Black magician handbook vs. works of darkness

Since I can’t budget for all the books I’m interested in at once (and I definitely can’t afford any courses), I was wondering if I should start with “Works of Darkness” or get the new Conner Kendall book.
I’ve had zero luck with paganism, spiritualism, witchcraft, etc. etc. so I reckon I need to start with the proper basics first. I just can’t decide between these two to begin with.

Works of Darkness is 9 books not one. As far as volume of information on black magick and cost effectiveness goes, Works of Darkness is miles ahead.

I would personally say that neither of these options is complete without a grounding in energy work, and personal spiritual hygiene though, but we have loads of free tutorials on here for those.

Here’s some of our favourites:

No, it’s not. Works of Darkness was EA Koetting’s second book, released after Kingdoms of Flame, and before Baneful Magick.

You might have been thinking of the Collected Works.

My personal preference is for Works of Darkness, as that is the book that originally got me started. However, Connor’s book is likely set up better for a beginner.

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Thank you.
Yeah I’ve been away from the forum for a while and I’m re-discovering the beginner stuff.

I went digging through my books and found I have:
“Energy Work” by Robert Bruce
“The Sorcerer’s Secrets” by Jason Miller
“The Witch’s Eight Paths to Power” by Lady Sable Aradia

Also I have a few Gallery of Magick books, and a few things about Chaos magick, tarot, runes, candle magick, herbs, etc.
I know “Aradia” is not something everyone agrees with but I have a 2020 “modern guide.”
(I haven’t read all these cover-to-cover yet.)

I am not sure what personal spiritual hygiene is yet. I guess these are basics things you start practicing even before you can sense anything? I’m still going through the pinned threads here.

Does anyone have opinions on:
“Consorting with Spirits” by Jason Miller
“The Horned God of the Witches” by Jason Mankey
“The Crooked Path” by Kelden

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You can become a powerful magician even without ever directly experiencing a spirit. In fact, experiences such as evocation tend to be illusory and leads many beginners astray once they trust everything they see and hear. These days I tend to say, evocation and clairvoyance is the least reliable way of obtaining occult knowledge (especially for beginners).

Have fun in your practice. Simple prayer can often be as powerful as the rituals most magicians do.

No need to rush things. Take your time and have a relaxed approach and you can do well.

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Thank you. That sounds really nice, actually.