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Yall can call me FastAngel
I’m new and have been experimenting because of natural occurrences that have been partaking in my life. I want to educate and further delve into the world of magick. If anyone is free and willing to train a newcomer with great potential plz message me. I’m am at a stage where I’m very dedicated to this. I have great knowledge with history of many ages many religions and many deities. My purpose is to gain control of my gift and sharpen others when I can. Makeveli said, “man sharpens man as steel sharpens steel.” I hope I was able to catch the response from someone who can be influential. I hope I can help someone as much as they are willing to help me. I’m a MALE from Houston Texas 28 years young with abilities such as clairvoyance, healing, and astral projection. Are a few to name dont wanna put too much out. But plz feel free to message and have open discussions w me. I thank yall allowing me to make an entrance and introduction.

Message for email or a way to get a hold of me or simply message thru here.
Look forward to a response and



Hi, Fast Angel!

How long have you been into magic?


I’ve been practicing on and off for a few years but I’m now practicing seriously.

Welcome to the forum!
You will like it here!

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Welcome to the forum.

One thing, you’re asking people to contact you privately, you’ll have zero scrutiny from other members if you do that (the whole community, and especially people with Regular on their title, help co-moderate this forum).

As a beginner, you may not always be able to distinguish trash from treasure, and frankly some people drawn to magick are larpers, or worse, so do as you will but I strongly recommend you read the public forum for info, rather than letting someone get you in private and start maybe bullshitting or worse. :thinking:

Not saying that WILL happen, just that what’s public is less likely to cause you problems down the road. :+1:

This is a good start:



Thanks for the welcome

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Thanks and I appreciate the advice. I am new and if you ever need insight on ANYTHING I’m here for you as well.

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Hi! Welcome :slight_smile: I’m new to this site and love it , I’m sure you will too. Ohhh I think projecting is so cool, hoping I get there one day

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I hope you do too. If I knew how to instruct you I would but I dont. Meditation is key for sure and where your heart is at.

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Welcome and aye I’m from Texas too you’re about maybe 3hrs from where I am city wise lmao.


Welcome :blush: