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Good afternoon friends! About two years ago, I’ve been talking about rituals to bring my son’s mother… I’ve done it with Pomba Gira. with asmodeus…I have done the asmodeus enn and no visible results. Apart from the situations I do Asmodeus enn.all rituals were done by third parties… What is wrong with me that I don’t have results??


She doesn’t want to and her will is stronger than yours.

You may have to look into road openers and what is blocking the way. If she sees you as dangerous for example, it doesn’t matter if she likes you or not, if she is strong she will act in her own best interests.

Try a divination to help with this. You have been guessing, working in the dark and throwing darts with a blindfold on, wondering why you miss… you need to get more info an what you are dealing with.

What people always forget in these situations, is that every human on this planet is magickal to some extent. They can feel your magick, and can resist or deflect it to protect themselves, they may have guides, ancestors or gods protecting them, they may have wards, you don’t know. Some are stronger than others but it doesn’t take formal ceremonies to do magick. When the first attempt fails then you have to examine the situation to find out why.


Are they trustworthy?

If it’s been two years and there have been no results, you should probably DIY. Problem is, a lot must have happened in the last two years (she could be in another relationship, might have forgotten about you, etc), so results will take a bit longer.


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In the last three months it was two ritual for Clauneck and one for mamom.

Neither of these specialise in getting an ex back, but I’m not sure that matters here. You trusted someone else to do magick you would ideally just be doing yourself. That’s what we do at BALG, we learn how to do our own magick. :slight_smile:

In your opinion is there a problem using two spirits to open paths like Clauneck and Mamom ?? And two to bring my son’s mother like Asmodeus and Sitri?

@BloodForPoppies is highly experienced in working with love magick: she asking of the person you paid had a good reputation for doing good work.

Either way it hasn’t worked, and you don’t know why. You can learn divination to start finding out, and/or you can try something yourself, you can get your own feedback and take control.

Maybe read through some of out love magick tutorials, and wealth magick tutorials, make sure you know how to cleanse and banish.



sorry if i made a mistake . I paid for two rituals for clauneck and one for mammon to open the way.

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If only I had good, successful experiences though… lol :face_holding_back_tears:

True, if those are the ones OP mentioned, those are better for financial matters than love.

He also seems to have mentioned Asmodeus and Sitri, but as far as I know, those are better for desire and lust-related matters.

I’d suggest Sallos, Dantalion, or Orpaniel, but considering it’s been two years… OP has to “soften reality” first, to create opportunities to rekindle, open his target’s heart to him, etc. He can’t jump right into a “love me” spell, because it will need a better foundation to work on.

Magick gives reality the little push it needs for you to reach your goals, but miracles are a whole other deal. If you want something from some other room but the doors are closed shut and someone threw the key way, you gotta find the key first. You can’t just expect the object to magickally teleport into your hands, or you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Overall, it might take at least six to twelve months of rituals to set everything in place and see it unfold in the years that follow, so OP will have to be really patient with this.

My bet is that, in the meantime, the spirits will end up making OP meet a better suitor.

@Mauricio1 , I suggest you read and study a lot before jumping into whatever ritual you see without knowing what you’re doing or who you’re dealing with. Magick is real, so take it seriously. I know the feeling of desperation and need though, been there, done that. Problem is, when we manifest from a place of need, we only get more need.

Personally, the Orpaniel ritual from Angels of Love by Zanna Blaise was a game-changer for me. It’s one of the first rituals in the book, and I think it’s original purpose is to heal a relationship, but it can also work by letting you heal from the heartbreak and start moving on. Of course I intended to rekindle with my (former) target when I used it, but through that ritual I actually began to heal and move on, realizing my target wasn’t brought back to me because there’s someone better waiting ahead and we wouldn’t have worked out.

If you check love spells and results here in the BALG forums, you’ll find mixed results. They’re hit or miss, but the common denominator is that magicians get hit hard in all cases. Meaning, the operators fall in love deeper and harder for their targets, regardless of the effects on their targets. Of course, this turns out to be highly problematic and difficult to endure.

For now, I’d suggest you dedicate at least three months to studying different magickal methods and spirits.


I totally agree.

@Mauricio1, I suggest reconciliation before jumping into love work. In order to effectively co-parent your child together, it’s in the best interest of everyone involved to do it on a positive note. It took me two years to get my coparenting relationship with my son’s father back to where we can communicate with one another with love and respect. How can you develop a loving relationship with this woman if you don’t fix the issues that caused the breakdown of your relationship and heal in the first place?

Reconcile, heal, then if need be, do love work.

These things take time, it won’t happen overnight.

Good luck.


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I’m lost. Where did I write in another language?

Could you do this ritual for me?

This one:

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Thanks for letting me know.sorry

You were already told once. This is your last warning.


Yes, there are plenty of magicians online (you can even order from the BALG website), but there’s nothing like doing it yourself and imprinting your own energy on it.

If you want the lazy way out and to just pay for someone to do it on your behalf, that’s ok. But if you don’t think your goal is worth investing your own time and energy on… then why bother at all?


I’m going to start today with ennde sallos… and looking at his secrecy


You have all the tools to do it on your own. Start here:

Or here:

I’m sure there’s a sense of urgency, but you really need to slow down, take some time to do some proper research, learn what you need to do to get what you want and dive in and just do it.

So many members of the forum and beyond have been in your situation and were able to get results.

You can too. Good luck.



Hello friends! I studied the recommendations and made this petition to Sallos.
There’s just the situation… what to do with the petition. Because I don’t have a river to throw away, or an open field to burn and throw ash. I only have garbage to throw the ashes and sewage, what to do?

Burn it over the sink and send the ashes down the drain.


I will say, and I am going to assume you are a male, please correct me if I am wrong and disregard this otherwise but for future reference, the Pomba Gira help WOMEN, feminine men, gay men, and trans girls. If you are a male and you are doing a Pombagira ritual on a woman, IT WILL NOT WORK! You will need to go a different avenue. She is a fierce protector of women, her initiates, children, and feminine/homosexual men and trans women. She can help women on women, women on men, but NOT men on women.

If you need help, I suggest continue working with King Asmodeus, or try Prince Sitri or Astaroth. BUT! You MUST have faith in the spells that have been casted for you. Otherwise, they will not work and you are basically telling the Spirits that they are not powerful enough to help you which is disrespectful to them. I know it is hard to be optimistic in a difficult situation, trust me I am in the same boat, but you need to keep trying. Give the spells time to work. Manifestation can take a while depending on the circumstances and parties involved.

And like the others said, try asking a trusted spellcaster or psychic for guidance or divination or consultation. They will guide you on what to do next.

Since you’ve recently wrote a petition, whatever you agreed upon doing, make sure you hold your end of the bargain as best as you can.


Thank you for the tip! By the way.next step now is to make one for clauneck to open my ways