Hello, new user here, what is the best way to get started?

Hi all, im brand new to everything here, and im wondering whats the best way to get started learning magick. Are there any simple spells or even better, free books or documents that teaches about this? Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

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This forum is chock full of over a decade of that stuff. We have a getting started guide just for you to help get you oriented:

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In my current opinion at least one easy way to start is doing a combination of mindfulness breathing and box breathing
(the counting is only optional).

That should get you into a light magickal trance as is explained in a post called TranceWork by DarkestKnight.

From this very light trance state, it is said other things can be done like using sigil Magick although I’m still new to just entering trance myself so have not yet tried doing other Magick while in a trance.

You can also check out a recent post I made which talks about the progress I made and how I did so.

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