My job is killing me

So I posted a while ago that my job was killing me and that I summoned Belial in the astral who arranged for a additional co - worker to be employed who I could transfer some of my caseload on to.

Fast forward 3 months. This new co-worker did not know how to the job did not do any work on any of the cases I assigned to her over the 3 months and then quit abruptly giving a days notice. As a result all the assigned cases got returned to me

I don’t blame Belial for this. This is my fault I should have specified the assistance I wanted

I have tried to work in the mundane and speak to my manager that I am feeling severely ill due to the 7 days a week I work sometimes until 5 in the morning which is much more than a 18 hour day and I have been told that they are trying to recruit but nobody wants the job.

Colleagues have also become bitchy over me falling behind on my case load but I have the biggest case load out of anyone in my team. Most co workers have between 50 - 60 cases and I have almost 100 and almost all are far more complex than my co-workers

I also do need a job right now for money purposes Without getting into anything to specific a well known crypto exchange froze withdrawals and I was unable to access $10,000 of my crypto as a result. Fortunately I still have some savings

Also quitting is not an option. If I quit I could lose my license and due to health issues I cannot do manual labour jobs.

Essentially I would like to:

  1. Get my case load to a manageable level

  2. Be able to spend more time with my family

  3. Get more money as I am having financial difficulties at the moment . I have tried to work with Mammon and Bune but nothing really came of it to my knowledge. I would be willing to give both another try.

Should I ask Belial to see if he can assist again

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But if they can’t get new recruits that means your skills are in demand no? So you could get other jobs like this. You need to tell you manager you’re burned out and he sill lose you that way, if you get so sick you can’t work. He needs to say no to some of these cases and put them on a waitlist.

Maybe try a working to shift some of the cases to other places providing these services, or heal/bless those people so they don’t need services.
A well as attracting more staff, that worked so more of that seems good.
I like Clauneck and Ant’harratu for a holistic career stuff and wealth management working.


Thanks for the response. Yes my skills are in demand so I could go elsewhere. There is a risk that if you quit with such a high case load your license can be revoked

I will do some research using the all powerful search function regarding Clauneck and/or Ant’harratu and see what I can discover

Thanks again

Hi sorry to hear about what you are going through. How about petitioning Lucifer Rofocale, Baphomet, Valac in general for more financial stability.

To influence your boss for a reduced case load maybe Gemory

To instead have co-workers be in awe of you maybe Valefar and Baphomet

To get a new colleague with the appropriate skills you need to assist with your workload maybe Dantalion

General wealth workings: Lucifuge Rofocale and Bune

Oh for your health: Marbas


Thanks for this. I will give it a try

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Also, don’t forget King Paimon. He is good at dealing with supervisors and navigating corporate organizations.


Another angle to go with the above replies is for existing co workers to take on some of your workload, such that they see it as a chance for their own career enhancement. You could have it that your boss seeks these people out or that the co workers make the offer like it’s their own idea.

This way it’s like you are doing them a favour. As a flip side attitude to ‘you are hogging all the work’ lol, share it out!


@CovertCreator love this! so smart :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @CyberLord i have had little success with King Paimon. I don’t think he likes working with me.

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@CovertCreator thanks for the tip. However despite my co workers having less cases then me they don’t want anymore work because they view it as the view that if they take on more work it will interfere with their own work life balance

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Yes but then how do you really know? If they get the idea of hey this could be good for me, that inspiration could help start to change everything.

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Because they are already complaining over their own case loads and that they cannot take on more cases even though their case loads are half of mine.

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As someone in a former very similar situation I suggest influencing your manager towards a “xx active cases per coworker” limit until the new employee is found and properly incorperated into his new position. I know the situation at hand and at some point the amount of mistakes because of a high case rate can’t be fixed anymore (which creates even more work).

Whenever I need to “warm” any kind of upper management personnel up to my ideas I have great success with Orobas.


That’s the kind of thing I do at work. When it gets too much I think of someone else who could do it and set a solid thought of “They are more suited to this, I’m more suited to this kind of work” and hey presto, usually in a few days it changes.

I just use intention. As long as I can internally justify my reasoning, and that the reasoning is actually within reason and doable, the message usually filters through and then I see the changes I want.


@Mulberry I’ve tried to use the search function on BALG to find out how to summon Ant’harratu as a starting point for layered magic to deal with this issue and I note Ant’harratu lacks an enn. The ritual to summon him according to the search function on BALG is contained in EA Koettings Book of Azazel which I have obtained just now on Kindle.

I used the search function on the kindle but couldn’t find any references to Ant’harratu. Apologies for asking but are you or any forum members able to provide further assistance in summoning Ant’harratu? Specifically related to how to summon him

Noooo not at all, he doesn’t lack anything, nobody needs an enn, that comes from the religion of demonolatry, so it’s the wrong method for the wrong current. Only a scant few entities that Demonolaters have very recently created enns for have them, and you will find those in books they have published. So far the technique works well enough, but I feel that’s thanks to the practitioner not the technique.

Don’t go worshiping Ant’harratu, that might just annoy him; he’s Azazel’s man and he expects you to stand strong as an equal spirit. None of this “submission is strength” cop out, gratitude yes, groveling no. The meek do not inherit the earth: they are lunch. :joy:

Yes that’s correct. :smiley: It’s very super easy Sigil magick, I know I’ve posted his sigil here before but here it is again. Might want to check the spelling. In my copy it’s on page 128.

You can just use his sigil. Here’s how:


Damn. I wish my dad had put to me like that. When I was a boy he called me too meek and I had no clue what he meant, I just thought it was another one of his insults.
Now a life time later I’m like yep, yep and yep.
Now I know what he meant.

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Thanks @Mulberry i found it on Page 102 of my copy.

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I thought I would do the layered magic tonight, however after summoning Ant’harratu I felt drained. This was only natural because I haven’t slept very well.

Normally I would wait until after I got results to post about it but instead I feel compelled to post because this is the first time I actually drew a sigil by hand. I didn’t have a ruler so had to make the lines using a bottle opener

This was also the first time I saw the sigil flash.

After the sigil flashed I said to Ant’harratu that I wanted

  1. To have a better work/life balance to spend some more time with my family.

  2. To win my 3 most problematic cases without any negative consequences for myself.

I had to communicate these two goals in the astral as there were other people relatively close to me while performing the ritual

I will try to update this

Tomorrow the plan is to work on my health by summoning Marbas and also work on my co-workers


A few things, I would say that would be helpful, in this situation. Spirit calling great, but many of times its also over kill, sometimes, a more less sludge hammer approach is needed, such as basic white magic spell, to turn the tide to your favor. Or repetitive writing, 333 method or 555 method for what you want to happen ! Results for either if your average magic ability is good 2 weeks to 30 days to manifest what you need to help you. Or a spell for a job promotion, from within just play your cards right even if there ain’t a position job doing these cause one to open up in your favor.