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Hello I’m Ben ( getting_there )
I’m formerly Christian, left 12 years ago, in pursuit of good. I Practicing soul travel, and evocation. I also sigilize things that I do of significance, to no avail. The pupose for these being joy freedom and enough money to buy my first house. After A lot of fails I ended with a totally defeated mentality and was convinced that only some people could do magic, and that it was pointless for me to try leading to an on again off again relationship with magic. After a while I thought I couldn’t do it through alone as I was sorta trying. (I was a tight a**). So I have signed up with e a koetting’s mastering soul travel and gone through a book or two leading me to here. My struggles are that I’m unable to tell if I’ve actually cast a spell or soul traveled yet. I reliese I am inpatient and am working on that, and am leaning to visualize. I have lived as a second hand phycopath for about 15 years. I have science learned that emotions aren’t that bad and are essential for magic. I regret trying to suppress/kill them off and get them back . It has been happening slowly, I’m trying to turn my life around and and break the dull habits I’ve instilled into me over the last few years life. I’ve realized that a big roadblock I have is little to no will power or desire and am slowly turning that around too.


Hello Ben,Thank you for your testimony.

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I’m presently struggling to make contact with the Goetic demon Belial. Not me alone, even my mom can’t get through it.

She has been struggling to get to Belial over a month now, but she only feel cold within the circle, air blowing here and there…then it all goes down to normal. Can anyone help?

Those who have made contact with Belial, and those in good terms and in relationship with him should help pass my message to him.

I did divination, just to point out what’s wrong, I saw that each time she is doing the conjuration of the Spirit, some lesser demons would come out and block his path (sound weird or unreal? But it is), so I do see Belial boys fighting with them and those lesser ones keeps coming, till the time expire.

Don’t know how to resolve this. I’m so confused and totally lost. None of those holy angels too could come. I saw that those ones don’t even fight, when their path is crossed they turn back. (Fools they are in my sight)

Please, I’m greatly in need of help here, BALG.

I just happen to see this post. Just felt the need to share my King Belial sigil with u. If u can see spirits in a sigil, try this one. I’m usually able to him in it. I kid u not, when I downloaded the image, the background was white. Now this.

Oh thanks for your concern. But I don’t know such method. I mostly call Spirits into full materialisation or into Mirror or Crystal ball. I don’t know how to see them via sigils.

And via this sigil method, they won’t be able to cross King Belial’s path?

What’s more interesting, on my cell phone, the lines are yellow with a black background. I then share it on here and it doesn’t look much like what I have on my phone.

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In all honesty, idk an exact ans to that question. I too however ran into 2 entities earlier this morning. I couldn’t figure them out. Told myself I’d read more on him. I ended up passing out. Felt like there was a block there, but yet again, I was so pissed off last night. I’ll see how it goes tonight. If I get through, I could try get a msg for u. I haven’t done this b4, but usually I’ve had no difficulty reaching him.

Can I PM u?

Yes, please.

I will be expecting your message. Thanks. I wish you get through.

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I did. Check ur PM

Hi all

Am so very new, not sure if I’m even posting this in the right place, but nevertheless…

I have a query (which I don’t want to post publicly) and I noticed that as a newbie I’m not allowed to PM a moderator (haven’t tried anyone else).

What do i do as I’m not yet completely comfortable to be out there, yet.

I’d appreciate help from anyone, especially if they’re a regular to this site and can handle a newbie query without getting too annoyed.

Would truly appreciate the help.

My name is Max… (not my real name for privacy reasons).
I’m here basically to make my life better.
Make more money.
Get more love
and protect myself and the ones I care about from harm.

I’m not into anything that involves harming someone else (unless it’s for defence/protection).
I want to learn more about how to use sigils, (I have gotten pretty good at making them)
and using demons and spells to further improve my life.

I’m here to learn and share with you

thank you


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Here is the right place to introduce yourself: Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

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Thanks for sending me to the right topic.

Hello, I am Al. I have been practicing magic for over a year and I’ve met quite a few demons and spirits face to face. Success being mostly in candle magick. Almost instantaneously.

I’m here to learn more about some money magick. Thank you.

Hello Ben,Thank you for your testimony.

Just looking for a quick scan. I’m at a crossroads right now.