Unofficial Tutorials: First Contact from Sigils to Evocation Collection

This is a megathread to quickly display together popular and loved tutorials about getting in touch with an entity.

I usually recommend you read through all of these, hen pick whichever one calls to you, sounds more fun and interesting or doable depending on our skill level. As usual I highly recommend you get acquainted with the topics of spiritual hygiene and astral sense development as a building block for this kind of work.

So you want to evoke? … Evocation 101 video linked in this thread here:

Types of Evocation and how to:

Contact that doesn’t need astral aka psychic senses:

  1. By Sigil: How To Start Using Spirit Sigils To Get Anything You Want - Become A Living God

  2. By Petition: Tutorial: Petition Spells

  3. By Signs and Omens: Tutorial: How to identify messages from the spirits

  4. By Pathworking: We don’t have a tutorial for this :thinking: See Corwin Hargrove’s Goetia Pathworking book.

Do you need tools? Techniques that don’t:

More Advanced and/or Ceremonial:


Please add your own favourite way to make contact if you don’t see it here. :smiley:

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How to get a ritual to work: in the context of a specific book here but the tips apply to all rituals to master success with ceremonial magick:

How to Invoke