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This post is an index of the most useful, most linked, popular and informational topics.


There are many common issues surrounding magickal practice, and if you are newer, it is very likely that your question has been brought up before by other members in this community. We have ten years of content here that is very worth your time browsing.

Please use the search function to see if your topic has already been covered, before creating a new post.

We also have multiple tutorials and collections of beginner help, all listed below.

Please make an Introduction!

If this is your first stop, please pop over into our Intros thread and let us know what brought you here, what you’ve been up to magickally and what you’re interested in now. That’s helps us respond to your posts in context. :+1:

From there, we have some orientation guides:

Posting guidelines are in the FAQ: FAQ - Become A Living God

Terms of Service: Terms of Service - Become A Living God


With topics dating back to 2013, there are favourites and hidden gems and these are gathered in “Collections” that anyone can add to. This directory will also include forum orientation and usage tips.

The reason for one mega topic rather than pinning all these things, is just so it takes up as little space as possible, but if you unpin it, you can find it fast searching on “pinned notables” etc.

Let’s also highlight stories of magick working for people, for all those times when we wonder “is this really real?”:

And there’s more! Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!

There were so many success stories/thanks, as topics on Discourse forums lock after a few thousand posts, this topic locked out and we continued here:

Feel free to add your own:


Official Newsletters

These provide tutorials and tips for your magick, and you sometimes se these linked as responses to questions, the entre archive is here: Newsletter Archives - Become A Living God

Unofficial Forum Tutorials

To unabashedly plagiarize the intro to the original Unofficial Form Tutorials Directory:
Members on this forum have posted some STUNNING tutorials over many years, and this post is intended to contain a list of these.
Please feel free to add links to any tutorial posts you created, and ones you have bookmarked, as well. :+1:

Core Shamanism Tutorial

Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory

This megathread is the original tutorials collection started in 2018: BROWSE THROUGH THIS TO SHOP FOR IDEAS…

URGENT! I need help now! Collection

Mantras, spirits and spells for emergency situations.

Spiritual Hygiene Basics

A lot of grimoires just assume you have protections in place and know how to check for unwanted spirits, how to banish them, and how to ward so they don’t come back… learn how to do these things before your first evocation for a smoother journey.

Book Recommendations Collection

Covers all currents, also refers to loved authors in the occult genre.

Dreamwork Collection

Discussions on interpreting and working with dreams.

Love and Sex Collection

Common questions that have had some great answers in the Love, Sex and Relationships category.

Parasite Collection

Got a freeloader sucking you dry? Discussions, opinions and tutorials for recognizing and addressing entities that are acting parasitically.

Money and Wealth Collection

Entities and spells that help with money issues from short term windfalls to long term wealth building.

Developing Astral / Psychic Senses Collection

Discussions, opinions and tutorials for opening the 3rd eye aka developing, building or attaining psychic senses aka astral travel, doing vision work developing clairsenses like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience or “clairs”.

Making Contact

How To Tutorials/Guides on Evocation, Invocation, Sigil work etc.


Greeting & Welcome PM aka GETTING STARTED GUIDE

An overview to get you everything you need to get the most out of the forum, including answers to some Frequently Asked Questions below.


Most of our rules are the same common sense stuff you’ll find anywhere – please don’t flame, spam, insult people, derail threads, and so on.
We request you read through just once, to familiarise yourself, then you’re ready to go.
:+1: BALG RULES - Please read them!

Summary of a few things we do differently to other forums (click the arrow to expand).
  • we ask members to please do an intro first, if you plan to post on the forum – tell us a bit about your background, any magickal or supernatural experiences, etc., because this helps us in lots of ways, whether you’re a beginner or experienced with magick :+1:

  • to keep things real, we prohibit duplicate accounts, but just let me know if you ever need a new ID and we’ll be happy to change it for you :slight_smile:

  • we don’t permit new topics or posts with party politics, identity politics, or discussion of heavily-politicised topics such as mass migration, social activism, political wars etc., as their core premise, as of September 5th 2018 – you can read more about this, here.
    … While we agree with so many of you on many topics, we must limit the discussion of some of them in order to keep the forum open for those who are visiting to talk about magick. Unfortunately, some of the topics we need to limit are the exact topics people feel passionately about — and rightly so in our opinion!
    Please don’t consider our rules as way to censor you — rather, they are what allow us to keep our forum alive.

  • “Karma”: this is a forum with a heavy emphasis on black magick and free will, so we prohibit responses, where someone has asked for help or advice with a curse, love spell, or similar working, which lecture about karmic repercussions, or any form of moralising

  • in the same vein, we don’t allow dogma or preaching of any particular religion or philosophy, opinions are welcome, soapboxing, not so much

  • members with Regular beside their name are forum old hands and may give you useful advice on using the forum and how to get the most from your time here

  • you can offer free readings on here after you have been a member for 3 months, information in the Rules.


Below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, click the text beside the arrow to open the reply.


How do I get started in black magick?

I wrote this Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide which is beginner-friendly, and intended to be easy to translate with online tools.

This link will give you shortcuts to various methods and materials by other members and BALG authors: Some Member Resources & Tips

Need money magick? This is a forum-grimoire of methods that have worked for other magicians here, with details: Money Spells That Worked

Same thing for “get your ex back” spells people have had real success with: Get Your Ex Back – Spells That Worked

This newsletter on how to open sigils: How To Start Using Spirit Sigils To Get Anything You Want

And this post by a forum member tells you the kinds of things to really expect: Sigil Flashing Explained For Newbies

This seminar by E.A. teaches you the basics of demonic evocation – free of charge: - YouTube

Being haunted? Try some of the methods in this YouTube video by E.A. Koetting, the “blast with light” method is easy and effective: - YouTube

I posted a walk-through on how to create wards in response to a member’s questions in this topic: Creating Wards

And this tutorial I posted may also be useful: Tool-Free Magick Using Your Hands

There is an ongoing list of Tutorials penned by forum members here.

Is magick real and can it work for me?

No-one’s going to convert you, we’re too busy doing our own magick, but you can read some stunning success stories in this location and a massive list of thanks here.

Where's the good free stuff and downloads?

Aside from the Member resources topic, BALG’s YouTube channel has a wealth of information:

Wikipedia is a surprisingly good source to research both demons and ancient gods, and running a search on this forum for things will help you find resources on and off this site.

Piracy is not permitted here, this is the forum of a legitimate publishing company, so please don’t ask for or offer PDFs/other pirated content either on the forum or by PM, and please don’t link to sites where things like that can be downloaded.

Can I advertise my products and services on here?

If you have a great product or service the best thing to do is contact BALG about the possibility of becoming one of their contributors, by clicking here.

Other than that, the internet being what it is, we don’t permit ads because it would open the floodgates and turn our community forum into nothing but a big billboard.

But you CAN put links to your commercial endeavours in your forum profile, you can read the full rules about advertising here.

What about free readings?

You can give free readings once you’ve been active on the forum 3 months, this is explained here.

And you can request a free reading by searching for scan swap - there’s usually a big thread for this running on the forum.

Please always exercise caution when accepting free services online, and contact me by replying to this message if you have any questions about something you are offered.

If you have a complex problem, please make a new topic and ask for assistance and advice. (Pro-tip – make the topic title as interesting and specific as you can. :wink: )

Rights & Responsibilities of Members:

What are the limits to what we can post here?

You may use adult language, post sex-themed artwork, and openly discuss black magick, including hexes and curses – just please don’t name the target or give any details that may identify them on the post. That’s covered in the rules linked at the top of this message.

As of September 5th 2018, the site owners have prohibited posts whose main premise is magick related to (and discussion of) party politics, identity politics, and highly politicised topics such as mass migration of people.

You can read the original post by BALG co-founder Timothy Donaghue here.

And details of how that works in practice here.

If a problem occurs, it’s usually handled by respectful clarification of where the lines are drawn, and every opportunity given to sort things out in a mature manner.

This forum is not a cult and groupthink is neither expected nor required, many people here are a bit eccentric, and have unconventional views about things.

Someone else broke a rule, what can I do?

This forum respects its members by encouraging member-moderation, and that means YOU! You can help moderate this community by flagging any post or PM that causes you concern, this helps us to handle problems early, before they grow into something bigger.

Click the three dots … at the bottom of any post or PM to flag it – there is a confirmation step, and it is private and confidential (the person will not be made aware who flagged them):


Use the Something Else flag to alert us about something that may be a problem. :+1:

Using a flag bumps this to the top of the Moderators mailbox and it will be the first thing to be handled. You will usually be privately notified about what action was taken.

Trolling, spam, derailments and flamewars are always removed so they don’t pay off, so, if someone starts posting nonsense, don’t waste time getting involved, just flag it, it will be removed shortly.

This forum’s software also has the ability to automatically hide posts or lock a topic for a short period if it receives a lot of flags from several different members, giving everyone involved time to cool down, so your flags really do matter.

