Free Readings : New Rule

For the benefit of our members, we’ve updated the Rules regarding the offering of free readings on these forums.

Free Readings:

Free readings exist as a way for active members at all levels of experience, from novice to pro, to practise and receive feedback on their divination skills, and as a service offered in good faith to other forum members.

We now prohibit people from offering this service unless they’ve been reasonably active on the forums for at least 3 months, participating in the community as a genuine member.

Your Profile must also be made visible, so that people can easily read your posting history.

2021 Update:

This does also include channelling, because amusing as it is, anonymous people rocking up and claiming to speak for (insert famous name - Satan, Snorlax, Santa, etc) are no more credible than any random person you may meet on the internet, whenever and wherever, yet we have seen that people who do this seem to occasionally be taken seriously by beginners.

So please don’t either do this (unless 3 months) nor fall for it, because it’s really lame and embarrassing to see someome claim to speak for an ancient being, godform, etc., and witness people actually falling for that BS.

Your Readings:

If you’ve been active here for more than 3 months, AND you’d like to offer free readings, please go right ahead and post a thread - if you’re not sure, drop us a line! We’ll be happy to advise you.

There’s no specific post count or number of “Likes” needed, but we ask members who have been active on here for less than three months to refrain from offering free readings, and any such threads will be removed as soon as a moderator sees them. This may result in termination of your forum membership.

The responsibility to verify whether any offer of a free reading is suitable lies with the person taking up the offer.

Become A Living God is not responsible for consequences of your actions.

No Advertising:

Advertising of paid-for commercial goods and services is prohibited on the BALG forums.

This includes promoting your services via Private Message (PM) - you may however include a link to your business site in your forum profile.

Updated 2019 to note that this also includes linking to live free readings conducted online by third parties. Please do not post to promote these on the forum, and do not promote them by initiating PMs to people with the link in.

The only members on this site who are permitted to offer commercial services on behalf of BALG are the people listed here on under Rituals & Consultations.

While we don’t wish to police the issue of people making private business arrangements with other reputable members, neither will we tolerate people using “free” readings as a workaround to avoid the Rules prohibiting advertising.

Important Notes:

All free readings must be genuinely free, without obligations, and not a prelude to a sales pitch.

Drop a message to Lady Eva if you have any questions.

You may read the full Rules of the forum here and the Rules regarding commercial advertising here.

And finally, any member receiving a free reading that contains a hint of a sales pitch (perhaps the old “you’ve been cursed and need to pay me to remove it” chestnut) is invited to contact a moderator, in confidence, regarding this breach of the community’s rules - remember, if someone is being this underhanded, they’re probably trying to game you as well.