Your best ressources on magick

Hi there, i’m kinda new to magick and I don’t know lots of books on this topic. What are your best ressources on magick to make progress and see results in the real world? Thanks


Please answer the question I asked you in order to complete your introduction.

The spirits themselves will reveal to you the most potent magick.

Did you see this at all? This is our megathread that list out all the best free tutorial and resources we have here. And it’s all member created and managed, people can add to these if they want, so they continue to develop. There’s a Book Recommendations thread in there too!

Here’s the getting started guide from that megathread… enjoy! :smiley: Fee free to come back with any questions after you’ve had a look through!


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Hi Lostboy, you should find this thread useful.

You might want to consider “Work of Darkness” by E.A Koetting or “ The black magician’s handbook” by C. Kendall

Both of these books are great for beginners as they cover a lot of fundamental concepts, techniques and ideas, and they have helped me tremendously during developmental stage

Also, check out the forums there’s valuable information there too

If you’re interested in learning directly from spirit, consider AZAZEL or LUCIFER they’re really excellent at teaching spirituality and magik stuff

If you find these beings too intimidating, try Duke Dantalion. He’s been my teacher since the very first time I reached out to any spirits and he teaches everything from my understanding of been working with him and if necessary, he will guide you to other appropriate spirits as he did for me

Hope this helped - Good luck :+1::four_leaf_clover:

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Thanks all for responding, i’m delving into this now.

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You should read Damon Brand’s books if you haven’t already.