He sees right thru me . HELP

I’ve fallen deeply inlove with someone…
However there are sooo many doubts. He talks down on himself so often. It makes me so sad . Did I create this ? Did i do this to him ? Am i ruining his life ? When you love someone it’s hard to tell what’s real … especially when love magick plays a big role… in it all . He showed the interest … & i manifested it . But what am i really doing to him? I’m not sure what to do anymore … or if I should keep going . Pushing on . But if he leaves me again … the effects are going to be severe … worse than before . Same for me if I were to b the one to leave …

I’ve been ignoring the wisdom of Mother Hekate because I think maybe shes telling me what I dont want to hear . But it’s too late. I’m too far in . Maybe I’m getting mixed messages … sometimes it’s hard to tell bc she doesnt really tell me straight out what I need to do …

However its come to a point … where I need to make a long term decision. Do I use baneful magick to keep what I want … manifest this life I desire … maybe sell my soul for money, love, & power… even tho I want to be with Hekate . Shit I’ve even contemplated suicide so I can just leave this physical realm I’ve done so much damage on.


I hope you find what you are looking for, hang in they’re honey. One step at a time evrything is going to be alright. Sometimes rushing things is exactly what you should not do especially if you’re mind is confused and blurry. One day at a time, relax, chill and find the awnser that you are looking for


I want to stay … I’ve been manifesting our future for a long time now … but I’m not a saint … and deep down I know im fucking him up . & in reality I’m fucking myself up too . Bc love magick doesnt just work one way . I’m technically putting spells on myself too . I know what I want… and i know i can keep it … but this is so much work. I’ve definitely proven my dedication … I want him to succeed ! I want us both too . I think a lot of his stress and doubts would be cleared if I had the money to help him reach his own personal goals … and my own…
I appreciate the responses to my topic . I have a lot to think about & a lot of work to do …
I dont think I’m going to leave the physical realm just yet … not even for me . But for my family…however I cant wait to reach the spiritual realm …I really do appreciate the responses so thank you …


Hi Darkmoon…

May I ask, why does baneful magick come to mind? What would ever make you think you’re doing anything to harm him? May I ask what Hecate has been telling you about this situation?

If you used a love spell to have him fall in love with you, then I have unfortunate news to bare to you. There is no such thing as a “love” spell, unless that person already loves you, at least a tiny bit. If there’s no love naturally appearing in someone, then the “love” spell, will not cause love to blossom, but instead will cause obsession. Sometimes stalker level obsession. It can split their personality, it can fill them with anxiety and depression. It’s basically an enslavement spell.

Now, I’m not saying you’re doing any of this to him, nor am I saying he doesn’t love you genuinely… But ask yourself, and be honest, is this love? Are you loving yourself by holding yourself in this position, where you’re considering giving your soul away? Where you aren’t staying alive for you, but for other people only?

Take these words to heart…

You have to love yourself before loving someone or something else, otherwise, you’ll end up not having a soul left to sell, because you’ve already sold it. Think about it…

I’m not here to judge you or anything you’ve done. That’s not why I’m here. I simply want to offer any support I possibly can.


Hmm the key is to aim magick at all the problems. Use magick to make him more at peace, more willing for this relationship, use magick to reduce his fear, use magick to transform the love you have going into the kind of love you want. Love magick can be very painful, but if you aim your magick at everything, it can ease everything into the reality you want. Make a list of things you can use magick on in the relationship to make it easy, then work on those things as you go along. Of course use magick to only make him fall in love with you is painful, because there are obstacles, otherwise things would just easily slip into place, so use magick to destroy those obstacles and there will be peace, there will be prosperity.


I really did take those words to heart …
Honestly I dont know if it would be baneful … I just recently started reading up on baneful … I guess what I meant is that I would litterally do anything to make him stay. Make these doubts he has of me disappear. I dont want to hurt him I love him . & I think he does love me . He says it. Even tho he doubts it sometimes … I think he does . I pushed it onto him … but he does … however . I wish I hadnt needed to keep using love magick . That I could just let it be … I’ve been working with belial to help my situation . & hes been very helpful … in a way … I feel bad for doing that . But then again … I dont …

I consider selling my soul … bc I feel like if I had the money and power to help him reach his own personal goals. He would be happier and less afraid to love me . But you’re absolutely right… about it all … I might not even have one left… or maybe I’m chipping it away bit by bit .

Hekate has been telling me to be alone in the self. 2 days ago she suggested a cord cutting spell … however I wasnt sure if she was talking about him or someone else I’ve basically already cut out life … but then again she tells me to remain open and patient and to learn to speak anew by giving out words of encouragement & love to myself and those around me … I never quite know if shes referring to my relationship or just about me in general …

When I consider death. It is for other people . Not for myself.


Hmm you should get a copy of “Masterworks of Chaos Magick” by Adam Blackthorne, I think the spirit Phul can help you so much here, by removing his fears and all… and perhaps some of the other 6 Olympic Spirits can also help. You can also work with Amon to make him more affectionate towards you, and to show you how to really love.

No need to sell your soul, you can have everything you desire without such drastic measures, you have all the power you need to create the life you want to live.


