Which spirit can cut someone's astral cord

Any spirit that can cut an individual spirit cord? Spirit cord is energy right? Can I ask a spirit to suck up all the energy from my friend’s cord. I believe that through the sigil I used in evoking muhammad thread that I have created a new astral cord for spirit.
Either Muhammad or another aspect of him through one of his egregores as was suggested by @Lady_Eva .
So if my friend leaves and continues his journey, that spirit will take care of his life so as to avoid funerall

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I think I now understand where you’re driving at but maybe it can done this way I’ve no idea.

What you desire is no piece of cake. How advanced are you in occultism? That is the number one thing. There is a ritual for this stuff but if you are not strong enough you might ‘lose it while trying to fix it’. Or something worse could happen.

But via this method you’re following, they may not be any danger.

Do let me know of your success when you succeed it.

I prefer to pluck them out.

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That is not what I mean. I do not mean a behavior cord/psychic cord. I am talking about the astral cord that connects someone to their body.