I've seen a post which offends me, what can I do about this?

Aside from posts which break forum rules, we defend a wide range of freedom of speech on this forum and that does mean you will occasionally see things you find disasteful, contrary to your personal values, or just outright weird and improbable.

You can always Mute an individual topic, which will prevent it showing up in Latest, and you won’t get any notifications from it, even if someone’s @'s your name or replies to you.

To do this, go to the bottom of that topic and you will see a button, if you replied it will be set to Watching, or otherwise to Normal, and you can select that and make it Muted.

  • Scroll down to this button at the bottom of every topic, it may say Normal if you have not replied in that topic:


  • Click or tap to open the drop-down menu:


  • You can also use this menu to Watch any topic, and be alerted of new replies, without needing to post a reply. :+1:

Please note that this forum does not permit members to derail topics by preaching about karmic repercussions, the “Rule of Threefold Return” and similar moral constraints.

There is a White Magick & Right-Hand Path Category where you may freely discuss your own workings, conducted according to your personal moral or religious code.


How does this forum work?

This is a sandbox where you can play around:

For example, to upload images, you can drag and drop images right into your post, or paste the link, links to other forum posts and external web pages usually display a small text preview with an image, and threads update in real time, without needing to refresh the page.

If you’re more familiar with traditional forum layouts and feel a bit lost, click or tap Category view, which will make the sections display in a more familiar order.

Can I get the forum to display as pages, not infinite scrolling?

This platform isn’t designed to paginate, but if you want to read a long topic, use Bookmarks, as demonstrated at the top of this message, so you can get right back to where you left off without needing to scroll.

If you’re having serious problems using the forum, or can’t find something, please contact me by replying to this message.

My post or topic has disappeared, help?

It may have been referred for moderation, in which case you will be notified shortly what happened.

If any posts are removed permanently, you’ll usually get an automatic or moderator notification, but if you don’t receive anything within 36 hours, contact me and I’ll see what happened.

Broken links & missing pictures

For various reasons, sometimes older posts have broken links, missing pictures, or other formatting problems. If you happen across a broken link to a topic on this forum, first try the solution suggested here: broken in-forum links.

If that doesn’t work, or you don’t understand how to use it, flag the post as “Something Else” (as described above) and I’ll try to sort it out. Please also flag or PM me if you find a post with significant formatting problems, or missing pictures, sometimes I am able to fix these using archived or other material.

Editing and removing your own posts, and closing accounts

There is a one-hour edit window for posts, and the edit function is shown as a small pencil:


If you want to make significant edits to a post after this window, please contact me with a link to the post, and the exact text you want pasted in.

If you feel like you need a time-out from the forum for any reason, contact me, I will place a temporary block on your account with no questions asked: this doesn’t count against your membership, and it can be removed when you wish it to be. :+1:

I can also place a block on posting for any duration you require, so that you can retain access to currently active PM conversations, and all your usual Bookmarks etc., so contact me if you want to enquire about this. I use browser add-ons myself to help control time spent on some sites, and I understand that sometimes it’s helpful to have tools for this purpose.

If you want to remove any posts, please be considerate of the time and effort other members have put in reading and replying.

If you wish to leave the forum permanently, that’s fine, and if you need to, we can Anonymise your account, which will sever links to your registration info and replace your name on all posts with a title like “Anon965874.”

PM me to do this, and, Anonymisation cannot be reversed once done.

Are there skins I can apply to this forum and its white background?

Yes! There’s a dark skin for this forum called Midnight that a lot of us prefer, click here for a preview of that and information on how to set it up.

Fitting in, getting on, and standing out in this community

People on this forum are generally friendly and willing to help, and you can also help yourself by using Search – that will deliver years of great content by many members, far more than are online at any one time and available to answer your questions. You’re welcome to bump very old topics, but it’s usually easier to start your own new topic, and link some older posts.

And there’s no rule against asking something that’s been asked before, so if you’re stuck and can’t find anything through using Search just jump in, make a topic, ask your question, someone will try and steer you right. :+1:

Ask any questions you may have in your intro topic, and someone will probably be able to help soon.

Here are some other tips:

  • A distinctive avatar can help you stand out from the crowd and help members remember you better

  • You can upload images and text to personalise your Profile, use the figure-shaped icon beneath your avatar at the top right of any page:


  • Proper paragraph breaks make your posts more inviting to read and get more responses. Members here deal with some dark energies and taboo concepts, but no-one likes the dread wall o’text!


