A Spell checklist

Hello everyone. I’ve searched far and wide on the barren internet for this topic but to no avail. Therefore, I decided this would be a good topic to explore. I want to know from as many practitioners as possible this question.

If you had a spell checklist, what spells would you have in it?

Absolutely none. What do I want with “spells” when I can summon hundreds of entities for a conversation, a task or I can make up any ritual I want to suit any need based on understanding the principles of magick behind them?

Maybe I should’ve said “list of things to get done through magick”.

Hum… that’s probably going to vary greatly from person to person, it’s not like a todo list of quotidien tasks.

… maybe check out the book Ordo Ascensum Aetrynalis, which is the published version of E.A.’s original correspondance course in magick: you get a walkthrough of essential lessons all mages would do well to have under thier belt to have a well rounded education in occultism. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reference I’ll definitely check it out!

I think it would be interesting to see the variety of goals everyone has that keeps them going. Maybe it could add some new inspiration.

Well haven’t you already got that just browsing the General Category :thinking: Stick around and you’ll get the gist of the popular topics pretty fast. I think people tend not to want to repeat themselves when they already posted.

In no particular order you’ll pretty much see every month:

  • Business development/attracting sales
  • Personal beauty or physical development
  • Personal mental and emotional health
  • Wealth development or windfalls
  • Love magick
  • Developing psychic skills/clairaudience/clairvoyance etc
  • Learning how to communicate with spirits
  • Curses
  • Curse/Hex breaking
  • Protection from bad energy and parasites
  • Help for exams and studies
  • Getting promotions and recognition
  • Stopping bullies and interference
  • Energy working/chakra development

And if you look at our getting started guide and tutorials, you are provided a smorgasbord of resources free to do all this and more.

Getting started guide here:

Tutorial megathreads here:

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