Member’s Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here, Part two!

This will be the new thread for thanking spirits

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Following on from requests, we’ve made this topic for people who want to offer a reasonably short (but heartfelt!) “Thank You” to any spirit and to give them a name-check and a brief description, maybe, of what they achieved.

Obviously, larger posts with far more details deserve their own topic, but that doesn’t suit everyone or every situation, so if you want to log a “Thanks!” to any spirit of any kind, please use this thread to do so! :smiley:

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I offer my thanks to all spirits that have helped me and are helping me now
Special thanks to: vehuiah, AA Michael , Lucifer , king paimon , and belial.


Hail and thanks to AA Raphael!


A sincere thank you to King Paimon. His understanding and patience is truly awe inspiring. I’m glad to be learning from him.
Yehtz itz nama’rel nema Paimonious


Great praise to Lord Clauneck and Duchess Bune for providing the money goal and a little surplus. Twenty Thousand dollars on the mark and a few extra. Hail and welcome :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


Many thanks to King Belial, King Paimon, and King Bael for handling the bullies and drama at work! All three people who were being rude and starting shit with my department have now either quit, or have been fired. Everyone who remains is both relaxed and friendly! These Kings are amazing :heart:


A second thanks to Archangel Raphael for healing me and those I asked him to heal! He worked in such a quick time! Will always remember what you have done for me :pray:

Thank you to Archangel Michael for your help in fending off any spirits or kiumbas that try to attach themselves to me and for your guidance in healing my self esteem issues. Your energy helps me glow like the sun in the most amazing way!


The biggest thank you to Leraje, Viné, Belial, Gremori, Dantalion, Orias and the Angels of Omnipotence. It has been a miraculous work; the shift in my reality has been so big that I’m still finding it hard to believe. I’ll give proper and detailed thanks to each of them when the situation stabilizes and gets more clear and definitive. But I’ll go one by one giving them what was promised from now, not as a payment but as a gift with my gratitude. It has been just astounding.


Kings Belial & Vine, Dutchess Gremori, Duke Dantalion, Marquis Leraje…

Hell yeah!


To Belial…
For clearing the path for my return- for annihilating the web of political shit standing in my way- THANK YOU…I’m coming and there’s absolutely nuthin anyone can do about it…
I can’t wait for tomorrow- I will rise from the waste again in the wake of your power

PS- the second part of my offering is on the way…


My heartfelt thanks to Amon and Marbas for helping me. They made sure that a senior candidate we had made an offer to, who accepted our offer, actually joined us. In today’s market it’s common for people to have multiple job offers, and for candidates to drop out. They made sure this person remained committed and showed up on joining day.


Thank u sallos, the girl is not in love with me but she unblocked me after 2 months coz she needed my help, so i thank u sallos a lot, i hope very soon she will change her mind n will start to hv sm feelings for me.
Hail sallos


Thank u dantalion for changing her so she talked me today, hope more is yet to come
Hail Dantalion


I have to thank to marbas he help us with the difficult pregnancy of my Cat now she si better and doing Well, Hail Marbas.


Thanks to Angel Menadel. A reading request on this forum recommended you to me seemingly by chance, my request to you was for my job to be safe, and you delivered above and beyond anything I expected. On the same day I carried out my pathworking my probation time was halved, 99% of customers since then have never even raised their voice to me, and I’ve been given a role giving me both greater freedom and respect within the company.


Thank you to my servitor, King Paimon & King Belial for protecting my kids and keeping them out of harms way.


Apollo is doing wonders for me, so big shout out to the big man.


Thanks Great President Marbas for emotional/mental healing!


I give a huge Thanks to Harachel, Harchivael, Rakchiel, Chachemiel and Orias for providing my required money in just 2 days. that was very joyful and heartwarming because I obtained money without any effort .

  • I used the book " The Magick of Angels and Demons" by Henry Archer.

Thanks Sargatanas, Sitri and Amon for helping me. I haven’t had the big result yet but I’m confident I will.

Hail Sargatanas! Hail Sitri! Hail Amon!

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