Best Hex Method?

asking for a friend. best hex that’s effective and specific to my desire? if i need spirits which ones/all i need to do is invoke then request? any extra details someone could suggest/advise.

Depends what your desire is and your skillset. The the best method is like the best diet… its the one you can actually do.

For which spirit, they all have different expertise, so we need more info what what you’re trying to do to make a recommendation.


for a dude whose tried to kill and abuse someone i know. and then lie about it and pretend it never happened.

isn’t it all the same thing? like if you have the tools and intention and protection you’re doing it right? everyone basically started like that that’s how any kind of spell started as i hear. right?

It’s not about whatever he did to piss you off, if you don’t actually know what your intention is for this target, then no magick will do anything. Energy follows mind, you have to decide where it should go and what it will do. Bad luck? Crash his car? Turn his friends against him? Random justice? Bind him so he leaves her alone?

Isn’t all what the same thing? No, if you can’t follow a ritual that calls for an expensive black obsidian ball, because you don’t have the ball, you can’t do it. Pick a ritual or technique you can actually DO, and for this, you’ll need to have some skill.

What magick have you done before that you can draw on to use here? Have you done any jar spells, poppets, evocation… what? Whatever is is, do that. If you’ve done it before it’s easier to do it again, and you know you have or can get the supplies, if any are needed.

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You can try the Master Curse from the Magickal Attack book.

Or you can blend different petitions to spirits from Demons of Magick to attack different areas.

Don’t just jump into the rituals though, especially if you’ve never done baneful magick before. Read everything very, very carefully.


and what’s the best way to gather a lot of knowledge? because sometimes it’s like books don’t say. read everything?

Obviously experience and study combined

Read. Study. Look for several sources for everything before actually doing anything.

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If you’re starting from scratch, begin with how to cleanse and protect yourself and your space… we have a bunch of tutorials on Spiritual Hygiene Basics in the free forum tutorials.

Doing magick, especially black magick lights you up on the astral and attracts entities, including parasites, so you’ll want to know how to keep yourself clean and clear. You don’t want to make more trouble for yourself than you’re trying to fix.

Lists of lists of tutorial are here, so are lists of recommended books: