Did evocation to King Paimon, King Beleth, Duke Zepar & Duke Dantalion but dont feel anything yet?

Hi all. I been reading this forum everyday for 5-7 hours per day and also reading up from google search & watch many YouTube videos. I did evocation to King Paimon, King Beleth, Duke Zepar & Duke Dantalion. Evocations to King Paimon & King Beleth for changing of the mind & thoughts regarding ex-girlfriend and Duke Zepar for lust & love. I know Dantalion also deal with changing of the mind & thoughts so I also summon him. But not to overlap with King Paimon & King Beleth, I requested different type of changing mind to Dantalion.

I have been talking too all these spirits daily but I don’t feel anything yet as for response or if they heard me. I know sometimes it takes time to get their response. Is it normal not to feel anything during evocation and after evocation?

It was a very bad breakup where I basically lied to her about my work history and after 4+ months of dating, she found out I was lying to her about my work history but my feelings to her was real & honest, only lied about my past work history since it was embarrassing.

I was honest with the demon’s spirits and very respectful and since I have no where to turn to, I prayed & summon them. Is it normal to not feel anything after evocation & after? I asked for some sign to tell me so I know they accepted my petition to them.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my post and I hope to get some real good feedbacks.

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From what you described in the introduction thread, you didn’t actually evoke any of those spirits. All you did was write out a petition, so it is perfectly normal not to feel anything. From your description, you didn’t open their seals, or even call them forth.

An evocation requires you to make the connection through the seal, and to command them to take form before you.


I did many evocations separately as well and all together on different days. Yes I wrote out my petition but also medicated on each demons. You said I didnt open their seals? Can you give me little more detail about that? Thanks DarkestKnight for spending time to reply to my questions, much appreciation.

To evoke a spirit, any spirit, you need to follow the elementary principles of evocation.

The first principle is preparatory immersion - get to know the spirit, its history, hierarchy, and mythology.

The second principle is the use or development of a working system - as a beginner, you should be using a tried and true method that others have used with success, not some haphazard thing you pieced together from different sources.

The third principle is the attainment of omnipotence - pulling down a spirit requires power, a lot of power, so you need a method to fill yourself with that power. There are a variety of techniques magicians have used for this, from the Golden Dawn’s Middle Pillar ritual, to EA Koetting’s Invocation of Omnipotence.

The fourth principle is substantial contact - this means making the effort to connect with the entity, by opening their seal and pushing out your awareness to make contact.

The fifth is incantation - you actually have to summon them. Call out to them, and draw them in by commanding them to be present in your temple. This can be as simple as chanting, “Dantalion, come!” until his presence is felt, or repeating EA Koetting’s Conjuration to Summon Forth.

The sixth principle is communication - you have to have the skills to actually communicate with the spirit. It’s pointless to summon them if you don’t have the ability to hear or see them. They could be standing in front of you and you would never know it.

The seventh principle is issuing the task - this is where you tell them what you want them to do for you. Make sure it is within their wheelhouse, and that they are willing to work for you. Sometimes, a spirit will say no.

Next comes the dismissal - this is simply the part where you give the spirit permission to leave and begin the task you gave them (you called them to you, so they will remain until you say otherwise).

The final principle is psychological retraction - this is where, after the evocation, you do something to take your mind away from dwelling on the magick. The memory of the evocation should feel like a dream.

Note: These principles are what is required to evoke a spirit to physical appearance.


Check out the top link in this post: it gives you the full instructions:


Yes I have read this as well and I did this also. I heard everywhere sometimes you won’t be able to hear anything or feel anything, especially for beginners since your third eye or other senses you haven’t developed yet. I’m just hoping they heard my request and it should take time for me to hear them? I know I was lusting for results in the beginning a lot since I’m a newbi but after 2-3 evocations, I tried to let that lust of results go.

It sounds like you’ve done everything you can for now and you need to just relax and see what happens.

You answered your own question:

So while you’re letting the magick bake, why not go ahead and start working on that development then? :slight_smile: :+1:

By the way this thread is an example of “lusting for results”… meaning, worrying that it didn’t work. You have to feel confident it’s already worked, or your doubt can kill the results.


wow thank you so much Mulberry! Yes I done everything I can so I need to relax & stop lusting for results. haha you said while letting the magick bake but yes I need to start working on development of other things now since I have so much to learn. yes I learn that doubt will kill the results. Thank you Mulberry for the helpful insights


Oh can I mention on other thing? The ex that I did all these evocations, her family is a very strong Christian background. I met her when I went to church 3 years ago but we both were not strong Christians. I denounce my Christianity long time ago but I just go to church to meet new people since I don’t have any friends. But I stop going to church all together.

Would her family background in being Christianity make all these demon request not work? I know her father is a very dedicated Christianity person.

Not if they don’t know you’ve done it so they don’t work magick to counter yours, in which case it comes down to who’s put more heart/will into it. Christian magick is called “praying”, but they’re doing magick all the same.

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Thanks again Mulberry, I really appreciate for the helpful insight :slight_smile:


I had horrible 3 dreams yesterday night after sleeping. Something was holding me down sexually but I was not afraid so I said suck my dick and it went away. Another one was something was trying to make me scared in the kitchen so I got a knife and said go away. And while I was sleeping, I keep hearing beeping noise constantly. And during my evocation to King Paimon, King Beleth, Dantalion & Zepar, I was wearing blue tooth ear phones to hear the enn for all the demon spirits I found on YouTube. I stop all enn video to talk to all the spirits one on one and all of the sudden the music folder open on my tablet and it started playing “All in your mind” by ace of base. This was not a dream, it happen during my evocation.

Are these signs that they heard my request & accepted it? Or are the spirits mad at me and giving me horrible dreams now and the music starting playing all of the sudden? “All in your mind” by ace of base.

I would greatly appreicate it if you can be me some insight about these. Thanks so much!
And other dreams I had with my ex-gf, those were not nightmares but just weird ones which my former Christian pastor and we were arguing in my dream - but not nightmares. My ex was not in any of the horrible nightmares.

As long as you were respectful no spirit would be mad at you, even if you weren’t, for a beginner they would understand and probably not do something like that.

I would like to ask about your spiritual hygeine, did you shield and cleanse to start with?
I would be wary of impostor spirits, especially so early on as you’d have no way of knowing if you successfully invoked/evoked the true being, the dreams could be because they like to cause negative emotions so they can feed off of them.
I’d say perform a banishing, read up on spiritual hygeine, and give it another go.
And make sure to ask questions so we can all help you along the way.

I didnt shield. I hear so many conflicting answers on that one. Many people say use circle & many people say don’t Even moderators I see their comments saying yes circle, no circle so its always hard to get straight answers.

As for cleanse, one evocation to King Paimon, yes I did take a shower, put on clothes since I am trying to talk to the king. Other evocations, not really since its so hot in this house & there is no A/C. But cleanse (hygiene), does that make a whole difference? I put my heart into the evocation, writing each demon 3-4 pages hand written request.

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This thread should walk you through the shielding, cleansing, etc Purple's Beginner Advice (Basic Magick Energy Exercises) - #2 by Purple mostly

As for cleansing I meant more in a spiritual way (cleansing your area from lingering and negative energies etc), essentially this is “spiritual hygeine” rather than regular hygeine. It should be done before the ritual so you have an energetically clean environment to work in.

For cleansing I would recommend using this energetic audio which automates the process The Energetic Salt Cleanse - YouTube
Of course, it’d be best to do it manually but it should be sufficient for you, I do recommend working manually over relying on audios though just for the experience you’ll gain.


Um you do know this user is “banned” right? For malicious lies & deception. So are we suppose to take that link seriously when the user is banned? Hum…

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Banned or not the thread has good information, I don’t know why they’re banned nor is it a concern to me but the information in the thread is valid otherwise it would’ve been removed.

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If you click on the member’s avatar, you can see the reason for the member being banned. It’s against forum rules to discuss banned members.

Please stay on topic. The advice @anon95297233 took time out to give was valid.

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Good luck with your efforts. Take one step at a time and try to be focused on your process.

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You got what you wanted friend?