Is this person lying about his experience summoning a demon or not?

Can you please send a link to these threads? It would be much appreciated.

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If the ritual was really conducted he received a huge sign that his death hex would not be acceded to. Malphas is well known for helping you build a foundation of safety at home and in the astral temple not for revenge. Some invoke Malphas as a ward against psychic and physical assaults not for destroying an opponent or retribution. Sounds like he learned a lesson that he will remember.


Tiny, if you’re scared, you’ll get something scary.

If you expect nothing… well, most likely nothing will happen.

I understand magic as linked to emotion, intention and imagination. So it is really up to whatever YOU want, consciously (does that word even exists? seriously asking) or not.


I hope this isn’t rude but wow I’m so shocked and impressed that these demons help people. Some say they just want to wreak havoc on humans but people here say they help with happiness, love, etc

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It all depends on what you cast… How much magical experience do you have, have you ever performed a ritual?

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I’m not sure if you can get p.m. so here are a couple that you and the O.P. might be of use.

And to @TinyGirl please read this thread it will help you greatly.


Demons do help. There are other spiritual entities that are unevolved and malicious. This is why I keep stressing that Magicians must learn an effective banishing ritual - before they do anything else. See: Walt Disney’s Fantasia: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.



I’m rather shocked myself when newbies get exactly the results they were going for, first time, and then freak out and complain. He’s sitting in the corner afraid because he fell asleep instead of staying in tgs (very easy to do) and felt a presence that he called himself? :roll_eyes:

Some people aren’t cut out to work with entities, and that’s fine, but to then run to a forum of anti-daemonic people for validation as if this was in any way panic-worthy is kind of drama-llama of him.

Have to agree with lawclerk too, I don’t think this was accepted. Revenge is a weak motive and a lot of entities are less than impressed by it, because it comes from a place of lack not power. Instead of working on himself and not being as open to attack, he wastes time feeling bad about the past. He didn’t exactly call a newbie-friendly entity either.

On the plus side, if he ever finds wherever he left his spine, he’s proven to himself he can do it and can start doing some real work. :slight_smile:


What’s tgs? Also this surprises me? I thought demons would love to help with revenge or cursing. I mean they probably don’t care to do anything for humans but would prefer that than something all roses and sunshine

Demons have morals too, some don’t mind, others do mind, but at the same time some demons won’t help someone who are weak willed and coming from a place that’s basically a lack of power and self worth/self power. It depends on the demon.


I’ve seen this power concept a lot. What does this mean? Like if I approach it as “I’m powerful and want to cause this person harm because of what they’ve caused me” instead of “I’m scared but want to curse someone” it’s better?

Tbh for now I’m gonna stick to magick without demons because opening a sigil doesn’t sound that scary but I’m still not ready

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Personally I see it like this:

Someone who does something from a place of feeling like a victim is lacking.

Someone who does it because it’s their power and they can do with it what they want, someone who acknowledges their power and that no one can tell them what to do with it.

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Most occult themed subreddits I’ve seen honestly suck, especially r/Occult, most people on there have no real experience or all they do is study questionable material and think they have the authority to advise others and teach them despite their lack of experience…
And many Wiccans still look at demons through the lens of Christianity and believe in a twisted Westernized version of Karma meant to make members scared of cursing others…
Sometimes these subs can give valuable information when members with actual occult experience are present but most of the time there is nothing of value to be found…

In my experience the sense of power is useful, as it strengthens faith and tends to give better magickal results, but respect towards any spirit is very important, be it Demon or Angel.


I agree. I’m not faulting anyone for believing in Christianity because some people need something to believe in. But we can’t really tap into our power if we allow ourselves to be shackled by it.


TGS= Theta Gamma Sync

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Any spirit can be scary when they want to be and if they want to be. king belial had been with me for a good portion of my life without me knowing anything. When i did learn he was there we cracked jokes, talked about the universe, magick and a lot of other things.

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Hello @TinyGirl,
I’d allow myself to share with you my point of view and may be it would give an answer to your doubts. We’re surrounded by good and evil, angels and demons, our own good and bad choices. Some people deserve love, others - hate. Sometimes we’re weak to get what we want and instead of turning the other cheek we’re looking for help. Now, let’s say if you’re Christian would you dare going to church and ask your Lord to deliver you … a chewing gum? Would you dare asking him to kill your school mate only because he’s got the newest iPhone but you still don’t have it? Of course
not. Demons should be treated with the same respect and either they will deliver what you want, or will show you the way that’s best for you regarding any specific situation. If you bother them with bulshit - yes I do believe that this person is not lying about his experience.

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U cant believe everything you read on the internet
Do some research here and read stories of people what they have gone through with daemons in this forum
I can guarantee you will find some legit stories


The BALG forum are a bunch of fantastic people, sorcerers/sorceresses, and (some say) other beings too. You can learn tons here. I have and learn more all the time.

Having said that, it still doesn’t mean you should never study anything else on your own. I recommend you study some books or official material in addition to BALG before you dive much deeper. Feel free to PM me about that if you’d like. I’d be happy to give you some recommendations.

I can understand when starting out it can probably feel like a scary thing. This is exacerbated by the fact that movies and religion portray demons as primal flesh eating zombie monsters who typically want to trade you candy for your soul (Hint: they don’t want your soul).

In my experience, some of what I would classify as “kind spirits“ are in the demon category. Amy and Bune immediately come to mind among others.

Btw, nothing personal, but Reddit is often only about 2 steps removed from
4Chan (8Chan whatever Chan it is now).

Half the people on there are less into digging deeper into the occult and more like…


Hiya OP! It’s probably a real ritual that this person performed, but if they were spooked by a presence in the corner it’s very possible that when Malphas showed up their subconscious shut everything down out of fear. Swallowing salt is a less effective protection than a talisman, especially when they are apparently so terrified on some level. Using a real skull without asking the person who it belonged to if they’re ok with that is just plain stupid, if they weren’t a complete doormat that can work against the magic or you directly! It’s possible this person passed out in the animal blood, whether or not they stated it, but using a prayer written for a particular entity is also a problem- if the names were meant to be interchangeable, they would be! :slight_smile:

If you’re terrified of magic, of any level or type, it’s really important that you address the fear before going further into any magic. Shadow work is the most direct way to do this, but, you can only address your subconscious on your terms, not anyone else’s. A fact that can be difficult to swallow at first but gradually becomes more and more noticeable is that you are the only one you can 100% rely on to protect yourself, so, know yourself, that you may know how to protect yourself. Even subconscious timidity can be a gate for negative influence, but what you eventually realize is that you are the supreme commander of your own self, and no spirit you perceive, neither demon nor god nor angel nor alien or otherwise, can hurt you unless some part of you allows it to. Self-sovereignty can only be enforced totally, there are no exceptions- either you’re the boss and everything that shows up is going to obey or get put down like a rabid animal, or you aren’t, and you’re open to being controlled/led on a leash. Sometimes leashes are good, like for when you can’t see the way on your own, but the only time you should let yourself be tethered to a being like that is when they have proved their trustworthiness beyond the shadow of a doubt. It’s all scenario-dependent! :slight_smile: