be more hard to deal with him, but I’ll do my utmost.


well i have called Clauneck myself several times but nothing like that never happened.
and i have summoned a lot of demons that i cant remember but none can just come to scare you like that. so whatever that you are passing through is not Clauneck doings at all.
but as others have said that i myself believe whether that is a parasite or some kind of wondering spirits.
so just use some banishing rituals and some protections i’m sure it will all go away. also you may try some psychic shields it will work out just fine though i can suggest some book if that will continue …you may try to find it online and things like that…

magical protection by damon brand … this one has rituals for protections, cleansing, banishing and more…


I think it’s great that you have such sensitivity. It’s more likely to be this sensitivity and not your lifestyle that draws entities. You’re on the right track learning how to clear your space and set up protections first, that’s fundamental. I’d say learn more banishing and warding techniques and cleanse your whole house, then re-evoke Clauneck free of the uninvited guests.


I’ll check it out! thank you very much

and… maybe they’re both?? parasites and a spirit?
like those noises I’ve heard they were moving around and also when I attempted to summon Clauneck my body trembled sooooo much. I thought this is normal until now. I like to read lots of nonsense and I stumbled upon a post from a girl who talked about astral parasites, and she said that at some point her leg and other part of her body trembled really hard and she thought there was an angel she was working with, trying to heal her, or something like that, but turns out it was a parasite. although her story is different from mine there were some similarities.

I might overthinking it lol. or maybe not.

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it’s funny tho. how can a random spirit have so much power to the point where he shape that burned candle to look like Clauneck sigil???

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thank you, I’ll learn as much as possible before attempting again.

and this is such a drag honestly.

I think it’s also worth mentioning one of my past experiences. maybe I can understand it better from another point of view.

so when I was around 7 or 8 years old, my father used to let me alone most of the times (mostly at night), and I remember how terrified I was because there was something into the pantry. something that had an incredible power.
it never hurt me tho. the only interaction i had with it was via dreams.

I used to have the same dream for 5 years or so. occasionally I used to dream about something else, but after 3 4 days the dream reappeared; it wasnt anything interesting tho. just a black background and in the middle of it there was something even more darker. and it always started as a small dot. but he was eating from that black background (at first it started slow) until it became a huge amount of black thing that was spreading like a parasite (and while it become bigger it was more faster).

I hope his makes sense. I’ve explained as simple as I could.

so my question is:
is it possible to be all connected? :thinking:

First of all I’m going to tell you, this isn’t Clauneck. Clauneck is nothing but friendly in my experience.

I’m thinking that when you tried to contact the human spirit, another slipped in. Another ghost, another entity of some kind. It sounds like an incubus, but I know that sexual touching in an intimidating way is not exclusive to that variety of spirit.

From this post, however, it sounds as if something attached to you as a child. Or maybe it’s even something from a past life.

Since it sounds like you’re quite sensitive to these things, I’d say it’s a human entity or another lesser entity that attached to you as a child, and now that you’re older, is getting sexually aggressive.

You need to ward and cleanse. Maybe ask one of the demons for help. Bune is good at controlling spirits. Bifrons can make them come forward and answer questions.

Best of luck to you. I hope it’s resolved quickly, this shit is scary.


It’s normal for parasites to not want to hurt you per se - obviously they do, but they need you reasonably well so they can feed off you indefinitely.

I’m used to thinking of parasites as entities that attach to you and bed down somewhere in your energy system for the duration - they don’t leave unless you expel or ‘kill’ them. An entity that is feeling off you but not directly attached, I’d call ‘vampiric’. Both can be attracted to people in the first place when there are emotional difficulties in a house.

So my first thought is the pantry entity was vampirically feeding off you and you watched it getting stronger and closer in your dreams. Maybe it attached after a while and make the relationship parasitic that way? I’m just guessing.

I myself had a deeply buried parasite that I had maybe since I was about 7, and only discovered recently with help. It had learned my every trick to scan myself and knew how to hide from me, and was also doing all it could to block my astral sight, for obvious reasons, so it took another witch to see it.

