Baby satanist sorcerer looking for recourses✨

Hi there!
I’m new here, maybe you’ve seen a few of my posts but I’m looking for any and all the help I can get to gain the wisdom I need to continue on this path… I am currently on an extremely tight budget and looking for learning recourses. Maybe you can drop some links to any websites, articles, free downloadable content, YouTube videos (I am a visual learner), maybe even if anyone has some books they would be willing to part ways with even only temporarily(I wouldn’t mind shipping back after use((I take extreme care of all items)), etc.

Looking forward to your responses



I use Gordon Winterfield’s “Demons of Magick” that method is what works for me. I originally got into magick through this site but my philosophy has changed greatly.

I used to use Lady Eva’s method for evocation, it worked but I found the results to be extreme, any time I’ve worked without the authority of God or angels to constrain the demons I’ve had problems. If I could go back I would learn the LBRP by heart and perform that before calling any demon to give me authority and have the support of the angels. Note you do not need to be religious to work with the Angels. The creator of this site made a video on it (his channel got taken down I believe) and that was my first time I heard of it.

And I’ve gone deep into the current including doing the qlipoth in a day, learning about self deification under Lucifer or more appropriately Samael (the leader of the Satans). Also Baphomet is not Lucifer or Satan that is a symbolic representation of the unity between the profane (beast) and the ascended man. Samael isn’t necessarily evil since within the context of the original myths he is an archangel who’s job is to be the adversary to God’s teachings and Samael is the Snake in the garden (note there are also variations where Lilith is the snake, here’s what I found on the matter concerning the two.
In the Zohar, Lilith and Samael the Devil emerge together from the realm of evil as an androgynous hermaphroditic pair. Lilith exists within Samael as a “feminine transpersonal shadow” (Koltuv 6). The birth of Lilith and Samael in the spiritual realm corresponds to the birth of Adam and Eve on Earth.

I offer what has worked for me, my family and my friends. There is certain verses where Jesus states one has authority over demons with his power and there are other verses where The Bible states we (people who have the current) are of Jesus, so they can basically command the demons with the authority of God.

72 angels of magick
The book explains you do not need to be religious or have faith in a certain God(s), you do not even have to believe in the angels as long as you act like they are real within the context of the ritual.

However both that book and the demonic book use psalms within the context of the ritual.
The Psalms are in Hebrew but Psalms is technically part of The Bible so up to you. You do not have to be holy or pure for either book. The demonic book offers powers to kill, and bind your enemy as well as power for lust, sex, and power. If you use the demonic book, I recommend the Demon Belial.

Note that although the LBRP does not use psalms or parts of the bible, you do vibrate words of power aka names of God and words of power in reference to kabbalah.

Lady Eva’s tutorial gives methods without the use of LBRP but since that style did not work the way I wanted I do not recommend it. But you are free to do what you want.

Also I’d avoid Lavey he was fake af.

The reason you use words of power relating to God’s name or Psalms is to give the ritual power and authority. To let the universe know you have spoken or acknowledged God or connected to God.
I believe this is to distinguish your actions from that of a normal human, when you are in ritual you are God, if you are not God you act as God or speak to God or acknowledge them to give you power. Your next actions will be as God or after you have contacted God, so in that way its divine, I think this is how you can bypass things like karma or the concept of sin.

The Gallery of Magick also has other books that do not use words of power like God’s names or any entities.

I would suggest just using the Demons book and 72 angels book, and if you do not believe in that God thats fine, just do the rituals in pursuit of power and control, you are not doing it to serve god you are doing it for yourself, you decide how to change reality but you’ll use that God’s name or power to get what you want, we call this “stealing fire” from the Gods. Azazel taught me this, just act accordingly to get what you want but internally know the truth. I’ve gone to church with demonic sigils on me, although I do not do this anymore I have acted as something im not for power.

Just play pretend and read the script, get the power and manifestations, and repeat!


When I first came to this site, I was like you. I had no knowledge of what was going on, or what I was doing. I even had no idea about most of the terms, their meanings. Budget is an issue for me too, but what you need most is already with you: Your mind…
Now, I’m learning.
Use Google, not everything you’ll find will be genuine, but you’ll find your way after some time.
Use the search engine on this site. You will find knowledge worth its weight in gold.
And don’t be shy about asking for help.


Thank you kindly

Awesome advice, thank you. Especially because my aunt I’m living with currently is a major Christian and is always trying to read the Bible with me. So there is a lot to learn. I’ve wanted to go back and read the Bible because I haven’t since a teen when I was still practicing Christianity. Obviously not reading to worship but just to learn. Thank you again.

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You said recourses, are you looking for Satanic philosophy or practice ?


Okay! I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I will definitely take full advantage of this site and everyone’s advice. I’ve finally found my community is my heart is full!