I’m not attempting to call you out, but you cannot make someone more willing to be in a relationship with you. It’s not possible to use magick to destroy or remove every obstacle or inconvenience. If someone genuinely does not love you, does not want to be in a relationship with you, nothing will change that. Anything that gives the illusion of doing so is a just that, an illusion that will result in far more pain and problems when it’s effects wear off.

Again I’m not trying to call you out, or imply that he doesn’t love her. I’m warning against digging yourself into a deeper hole without realizing it.


Yes that is true, but from the situation it seems there is potential for love, but a lot of fear holding the relationship back.


So here’s what ends up happening when you let people get close enough to you…

You create energy cords, and these cords link your souls together. This isn’t inherently a bad thing, but when a relationship goes wrong, let me tell you, it can and has ruin(ed) people’s lives. A cord cutting spell is what it sounds like, it severs these cords, however I honestly recommend plucking them instead of cutting them, because they can reattach themselves to you. You can find some good information about this hear: Purple's Beginner Advice (Basic Magick Energy Exercises) - #7 by Purple

If you want to involve a spirit for this, Archangel Michael is pretty much a go-to spirit for energy cord problems. The Goetic Demon Ipos can sever the emotional bond between you and another person.

And I didn’t literally imply that you may have sold your soul, it was metaphorical. I meant that, if you give your will, your energy, your thoughts, time, to someone else, you’ve essentially your independent existence. I didn’t mean to cause you fright by saying it with that wording, if I did.

I’ll be here. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Mika i almost feel bad to interrupt but Mika, you are a nice person. I like the way you think and the way you write. Solid advice imo


I appreciate it very much, and no need to feel bad. Thank you. :blush:


I just watched that video and did the cord plucking from 3 different chakra centers . I think I may also do a cord cutting as well with my pictures and yarn . This was very helpful thankyou … tonight was a very important night…
But he cant accept the truth … he may suffer… but atleast I wont … thanks to everyone that is . For your guidance . I have a lot to work on. & think i should leave love magick alone for a while… it’s so unpredictable… but he cant accept the truth . So it’s time to severe the cords that bind our soul .

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No problem! Glad it could help. :slight_smile:

My advice as far as love work goes, is to center the spell / ritual around bringing people into your life who have the potential to genuinely love you, because as I think most people can testify… Coercive love spells usually end in 1: The person’s personality being split 2: a cycle of codependent nightmares ensues, or 3: The person the spell was put on essentially becomes a stalker, and quite possibly just as dangerous as a stalker.

It’s better to let things flow in a more natural way, imo. We’re here if you need us.

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UPDATE : so about 4:30 am we “broke up” do to our differences in religious beliefs … at 5:30 am I did the cord plucking followed by a cord cutting ritual . I used the same photos I used in a powerful love ritual about a month ago . Tied the yard 9" one end to each photo. “Cut” cord with fire . Then burned remains of yarn and photos into ash & disposed. About 10 mins or so after ritual he calls me & apologises for his behavior & that he was sorry for treating me that way but that he still didnt want to get back together . I was calm … made the call short . Thanked him for his apology said goodnight. Wrote in my power hour journal about the situation followed by a new tarot reading …
Well I think I see what u mean by the codependent part . Because we were only broken up for about 5 hours . He had called me 2 more times after I woke up . The 2nd time he was really hectic & asking if I wanted to meet . I told him I was going back to sleep… he told me he loved me before hanging up … I said nothing back. Then a couple hours later he called me again apologizing & saying that hed be open to my beliefs & such & hed let me give him a hekate tarot reading … and that he fucked up and he wants to be with me (hes a raised Christian… I tend to unintentionally intimidate him with wisdom of mother hekate)…

I wasnt expecting him to act this way . I thought once I cut the cords that would be it . I had let go. And he instantly came back. Maybe the cord cutting just dropped all the negativity…
I’ll say that the love ritual I did … I actually found on here . It’s very powerful … and I dont think cord cutting is going to seperate our souls.

I went over there . And we talked about hekate. And the Christian God. I got very emotional & ran off to the bathroom to gather myself. And hekate spoke to me & told me she wanted to talk to him. Now . I said yes . Of course . I went back out there very nervous to bring her up again . And I told him “she wants to talk to you " he says " what does she say?” I reply “let’s find out” I pulled out my tarot deck and she gave him a VERY DETAILED reading . We were both surprised . But I knew she wouldnt fail me .

Honestly I’m a bit confused about all of this .


People that are raised Christian tend to really “die hard” with their beliefs. It honestly puzzles me how people can’t see through Yahweh / Jehovah’s blatant deception and hate for humanity. I mean, just read the book of Leviticus…

It is possible as well that you may need to perform a ritual multiple times for it to take full effect. If you want, you might ask Hekate about (carefully) working with the Arachnid spirits. They are master cord cutters and can sever you from any person, situations, place, anything… And they can teach you to do the same too. They can only be worked with at night and hate light (I don’t know if that includes artificial light or only sunlight).

Always keep your spirits and friends close in times of struggle.

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Ironic thing is I was raised a christian . And never felt any connection to the Christian god . Then I met hekate at maybe age 18. And have been devoted ever since . Thanks for your knowledge . I will see how things go and talk to her about it

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