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If you want to unpin it, when you’re at the category level, tap/click the little pin icon. An upside down pin icon means it’s not pinned, and an upright pin icon means it’s pinned to the top of this category (General Discussion).


There are several off-topic posts for general chat, such as:

TMW (That Moment When…)

18-steamy thread for single people


Wholesome: Thread for Posting Animals and Such

Share a Quote

People open to PM friendliness, post here: Friendship Thread


New collection for spiritual hygiene basics added above. :slight_smile:


Update: rediscovered the thread on what the most retarded thing people have fine in the occult. Added to FAQ list.

It’s very funny, but very educational. Learning from other people’s mistakes is better than learning from your own.


Update: Added new Unofficial Tutorial collecting together the top money magick topics.

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Update: expanded 2nd post to include links to the topics with successes and thanks.

Shortcuts to all of E.A. Koetting’s Newsletters:

Tutorials and Explanations.
(Note: the main link no longer works but these letters are still available linked below. Save them if you like them, nothing lasts forever.)

Hey, if anyone wants to pull these out for a discussion, feel free to highlight one of these, hit ‘quote’ and ask away, I can make them into a new thread when I see it if you don’t @ me :slight_smile:

All-time top reposted newsletter:
The 7 Steps For Using Spirit Sigils To Get Anything You Want… Without Fail!


I Need Your Help To Change The World! [and a scrying experience with a quartz sphere]

Using Raw Pain As A Catalyst For Magick Power - Become A Living God

A Simple Ritual To Erase The Past And Embrace The Future - Become A Living God]

One Of The Greatest Success Stories From A Client

How To Transform A Blind Man Into An All-Seeing Prophet

Exposing The Grand Conspiracy: How Our Evolution Is Held Hostage To Fear

The Irreplaceable Value Of Ecstasy In Evocation

Are We Facing Hell? The Truth About Karma and Spiritual Justice

Don’t Have Time For Ritual? Here Are A Few Tips To Get You Started!

I Expose A “Black Magick” Conspiracy Against YOU & ME

How To Command The Flow Of Prosperity Through Ritual

The One Thing You NEED To Know About Magick

3 Simple Ways To Ensure The Continuous Flow of Power In Your Life

Why Spirits Obey You & How You Can Command Limitless Power!

Video Course Info: Mastering Divination. Tap Into Godlike Omniscience And Access Psychic Info

Video Course info: Mastering Divination. A Free Sample From My Program That Will Change Divination FOREVER

My Most Recent FAILED Evocation – Where I Went Wrong & What I Learned

How You Can Tell If Your Spells Are working?

Why The Law Of Attraction DOESN’T Work & How You Can Materialize Success In Your Life!

A Vodoun God Reveals The 1 Spiritual Practice Everyone Forgets

If You Violate This Law Of Magick, Your Rituals Will Fail

SELF-SABOTAGE: The 2 Biggest Occult Mistakes Sorcerers Make – My Tested Solutions

The REAL Ritual Of Calling The Watchtowers

What The Great Gateway Of Candle Magick Is…

Becoming The Mouthpiece Of Your Own Godself

The Most Insidious Curse I’ve Ever Used (Adult Warning)

The ULTIMATE Tool For Performing Ritual Magick!

Evil Chief Adramelech Reveals How To Kill Your Enemies

The ULTIMATE Tool For Performing Ritual Magick!

The First Time I Successfully Evoked A Demon To Physical Appearance

Watch Hardcore 30-Minute Video On Summoning Spirits

I Unveil The HOLY GRAIL Of Evocation

Rebellion: Smash The Shackles Of Your Slavery!

7 Deadly Steps Of A Baneful Curse

The Night A Demon Crept Into My Bedroom To Hunt Me

Opening Your Ajna Chakra To See Spirits

Claim Your Free Chapter From Necromantic Sorcery (NSFW)

An Urgent Message From The GODS To You

3 Ways To Reboot Your Psychic Body & Refocus Your 3rd Eye

How To Build A Magick Empire That Transcends The Aeons Of Time

I Discovered A Ritual Strategy That BOOSTS Your Success Rate

Exposing 3 Myths About Initiation Into The Mystery Schools

I Fight The Ugly, Slanderous Lies Christians Spread About Demons

Atheist Feuds, “If Magick’s Real, Why Don’t Prayers Work?” – I Respond

I “Out” Myself And Debunk My Own Famous Law Of Magick

I Evoke Lucifer’s Dark Twin And He Pays Me THIS Stern Warning

Infamous “Black Sun” Exercise For Climbing The Tree Of Death
Infamous "Black Sun" Exercise For Climbing The Tree Of Death - Become A Living God)

Eating 5 Grams Of Mushrooms To Heighten Magick Rituals

Video Course: Mastering Evocation INTERVIEW: Why Undergo Demonic Possession? Watch Now!

