What is the most powerful way to attract specific person in my life?

Hello, I’m new to this forum and I’m new to the occult world. I’ll cut straight to the chase, there’s this specific person I really want to attract in my life. The thing is they don’t know me. They’re a friend of a distant friend and recently they moved abroad I just need to somehow attract them into my life to get them to know me then perform a love ritual.
Can anyone here help me on how to do that? I’d truly appreciate if some of the experienced members here could guide me! I’m really into this person and want to bring them in my life.


Contact your friend, and ask them to introduce you two when the friend is around. Bring your best self every time you meet, and you will be fine. If they like you, cool. If not, Sitri, Dantalion, Paimon. LOL.

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Here is a bunch of getting started with magick stuff in case that helps :slight_smile:


There is a lust oil you can make, i actually make a few different oils to attract women. I know from experience they work very well. You can research herbs & spices that will contain what you like to achieve.
You can also ask certain Elders as i call them to help in the process to bless the oils as they conjure into the the intention of what you would like to get from them.
You would also want to use your own sense of power( magickal ability) to harness your intention into the oil as well. I can only give you my experience i know that they work very well.

Blessed Be, on your journey of new beginnings

Along with the oil, if you have there social media you could copy a picture and anoint the picture with the oil, use some chants to guide them into your life. With my experience tho its not very wise to go against free will.

If you have social media friends in common do the following…

On a post that they have posted a comment preferably on a meme debade with them about something. Then start a conversation on that. When the conversation gets warm send them a friend request and interact with their posts. Then slowly transition it into personal messages.

When you get close to them and talk to them add here and there some flirting so you dont end up in the friendzone.

Then you can work things through by asking your friends to arrange a meeting where you both going to be there. It will be your chance to be able to flirt with them in real life and bond with them.

I would suggest to have a look at the angels of omnipotence book while you put your strategy into work. They will give you a boost to your work.

You want to create connection with the person before you go straight to the chase. It lowers their guard and they are more receptive to your advances.