BALG RULES - Please read them!

Ok i can dig that. Thank you. Much appreciated


What’s a dead horse? People post pics of dead horses?


A Dead Horse is a thread that has a ridiculous OP and which people then mock by posting endless gifs etc. This was understood at the time the rules were first drafted, as there had been a topic called Dead Horse which was exactly this and which got culled once formal rules were brought in.

I have been asked this enough that I’m going to amend the rules and clarify it - but there is NO rule against, or expectation to avoid, necrobumping a very old topic, there’s some gold in the archives and the software is designed to suggest posts without any date range at the bottom of each topic. :smiley:


I have read the rules and agree with them


Read and understood.


As of 5th September 2018, the only subject – whether for debate or for magickal working groups, or sharing work done – that is prohibited is politics: specifically, topics whose title and/or main premise is party politics, direct and overt promotion of any form of identity politics, and comments about mass migration of persons of any group across national borders, be it for, against, or other.

This applies across all viewpoints, “left” and “right,” pro-authoritarian or pro-libertarian and all other views, and no bias will be shown in applying this policy, regardless of the known preferences of moderators/admins/other members. Because we are all human, and have our own views, but this matters:

  • This is at the direct request of the forum owners and you can read Timotthy’s statement about that here.

Obviously the line at which something becomes political (especially in recent years, with the rise of identity politics as a mainstream topic) can be blurred, for this reason it will be general policy to separate any posts that venture into these areas and make them a PM conversation where people may continue the discussion in private, rather than drastic sanctions for crossing a line it is all-but-impossible to define.

This way, members are not having to hold their breath lest they mis-step, but obviously, don’t take the piss: goodwill shown, requires a good faith endeavour to stay within the lines.

  • At all times content in the same thread that is not political will be conserved in situ as far as possible, which means that steering a topic someone dislikes into political waters will not result in that topic being locked, deleted, or made PM.

Profile Flair & Group Messages

You may discuss politics as much as you wish in a group private message. Just enumerate your political worldview in your About Me under Preferences on your Profile, give consent to participate in group chats, and chatters can add you to private group threads — and you may leave those chats any time also.

These are the words of Timothy, co-founder OF BALG. Simple concept, simple to apply. :wink:

If you have a pressing personal problem or concern regarding your own community or country that you know also touches upon migration, an identity politics or party political issue, and need help, if you wish to, contact @Lady_Eva – I have some idea of existing thoughts of members and may be able to steer you right on who to contact to form a working group. Likewise, if you have strong political views, experience with doing political/memetic magick, contact me and register an interest, I will strive to make sure people are able to connect as needed.

Finally, you may from time to time happen across posts from before this policy was in effect which have a markedly political content, and if that happens, please use the flag icon underneath the three dots … at the bottom of that post and use the flag for Off Topic, no-one will be sanctioned for posts that were of that nature before the policy was introduced, this is solely to protect new forum members from being misled as to what can be discussed by the existence of older threads and comments of this nature.


Speaking of which did Timothy ever get back to you?


About what?

I did open a docx he sent a day or so after he sent it about Muslim/Islam stuff.

PM me about this please. :+1:

Speaking purely personally, I can see why the forum/site owners, who have stated ancap beliefs, will not choose to make a stance on this issue when they have other agendas to puruse. :man_shrugging:

There are scary forces pushing for censorship and they will attack domain hosting. payment providers, and more, to enorce their views. No-one has the right to make another person stand up and take that flak: if anyone feels strongly about this, making your OWN site is the way to proceed.

BUT NOT HERE - if I had any ideological issue with enforcing this, I would resign, I do NOT - this is NOT a bias, ALL political debate/posting is ended


Bump kiddies


This is just a quick reply to remind people that harassment, demeaning personal attacks, or any kind of bullying and abuse towards forum members is NEVER okay on this forum, and will NOT be tolerated.

I have just had to remove someone for such lowly behaviour and I’m repeating this in case that person, @BellaMMoon, contacted anyone else privately, and also as a general reminder, as the forum grows.

You can always flag a post that causes you concern (whether or not it’s addressed to you personally) by clicking the three dots at the bottom of that post … and selecting the flag icon - there’s a confirmation stage, and the person you have flagged will not be made aware that this has happened, nor will your identity ever be disclosed.

Wherever possible, I will try to resolve the situation and steer the person right, so an early flag can be helpful to prevent further problems, but if someone is being abusive towards you this is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

If you are contacted by PM you can also flag the PM, this will allow Staff a one-time access to the PM thread (which is otherwise private) and the person will not be made aware, or, you can invite me @Lady_Eva to the PM if you wish to do so, and also, flag the PM so it’s right at the top of my inbox - I handle flags first, when I first wake up and watch for them throughout the day even if I’m not active on here.

Bullying, abuse, harassment, and insults are not welcome on here and have no place in discussing personal empowerment and ascent.


Thanks @Lady_Eva. Everyone must feel save here on his forum. Personal attacks caused some people to quit BALG unfortunately. I hope these rules will prevent this in the future.

Stay save and take care.


I am bumping this and request all members, old and new, pay CLOSE attention:

This is not a joke and making a new topic to moralise about another person or group’s planned working is NOT acceptable.


A looooong time ago there was a certain thread that got way off topic.

A member got into a heated argument and well after all parties were finished with the thread, the rest of us hopped on a derailed the thread so bad that several minor gods were called upon to undo the damage we had done to the collective psyche of the fourm.

We called it the, “Dead Horse Saloon” as we repeatedly beat dead horse after dead horse.

That thread is lost to time now. I have it on good authority that not even Yog Sathoth can find it now.


Yog-Sothoth can’t get to it? That’s saying something.


After several different conversations recently, it seems necessary to draw a line in the sand, and point out that there is no metaphysical exemption to these rules.

This means that your belief that any spirit, up to and including “God,” requires you to act in a manner which breaks forum rules, will not grant you a free pass to do so, period. This forum has always been pretty tolerant of one-off wig-outs under the influence of anything, and will continue to be as far as is possible, I am talking about a more sustained pattern of intentional behaviour.

  • In addition to this, comments implying members/moderators/admins will incur any spirit’s displeasure by not permitting the behaviour in question will from this point forward be treated as threats - for which, see the first post in this topic.

I am addressing this openly here so there is no remaining uncertainty that may lead to subsequent offence being taken, and in hopes of saving time and effort all round. :+1:


This week things reached the point where, unfortunately, common sense is no longer enough to prevent people attempting to abuse this forum and run deceptive practices in order to acquire followers on their Discord groups.

★ For this reason, external groups, “Orders,” and communities are now in the same status as commercial endeavours and political interests/working groups.

This means you MAY place links to your groups, “Orders,” and external communities in your forum profile, but you may NOT post those links or promotional material on the forum, or initiate a PM to try and recruit people. This applies as of 25th March 2019.

Be aware that BALG Discord groups do not exist – please see this link for information about that.

If you run a group already, aside from the small number of members who have received warnings by PM about this earlier this week, you are not affected, however anyone promoting their group, Discord, or “Order” on the forum past today (25th March 2018) by posting links or promotional material, or sending PMs to people, will be treated as spamming the forum and handled accordingly.


I understand and will obey the rules.


Me too.


I seen lots of this in tube ,Facebook .town centre of swindon .UK
Iam free .and safe not to be bully by overs on there believes.have my own to .lean stuff on my own .have the freedom to believe what ever i like to .lucifer is been helping me .i never new it was he was helping me lot.i have problems with spelling .i trust lucifer and love him so much to looking forward to meeting you all.for good chat .Elizabeth .thank you .


Thank you. I will follow rules.