I’ve been mostly using google as of yet, but it is hard to decipher what is true and what is false. I know there are levels to everything, but I will get the hang of it. Since I signed up for the forum, this is the most effort I’ve put into learning. I used to randomly think hmmm I’m going to try to learn today then let days or weeks go by. I try to log on at least once a day, ask some questions and reply to topics so I can set up a guide for when I’m really ready to sit down and study,

Thank you!!

About Satanism

(this one actually on demonolatry:)

and for Magick

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I was in your boots once, and while no one threw me a key or pointed to a door; I’ll do my best to share the information I found without getting myself in trouble.

yes, google is cool, especially if you add “pdf” to your search term. I won’t give examples, but even after reporting some things to publishers about their content being freely available, i haven’t had any of them imply they care that it’s out there (that’s all I’ll say about that). But, like downloading an MP3 from a band you didn’t know you’re going to love, when you have the financial means to do so, support the artists. This helps them continue creating, and in a way, you are repaying them for the value you put in their works.
But wikipedia can also be a great source for information and links. Using that information and cleaver google search phrasings, you can uncover more info and point to certain “doors”. I love her poetry! I got the book and I’m waiting for the second one.

youtube is funny. I think you have to start finding and subscribing to the right channels to get the algorithm to start working with you, and not suggest RHP related content. Be cautioned though, YT seems to like removing channels over nothing and one day your favorite sources of info can disappear overnight. I don’t think it’s against any rules to say that there are ways to download those videos, but i’ll let you figure that part out on your own. Right now I’m digging a channel called “Behemoth-X”, and think he is spot on. not a lot of “how to, step-by-step”, but he seems to give just enough info to inspire the direction to look. His set ups are also jaw dropping beautiful IMHO.

I’ve had some luck with Facebook groups, especially looking for something like “Satanic region/city” and then I’ll read their posts and determine if the group is right for me or not.

In all my searches though, I keep coming back to this forum. it seems like any question I might have, someone else had years ago and got answers. Any other questions I still have, there is a large enough group of people to either give some great info, or at least something to consider. I lurk much more than I post, but that is because it feels like i’m sitting in front of a field of answers to questions I didnt think to ask yet.

You can also try reaching our to Satan or Lucifer or any spirit you are wanting to work with, and asking them to help you find the path to them. Just, if you do that, be ready and open minded to whatever comes after that. It might seem like that “out of the blue” invitation to something is unrelated, but there is a chance that it will eventually lead you to the door or key you’re searching for. I know it sounds cryptic AF, yet in my experience, it has lead to surprising avenues of exploration.


I’m sorry, @sdbb2016 but I had to remove one of the links you posted. Linking to third party websites with copyrighted material is against the forum rules, and the one you claimed was public domain had pirated books by Michael Ford, which are definitely NOT in the public domain,

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Yes, please.

I get it. I don’t expect anyone to hold my hand or to find some special place that’s just going to give me all that I need. I’ve done a lot of research on my own, it’s gotten me this far. I’m not COMPLETELY clueless, nor do I believe it’s okay to just skirt by without supporting authors and artists. >.< I’m just in a place at this moment where I cannot order all the books I want. So any suggestions I can nerd out to while I’m in the process of saving and buying the literature when my budget allows is extremely helpful. I’m currently going through the strangest phase of my life and I just want to deep dive and immerse myself into the practice so I’m able to catch my breath and intimately save myself. I really hope I’m not coming off as some annoying person that expects all my questions to be answered in a moment. I know this takes time. I’m just excited to how found such an amazing community and when I’m in the right place I’m definitely going to give back.

You are right, though. I need to ask him for his guidance. Develop a personal relationship. It was just for the longest time I wasn’t sure if I was “crazy” or not. But he’s been there for me and I need to strengthen that connection.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.



I would seriously recommend NOT pirating books. Many Magicians do protect their own work.

So helpful i appreciate you

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Definitely not my intention

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Something that can be seriously helpful and even life changing according to your needs, is to pray daily or frequently to be blessed with Wisdom and Esoteric Knowledge.

You can pray to whichever spirit or diety is appropriate and that you trust, or know is trustworthy. In your path, that can be Lucifer, but if you feel a desire to pray to Mercury, or Hermes, or Odin, for example, don’t feel afraid to call out to them if it feels more appropriate or right. You will know the feeling.

You can also pray to your Personal Daimon, also known as the Holy Guardian Angel (A Daimon is not the Christian “Demon”)

If you are interested in taking that path, you can ask me to divine the Ruling Planet of your Personal Daimon, and I will divine it for you, and reveal some things to you that can be extremely helpful to you in contacting them and in life in general (this is an offer I very rarely give)

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Yes, please!!
Thank you a million times over.

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I will also make sure I pray at least once a day.

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i pirate and use online books all the time i don’t give a fuck, the angels protect me the demons respect me, stick came with a full clip now its empty

if you get the reference you’re dope asf