For Beginners - Grounding In Time, Preparation for Soul Travel

All travelers, whether they travel by sea, by spaceship, or by foot must have their bearings. They must know where they are to figure out where they are going. The same can be said of the soul traveler, or just “traveler” from this point on. Soul travel and out of body experiences (OBEs) have been the focus of hundreds of books, seminars and web sites. All travelers seem to have their own way of initiating a journey. Similarly, all travelers have their own stories of the sights, sounds and denizens that inhabit the planes of existence.

It all seems so very exciting, except for one small problem. Regardless of the countless sources of information on the subject, the majority of folk who aspire to become Travelers, never get off the ground so to speak! Some books will go on about brain waves and how the journey must begin when the traveler is about to fall asleep. Other authors instruct the traveler-in-training to simply will themselves out of their body. Climb a rope. Imagine your frequency increasing. Ask a spirit to pull you out. Rub your head while dancing on one foot. (I made that last one up, but you get the point.)

I have been very fortunate to having been a traveler since my youth. Although my younger self didn’t know what was going on and I have dealt with some frightening situations, I was traveling nonetheless. In time I recognized the gift for what it was and got to the point where I could travel almost at will under the proper conditions. Most of my experiences happened after a period of meditation while laying down for sleep.

How this applies to the traveler-in-training is simple. I lost my ability. Complete and utter inability to travel from my late twenties into my late thirties. I don’t exactly know what happened, but it was probably the result of getting caught up in our material driven world. My ability was forgotten and despite my passion for magick, I never took up traveling, or at least attempting to travel until recently. So here is my new technique from the perspective of someone who was really frustrated about not being about to travel. I can travel once more.

Instead of blabbering on about what you will see and how oh-so-wonderful traveling is, lets just get you strapped in and ready for lift off. No special brainwaves or one-legged dances necessary.

Let’s go …

Before you travel, you must develop a strong sense of where you are. There are at least two excellent techniques I want to share with you:

The first is to sit in a chair, making sure that you are not exhausted and that nobody will bother you for ten minutes. Look around and soak in your surroundings. Interrogate your five senses. What do you see, hear or smell? How does your body feel? Back bothering you? Try to relax. Look around and let yourself feel safe and secure.

The second is what I call “Grounding in Time”. I would call it Time Lord, but, you know, Dr. Who. Anyways, put out one of your hands as if you were going to pray, except with one hand. If you chose your left hand, your palm is facing right, and your hand should be at your chest area. This position represents the present time. Move your hand a little to the left and let yourself remember what you did earlier during the day. Remember your meal, your shower, the people you spoke with. Continue moving your hand through the past. The further your hand moves, the farther back in time your recollection moves. Next, bring your hand slowly to the center again. This time your distant memories will play first, and you will arrive at your present time. Take your time, pun intended. Next, begin to move your hand to the right and see the future. Think of your aspirations, your wishes and little fantasies. Continue to move your hand and see your long-term goals manifest. Now bring your hand slowly to the center again, playing the sequence in reverse. Once your hand is centered again, move it slowly back and forth by about 1 inch. Just hover your hand back and forth between the center and feel the push and pull in your mind. Do this for a few seconds. You are now grounded in time, Time Lord! (I couldn’t help myself)

Once centered after performing both exercises, embrace your ego. That is, allow yourself to feel a warm familiar sense of “you”. Remember, the ego is what ceremonial magicians try to kill in a hope to connect with spirits. What they often forget to write in their grimoires, is that the suppression of ego is supposed to be temporary. Without the ego, one can easily lose their sense of self, and that can cause all sorts of troubles in life.

Now its time to travel! It takes practice, but here’s what you must do. In a centered state, close your eyes and, playfully, imagine yourself at a different point in the room. Use your imagination to show you what you see and hear from the new vantage point. Whether the experience seems real to you or not, manifest your sense of self, or ego, in the new location. Feel comfortable that the new location is your actual location. You will naturally wander between trying to visualize the sights and sounds from the new vantage point and sensing your full ego.

Keep it playful! On subsequent journeys, use different projection points and slowly move further and further away from your chair (or bed). You’ll know when you have succeeded when you open your physical eyes and your body feels like it was falling asleep. As you practice, the experience will become more and more tangible. At some point you will cross the line between imagining the experience and the experience being real.

Once you are comfortable with this exercise, you may take a journey within yourself instead of within the physical world around you. At this point, feel free to purchase a book from one of the experts, because you are finally ready. Time Lord!

Why grounding in time for travelling? Your concept of time is part of your ego. Time doesn’t exist. The universe only knows of ‘now’. The past is a collection of memories and the future is an illusion. The act of “Grounding in Time” is to help your ego swell. Ego is critical to traveling. What I mean by this has nothing to do with a “big ego” , but simply your intimate sense of self.

Trust yourself.



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I used to pop out of my body when I was younger to. But hasn’t happened in several years and I could never do it on purpose. It’s definitely something I’ll be getting into at some point.

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