The fear isn’t helping, but some of these entities engender fear on purpose, some are just attracted by it and feed it. Either way, it sound more and more like a thorough cleansing is important.
If you search here for ‘parasites 101’ there are also good ideas on parasite removal. Fire eemnt work is often effective - burn them, burn them on as many levels as you and anyone who can add to the working can see them on. IME It can take several workings to full get a deep parasite to disengage or die, so don’t worry if it doesn’t go away on the first try.


As the operator and mage you dictate what happens you could banish this entity. I’m sending it wasnt clauneck but possibly something else angry and ill intentions

Plus when you invoke you are taking on the attributes of the spirit that involves feeling and sending the spirit realm which is probably what your experiencing.


All the things your recounting are not danger points but the deity is simply alerting you to his presence. Demons are incorporate beings and use psychic messaging with mind power, that your ritual was a success, you have been heard and he is present.

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ur right. this shit scary af. it feeded on my fear for years and then he suddenly vanished. or maybe I wasnt able to sense it anymore. who knows.

and I would love to try contacting another demon, but what if I fuck up again? it’s really frustrating that I cant hear other entities.

there is something that’s blocking me.
maybe me, maybe something else.
maybe both.
whatever the case its really annoying and I cant seem to find the root. :expressionless:

and thank you. I’ll see what I can do.

@rias Please properly introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and your experience in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t think you had any spiritual experience. You mentioned that you did an invocation, and aren’t very experienced. Because of this I’m going with the simplest explanation, your energy body.

Invocations use your energetic body too, and assuming you have very limited or no experience with developing your energetic body, it’s very likely that you overexerted your undeveloped faculties, think of it like lifting too much weight. Because you’re into all kinds of horror nonsense you probably had some sort of mixture between a panic attack and psychosis.

Why do I think this is primarily energetic and psychological in nature?

There is an energy channel in your legs, it connects the Yong Quan in your feet with your lower Dantien. When this happens, you usually feel this strange tickling sensation in your feet, but sometimes you can feel the energy channel in your legs.

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It should be noted that since you are fairly new or let’s say you are green to all of this there are different entities that are of a weak energy source that feed of your fear and are only given strength through your fear since it is a sudden, quick and powerful emotion these are “shades” or the “man in the top hat” types of entities.
The fact that clauneck was able to manifest his sigil within a burned candle doesnt surprise me demons are ancient with enough power to move something in this material world whilst still being incorporeal just try to wrap your head around being millions of years old and everytime you are evoked you are given power because people know your name know what you do and are asking for your help, alot of times a demon will consciencely respond intelligently.

Now shades or thought forms have no names and no attributes just the void and fear itself is within the void so fear itself helps them grow and become stronger because it is the path of least resistance which magick will always take the easiest way to accomplish a goal.

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Welcome to the forum. Your energetic defenses are quite low, you need to learn how to better protect yourself.

Two things you can do real quick. In your mind with force behind it scream, " GET THE FUCK OUT OF ME BEFORE I FUCKING KILL YOU AND FEAST ON YOUR DEAD BODY!!!"

Then imagine a red flame starting from belly outward around your entire body. Then change it to purple flame.

Start here.

My money threads.


Welcome @rias,

From where do you hail?

As for your query, I would trust in the advice of @anon10524665.

The strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. I know it is very tough and goes against every instinct that has been taught to you since birth (the avoidance of dark energy at all costs) but I want you to really look at what is happening to you, with as much fear removed from the equation as possible. Three things may happen upon fulfilling my request:

  1. if it is a parasite, it will dissipate, as it no longer has your fear to feed off.
  2. you may form a connection with an Acausal energy/entity.
  3. you realise that you pieced together inauthentic events to create an illusion of what you perceive to be authentic.

I am not saying that I do not believe you, far from it. You just need to study your events and eliminate the logical explanations first. That is how you remain sane and evolve as a practitioner of the sinister arts.

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