Hello there newbie here

Hello to all of you my friends as the title says I’m here to introduce myself, I’ll go by the name of Archer since I really think it’s just for a proper start, anyway I just want to say that I ended up here by mere curiosity and yesterday I finally take the lead and tried my first sigil I’m not an expert on this and maybe it was the placebo effect making me a joke but I must say I do believe in magic said this I want to learn more about this I know world for me , so if you can recommend me a book or a guide on sigils I will thank you a lot, also sorry if my English is not the best this is not my mother tongue

Hello Archer,you’re welcome.
You can use the search engine on the upper right.

Sigil Flashing: Consecration Explained & Simplified for Newbies

and maybe you can read Basic Sigil Magic( Phillip Cooper) , Practical Sigil Magic(Frater U.:D.:slight_smile:

Welcome to the BALG forum. :grinning:

Thanks a lot guys :smiley:

Welcome @ArcherRojas,

Super happy you took the first step on your journey. Even more excited you’re using sigils already. Nice work!

Different paths use slightly different sigils. Are there any in particular you’re looking for?

@Aprentiz don’t really know what paths exist, could you please explain me this part? I’m a total newbie on this I kind of like the sigils because the represent the act of changing myself and the things around me, I kind of feel good with chaos magick but still I’m a total newbie :stuck_out_tongue:

@ArcherRojas I would honestly turn this over to you, your path is your own. However that being said, I would first determine why you joined here. Curiosity is not being honest with yourself, look deeper for the reason and that’s your place to begin.

You like sigils, so what sigil did you use for your first evocation and how did you find it? What attracted you to it?

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Well to be totally honest I have always believed in magic itself but never had the courage on starting this fascinating journey.

As for the sigil I used and how I found it:

I used this one bc8bb83cec263a92864fb77bdcf8fef2

Also I want to say that at the very first moment I saw it I felt attracted to it, something on my mind told me that I was able to use it, so I draw it on the palm on my hand take a very deep breath and started the activation process sending energy into the sigil and then let the things go as the should. I don’t really know if it worked the way it should’ve worked but I felt it working for me.

When you feel it working for you, that means it is working! Magick is a very individualized thing, give credit to what you experienced. This is like going into the rabbit hole. Your in the rabbit hole, at your own pace go deeper and you’ll find synchronicity in your life. You’ll notice things in your life lining up. Keep an attitude of graditude and things start to fall into place. Sometimes the jouney seems like its not working, but just go with it when that happens.

Know that in order to get to your neibores house, you have to walk there. Be grateful for the walk and enjoy the journey knowing you are on your way to the next synchronicity. Your pathworking is whatever you choose it to be. If yout feel the sigil is working for you, thats a great start! Keep up the good work​:+1::metal::grin:

Thanks you know I know its a slight change but today everything feels different and I feel good with this results, I will give a proper study on the sigils to get better results

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Well that particular sigil is related to witchcraft. The Luck follow me sigil. So maybe witchcraft is your path.

Which had did you draw it on?

I draw it on my right hand sir, also that is correctly the sigil is the Luck follow me sigil

I assume that you’re right handed?

I you making a journal for all that you do? It’s good to keep notes like how you charge it, and any effects you notice. Even small ones.

you could start playing around with the times of the day or days of the week and maybe compliment it with an appropriate incense to see if anything changes with the effects.

Well not actually my dominant hand is the left one even though I can write with both hands,

Also I will take that advice and start doing a journal, with my notes, also I must say maybe witchcraft is my thing I found the forum because I was investigating hoodoo but I read a post here about sigils and automatically felt attracted to them

Candles: Green ones often associated with luck.

Incense: Frankincense is a pleasing scent to use also.

Day of the week: Wednesday

If you had success on your right, I would compare those benefits and do the same experiment drawing it on your “Left” Dominant hand.

I will give it a try and share the results , also I have drawn it on a card I keep on my wallet so I can have it with me all the time

There’s plenty to look at on this site like:


I wish you, no pun intended all the luck and success on your journey.

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Thanks sir I will read the posts :smiley: also thanks for the best wishes