I want my ex back

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Hi Matthrene. We understand your feelings. I am feeling same way here. Matters of the heart. If you could scroll up, you will see some chats we had earlier and get some clues on how to work with Duke Dantalion and Furfur. I also included King Sallos in my ritual last night. I felt them. My black candle’s flame was jumping! Two days ago i was really frustrated because my connection to my ex has been cut literally. Today i am a lil big relieved. I am in pain but i look forward to improvinv myself. I cast the spell and forget about it. I hope you’ll the same too:)

I cast another spell last night with the help of Duke Dantalion and King Sallos! I was really happy when i saw my black candle’s flame jumping then turned small and grew bigger! Less goosebumps but i felt them thru the candles!

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I know how you feel I called Lord marchosias King paimon n mistress gusion last night n my candles were insane when I called king paimon they were already going crazy when I was speaking to Lord marchosias but after I was done my candles look like they had wings I have yet to find info about that but it’s beautiful


I’ve been reading up a lot this last week on the beginner threads but I haven’t seen anything so far about the candle spells that incorporated demons.

I thought that was more sigil openings and candle spells were their own thing? You can pm me if you need to so I don’t derail the thread

To incorporate a candle spell with an evokation you do the same things as you would a candle spell however i would place the sigil somewhere either under or beside the candle. Open the sigil first, then do candle spell as normal.
However, speak your desire to the demon after focusing your intention.


Could I pray to astartae, lilth, lina and/or aphrodite as well and use they’re sigils? Like multiple Gods to make someone love me?

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It triggers me that many people here justify that getting your ex back is a wrongdoing while cursing other people to their death is acceptable. Instead of discouraging OP, why don’t you give a useful advice for OP to achieve what he/she desire. Otherwise don’t judge what OP wanted. You are not in his/her position! Then you will not know how valuable the desire is.


Most of us see love spells as a curse. And they truly are, binding someone to you against their will is a curse for both of you.
But you know what’s the difference between baneful magic and love spells?
In baneful magic you know what you’re doing, you accept that you want to destroy them.
But with love spells you swim in your illusion of “there’s nothing wrong in love, love is beautiful, so I’m not harming anyone”.
So, no one here judges the OP, we just share our knowledge and experience, mostly for OP’s benefit, for despair and broken heart are never good advisors.


Met Kalfu is awesome for dream magic to have the person you want dream of you. I’ve had great success with him.


i you can use any one you want for the spell my choice was dantalion cause i work with him n if things were to go wrong he give me insight on wat to do

yes loves spells do curse both parties one more then the other but there is away to fix it if it wasnt wat you wanted or expected or if things just go horrible wrong n out of control we are all here on lhp for numerous reasons please dont tare anyone down cause they want the love they had back its only natuaral for them to want it back im sure we have all been there and for those who want their ex back practice safely n before you the spell make sure if this is what you want before hand my spells work extremly well if you put in alot of intent n emotion but if you dont do them right or if you do the same spell over n over trust me…it will back fire…in a good or bad way like all spells do…im going to tell you…

i did this on my ex it work really well but he stopped being the one i fell in love with but i was ok with that then a third party step in n defiled wat we had so i had to step away since my inent n emotions werent enough to keep him that way so i had a plan b…so again be safe n make sue to take precautions n do reseach for these spells

Yes in the end you all support the OP actually. But there is certain individual in here that discourage and judge the OP desire and it really triggers me as I have the same situation. It really triggers me as a silent reader till the point it force me to post my feeling regarding to it.


Does he work fast

I also am working with dantalion he speaks through my mind he is wonderful…i just hope things go the way i expect…but i will keep asking him questions…so far we have made an agreement I’m just waiting for the results

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He speaks to me to I still have ny agreement to he is wonderful he showed me how things would b n I actually hated it lol I grateful to him

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He did for me within a week, but I also have a relationship with some of the Lwa.

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What kind of spell did u do please

Do you mind sending some of your love spells my way? I’m still kind of starting out, had a wholesome caster perform a ritual recently with dantalion but I’m curious about some to practice myself, slowly building the proper tools to start doing more invocations and build some connections.

Don’t know if bunny will see that any time soon, she’s busy with life these days, but try this little lot:

And for more collections, they are listed here as well and many others: