My throat and mouth devours, vamps, and swallows and I need this to stop

My mouth and throat both suck and devour the things in my life I need. This means thoughts, emotions and even once in a while memories and relationships.This is a curse I need to be set free from.
It happened when I was a child and I was talking to either the devil or Satan, he asked me something and I told him my mouth eats all the good things in life, so does my throat. But I just meant food, I was young enough that speaking was new to me, and I was cursed. Could you please help me?

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This seems to be a poetic allusion? … since your physical mouth cannot eat non physical things, and there’s a lot more involved in digestion than your mouth which is just the start, you’re trying to describe a feeling?

Or have you been blamed for saying something and punished for it?

If you feel you cannot approach understanding this feeling any other way I would suggest seeing a good therapist to talk about it. It’s not really a magickal issue as much as a psychological one, and these are not the same thing.

There’s a possible issue here: to perform magick safely you need to be able to keep a grip on reality, and doing magick can make mental issues worse.

Unlikely, you need to call these entities by name with intention to get a valid being worth talking to, otherwise you’re likely to be talking to a parasite or similar lesser entity. Learn how to banish as soon as possible and start using that every day, you should not be being approached by random beings you didn’t ask for. This is not how a mage keeps control.

Why? Nothing you have said explains what’s going on. As a child you should have been able to speak and recieve guidance if what you said wasn’t cool, not punished. To be hurt for words would be child abuse and you definitely need to talk to a qualified and good therapist.

For now, what good things in your life went away because of your mouth?


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