Simple energy work tutorial: Going back to basics

Energy balls/ Psi balls

From the large round swirly blue orbs from avatar to the crackling blue orbs that characters throw around in video games.

Energy orbs can be particularly useful and they’re a great way to get started in energy work.
How do you make an energy ball? It’s actually really easy like anything that has to do with magic once you get down to the raw basics of it.

I’ll simplify it into steps that I’ll explain further on.
Step 1: Get comfortable and get relaxed
Step 2: Activate your hand chakras
Step 3: Mould the energy and program it using your visualization.
The next step depends on whether you’re doing this for a specific purpose or just for practice.
Step 4: Send you energy ball
Step 5: Also optional, recharge/ ground and center.

Okey doke, let’s get in shall we?
Step 1: This part is really similar to how we begin most of our magical workings. Get relaxed and set the mood. (I’d like to add that this is in no way necessary whatsoever. With practice you can make these energy balls anytime anywhere, on the bus, on the train, wherever you find yourself)
If you do have time though, get comfortable and relax. Find a place where you can be alone for a while. This can be at your altar or in your room, outdoors at a place where you can steal some peace and quiet. Wherever.

Wear comfortable loose clothing or go sky clad, whatever rocks your aquarium.
You can sit in a hard backed chair or if you’re feeling extra go for that yoga pose as long as you can maintain it safely and comfortably without strain.

Step 2: Activate the hand chakras
Get your breathing under control and with that feel each breath energize you and with each exhale let go of any tension or stress you accumulated during the day. You can add some basic visualization to this, by breathing in golden light and breathing out stale yellowish light till you feel nice and relaxed and you’re only breathing out the golden light you inhaled.
So now we’ve got to activate our hand chakras and gather energy, these chakras are located at the center of our palms.

Clap your hands three times or till they begin to feel tingly and start to rub your palms against each other using smooth circular motions, start slow and build your way to going faster.
Once your hands start to buzz and feel tingly ( or any sort of unique sensation you can pinpoint), press them tightly and feel that you are concentrating the energy together then slowly pull your palms apart. Keep them at least two inches away and try to feel the energy between your palms.
Try to move your palms together and you should feel a repelling sensation, move your palms up and down and you should feel something like a solid wall of energy.

Step 3: Mould the energy and program it using your visualization.
Now that you’re feeling the energy this part is all up to you. There are multiple different ways to build your energy ball as there are different ways to go about magic.

I would say that the main difference here is that, some energy workers make the energy ball using their own personal energy while others channel energy into the making of the ball from an external source.
I’ll explain both so you get to make the choice.

I’d first like to say that with channeling from an external source you have an infinite amount of energy at your disposal (depending on the source of course) and you can get creative this as well, matching the external source to your intent.

If I wanted to program my energy ball for dealing with financial purposes, I can channel the energy to make this ball from Jupiter the planet and the god source or even from the earth, from Gaia. Similarly with intent for love/lust/romance, channeling energy from Venus would be good. For increasing psychic abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and a whole host of other clairs too) then I would go with the moon.

It’s not only limited to planets in our solar system though, let your imagination soar, go out of our galaxy and hunt for stars if you’re into astrology. Heck you can even draw the particular energy from a rune. You can invoke a particular god/demon/angel or being and use its energy to make your ball. The only limit is your imagination.

Okay let’s deal with making an energy ball from your own personal energy.
You may think this won’t really benefit you but again you’re only limited to your imagination. You can simply channel energy from yourself or you can be more specific by channeling energy from a specific chakra or from your ida and pingala (or from one or the other depending on your intent of course).

Since this is getting really long and I wouldn’t want to bore you guys, I’d just deal with making your energy ball with your own personal energy using a very simplified technique.
Once you have your hands feeling all tingly and you’re met with resistance from your energy wall.
Close your eyes (or keep them open, again it’s your choice) imagine that within you there’s a pool of energy in your stomach, around the area of your solar plexus. You can tag this with any color you strongly find yourself associating with at the moment.

Draw that energy and feel it rise within you from your solar plexus to your heart chakra, and see it split from your heart chakra through your shoulders and into your hands finally having it pool at your two palms.
See and feel this energy saturate your hands with light and vibrations and once you’ve got that covered, push the energy out through your palms an at the same time see it begin to take the shape of a ball.

Physically try to feel the space around the ball and if you did your homework right that area of space should feel odd (hot, cold, tingly, repelling)

As the ball begins to form begin to think of think of what you want this energy ball to do, say it aloud use a mantra or a chant that aligns with your intent. Even visualize the energy ball as being a specific color.
If you’re good with visualizations, you can take this a step further and try to visualize the outcome within the energy ball. You can use signs associated with your intent, like the dollar sign for money or hearts for love or you can even visualize full on scenes depicting what exactly you want this bad boy to do.

You can make it as small or as large as you want, (but the larger ones usually takes more effort)

I’d use an experience of mine to describe this. So my friend was in a bit of a financial bend lately and I wanted to help her out as I could see that she was doing all she could and just needed an extra boost.
I followed the steps I wrote here but here is where it got different, I channeled energy from the earth instead of from myself asking Gaia to bless this with the intent that it have the abundance of the earth during a bountiful harvest and that it may manifest the money she needs as soon as possible.

I made the energy ball with the earth’s energy, I kept gathering and forming it, seeing it grow larger and larger till it became the size of a large bowling ball, I kept on pouring out my emotions and intent till I simply didn’t have anything to give anymore. Notice that I could have continued sending energy from the earth but it would be simply that, energy without a purpose.
I could see dollar bills and coins swirling around it and once I felt spent and satisfied.

This bring me to STEP 4: I spoke out who I intended this to go to and sort of threw it like a volley ball at a picture of my friend, seeing it going into her and bathing her in an aura most conducive for attracting wealth (you don’t need a picture though) (Also there are more specific ways to send energy, you could target a specific chakra corresponding to your intent, e.g. if I were casting a love spell I could see this energy ball being absorbed by her heart chakra, or a lust spell her root chakra and so on. You could also have a servitor deliver this energy ball for you.)
After which I cut of the energy flow with the earth, thanked Gaia for her assistance and ground out all the excess energy, visualizing it going down the earth where it came from.

The results I got from this? Two hours later my friend called to tell me that she had received $300 dollars from her parents who she hadn’t heard from in months. That was just the start though, more money kept finding its way to her from unexpected places, she received $547 dollars a week after from her boyfriend who had stolen from her a year ago saying he felt guilty, she always seemed to find money whenever she needed it and she still thanks me till this day.
Although she believes that “God” used me to ‘bless’ her but I’m not arguing, she still sees me as a light worker and I’m content to let her stick with her beliefs.

So the last step. Step 5: Grounding Centering Replenishing excess energy
This can be as easy as just holding your palms flat to the ground and see the excess energy inside you being pushed into the earth.

You can clap your hands and shake them at your hands to dispel the lingering energy.
An easy way to ground quickly is to eat. Believe it or not, eating after ritual or energy work helps take you back to mundane consciousness really quickly. The only downside is that you may have to wait a while before doing any more energy work as your body is preoccupied with digesting what you ate.

There are other ways to ground too, using the earth, using amethyst crystals.

But for the purpose of this post I’ll leave it to plain old eating. Go after the greasiest burger you can find and fulfill your carnivorous wishes. You did great! :slight_smile:

I hope you guys find this easy and fun to do; I’ll try to post the process of making an energy ball from an external source later if you guys want that. I just wanted to share this with everyone as it’s a fun and easy thing to do and has a crap load of uses too


I would like to know about the external source. Thanks for explaining this.

no problem! I’ll keep in mind making a post about this

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You would be interested in reading the book
The Psion Handbook - Sean Connelly


Could I use the psi balls to open my chakra, astral senses and learn astral travel?

How can I channel energy from a particular spirit without invoking it?


Now im not one for using crystals and such, just doesnt fit my system. But this technique is amazing, i attempted it of course, and was not dissapointed. i didnt use the energy for any specific purpose but when creating the sphere it felt far more physical than any other astral construct ive used before, thanks for the info.


i would like to suggest if you wont mind next time also you should post an article about opening astral senses and third eye…just my opinion :blush:


haha Yes! The first thing I ever learned. Thank you for posting this for other members. I think this is 100% key to making shield and any other manifestation.

It’s been helping me a lot with evocations.

I have and i loved it thank you!

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You can learn to channel energies from a spirit using their sigil

And yes, at the basis of it psi balls involve energy manipulation + tactile sensations both of which are useful in doing all of those aforementioned things


You’re welcome!!! I’m glad I could help! I might revisit his too as I haven’t done so in a while!

Thanks! And I think I do have something about opening the third eye! I’m not sure if I posted it but you can try searching for it on the forum.

If not then I won’t mind making an article on how to open the third eye, there are multiple ways of course but i’m guessing you would be interested in how to open it through the manipulation of energy?


I think I have read most of your topics but I don’t think you have posted it yet…

Well any method will be good as long as I will be able to scry successful…

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Holy fucking shit! I came to BALG to establish communications with my spirit but hot damn! When I tried to press my palms together I felt a squishy bit of resistance! That was SOOOO FUCKING COOL!!

I’m gonna be looking you and your stuff up more often!

My hands are alittle shaky tho…


Haha feel free to practice all the stuff I put up here! Everything I share here is stuff I’ve oersonally worked through and perfected I don’t share anything that I haven’t had success with.


The joints in my fingers get all creaky when i do Energy or Psi balls :thinking:


Hmm, do you have an alternative to step 2 that uses one hand only? I have no trouble gathering energy, but maintaining its structure with only one hand is difficult. The energy seems to form a layer over my hand instead of assuming a spherical shape. I hope I’m making sense.


Pro-tip, take detailed notes of this and how it felt, if you haven;t already, because the little reality-censor in your mind that does good work keeping you sane WILL try to erase this further down the line and make you either forget it, or begin to doubt what you experienced, so present-day you will help future-you a LOT by taking notes.

I’ve seen some incredible phenomena and results and yet i find my mind will rotuinely try to downplay them or start questioning things after some time has passed… maybe your noggin doesn’t work that way, but why take the risk? :wink:


Huh, that…sucks that our brains do that. And I will make an effort to catalog this for sure! But as you said, in a way, when I find myself doubting and if I’m just talking to myself, I’ll go flip thru my journal and get reassured. Best thing anyone can do


Charging one with the intent to get more money opened the opportunity to get an extra 5-10 hours of overtime per week