The Universal Circle's words?

Hey, guys n ladies. So I am very intrigued by E.A’s universal circle, and I am heavily considering going ahead with the purchase. The only thing currently holding me back is that I don’t know why the inscriptions on the circle actually say. I remember E.A alluding to the fact that they said something along the lines of “absolute power” , or something like that… but see… I’m kind of obsessive about certain details in the way I work, so I was wondering if anyone might be able to tell me exactly what the inscriptions on the circle actually say?



Once you click the link and introduce yourself, use the search function in the upper right. There are multiple threads where the inscription on the UC is stated.

k there ya go, chap. Now if you would perhaps be so kind as to assist me in putting some money into our good man E.A’s pockets, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have searched the threads and found no such thing. Idk if I’m not using the right key words but… I see a lot of people talking about theres but nothing about its inscription.

Sorry, I couldn’t find the thread either :blush:

The characters of the circle are in Nabatean, an ancient form of Aramaic, and mean: “Give an Offering to His House to Devour; Which the Eye of the House is with Samael; 700 years to Bind the Name of God in Chains.”

EA explains it at the 20 minute mark in this video:


Ha! Found the thread:


hey thanks a lot, man

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I really enjoy my UC so I highly recommend it.

Now if you could follow the rules of the forum and not being rude, it would be greatly appreciated.

This forum isn’t about putting money in EA’ pocket.
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Glad you found the translation :wink:

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