New to the occult and desire help

( Btw, before I say anything, I want to say hey I’m semi new to this forum. I go by Kaycee / Curtis )

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m very new to magic and have no skillsets atm whatsoever. I don’t know how to meditate properly, communicate or contact spirits, I’m still trying to learn about the zodiac, ect. Is there anywhere I can find out where to learn everything from scratch?? Like a book or website or something?

Also I’m trying to find which spirit would best fit me as as a person. Due to my former* Israelite religious background, I’m somewhat inclined to lean towards honoring one if not very few deities at a time and forming exclusive relationships with them. How does one find which spirit is the best fit for them?
( sorry for the rant lol )


Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome to the forum.


Thank you. Pleasure to meet you.

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Honestly, this forums your best bet. Ask a couple people here for help.


Maybe some uesful info here in the OP: Meditation, Mental Chatter, And A 7-Day Challenge - Who's In? ☼ September 2020 Round 2!

Here is one method that just requires pen and paper:

What to really expect to see:

No tools? No problem!

You’re on it. :sunny:

And you have a PM from me that has lots of useful info in as well, I remember sending it, title is probably “Greetings.”

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