Why “God” Hates You, And Plots To Ruthlessly Destroy Your Magick Ascent

Archangel Michael Attacks Violent Witch Coven

The Truth About Magick Grimoires

The Most Evil Grimoire Of Necromancy (30-Minute Video)

The 5 Definitive Stages Of Demonic Possession

Call These 4 Archangels To Command Power

Circle Of Solomon For Evoking Angels [EAK]

Evocation Of 3-Headed Dragon, Azi Dahaka – Live Ritual

Secrets Of The Demonic Hierarchy – Free Seminar

How To Expose The Frauds In Magick [EAK]

LIVE: I Evoke The 9 Demonic Kings

4 Truths About Psychic Empathy [EAK]

Making Pacts With Demons For Personal Gain [EAK]

Ritual To Obtain A Spiritual Teacher In The Flesh [EAK]

I Sealed 41 Pacts With Lucifer This Weekend

Someone Cursed Me! – My Nasty Revenge

How To Rise On The Planes – Slideshow

How I Exterminated My Haunted House

The Secrets Of The Power Eye

Zen Practice To Awaken The Silent God

Black Magick To Shamelessly Manipulate Human Beings

12 Classic Signs You’ve Been CURSED

The Greatest Secret Of Magick (And URGENT News!)

INSANE Results From 9-Day Evocation Of Dark Goddess

A Weird Trick For Materializing Spirits

Why Spirits Ignore You – And What To Do

Master Yogi Reveals Secret Of Eternal Perfection

Why Spirits OFFER To Perform Magick For Me

Escape Physical Slavery And Ascend!!!

How To Prove Magick Is REAL

Rise On The Path Of “The Shining Ones”

Someone Cursed Me! – My Nasty Revenge

Love Spell To Find Missing Person

What Most Magicians Get WRONG About Curses

The 6 Classes Of Entities In Black Magick [SBQ]

The Spirits Are Calling Your Name

Master Divination For These Rewards

How Graveyard Necromancy Inspires Ascent

Behold—The Genius Of The Left Hand Path! [T]

Become A Living Vampire [EAK]

Open Gateways To The Spirit World With Fire

Modern Magick Is Contaminated—Here’s Why

The Ancient Gods Reveal Their Secrets

SMACK DOWN The Butthurt Haters Of Magick

Cause A Magick Revolution – Here’s How

Infernal Chthonic Spirits Of The Underworld

The Twilight Realm Of H. P. Lovecraft

Simple Meditation To inject Your Life With Magick

Occult Initiation Is A Creepy Fraud — Do THIS Instead

Can Curses Really Kill People?

Gift: I Call The Sumerian Underworld Deity

How A REAL Black Magician Contacts Spirits

Why Does Every Sorcerer Overlook This Amazing Ritual?

I Was Possessed By A Reptilian Entity

No Magician Has EVER Done This Before [T]

How To Give Birth To Astral Creatures In 5 Steps [SBQ]

How Asenath Mason Fell Madly In Love With Demons [Asenath Mason]

Voodoo Possession: My Experiences With The Loa

My Proven Techniques To Awaken Kundalini

Black Magick Manifesto – Free Audiobook & eBook! [T]

Why ALL Serious Sorcerers Need To Learn Haitian Vodoun

I Invoked The Loa Of War And He Almost Burned Me Alive

The Devil: Suicide, Apocalypse & The Abyss

Is There Life After Death?! (My Experiences)

Secret Spiritual “Hot Spots” That Will Change Your Life!

Why I Let The Devil Possess Me For Six Months

Do You Hide Your “Secret Life” Of Magick


Update: Added a new collection for spells, spirits/entities and chants/mantras for emergency use.


Just in time for Halloween, updated to add the resurrected…

The Universal Circle: what does the writing mean?

Purchase the circle here:

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Update: Added the Freindship Thread to the off topic thread list above.


Welcome new members. Please do read the rules and use this thread to find all the juicy bits!


Added a new Collection today for all our Evocation tutorials, another common ask, and it includes other ways that are less intense for a beginner to get in touch.