Public Service Annoucment re the Like Button

As we have a lot of new members here, coming from all sorts of different platforms, we’re getting an increasing number of posts that have no content, that seem to be reactions, chat style, to a post. :thinking:

I realise there are a lot more reactions that just “Like”, but this is not a casual chat forum, this is a discussion forum for sharing information about magick, and we’re looking to keep it information dense and as useful as possible for people looking for knowledge. Please have something to say in your post. Otherwise, the OP will get what you mean with a Like, whether it’s “Thanks for replying” to “This is great!”, they will get it.


For all new members, you might want to know adding likes and having your posts liked as well as spending time reading all contribute to unlocking the ability to PM. :slight_smile:

From our FAQ:

We have a couple of off topic posts that are more like chat to provide an outlet for this style of communication, where this rule is waived (within reason), notably the TMW and Memes threads…

You can find a list of those in the Pinned Notables topic here:

Thanks for reading and carry on. :+1: :smiley: