Backlash in black Magick rituals


I have performed many black Magick rituals in my enemies, most of them have been candle Magick curses from EA Koettings baneful magick book, and I have performed a symbolic curse calling the powers of Saturn with the sigil from this book.

The reason I am writing is because I have performed rituals and sometimes I feel like they don’t go according to plan; meaning that there is backlash, or it turns on me? Either any advice on placing protection Magick in case of backlash? Any books for that?

Any advice is appreciated, Thank You


It’s often advised to do a divination before a curse to look for protections on the target so you can avoid backlash. Ask: “do they have return to sender shields?” etc.

If so, then you want to modify the working and intent of the curse to nullify the protections.

For yourself, it’s a good idea to have protections as a matter of course, on yourself and your living space.
We have tutorials on wards and protection talismans here on BALG.


Thank you for the advise. Where can I find those tutorials? Are they in the forum or in the website store?

Also how can I practice divination ? I haven’t even read books on the tarot, or practiced any type of divination . I’m fairly new to this. Thank you for the help and the advice.

Right here, meaning, on the forum, yes.

Up top right, there’s a little magnifying glass, it’s hard to see if you’re using the dark theme, but tap that and type your keywords. Use “tutorial wards” “tutorial divination” etc.

You can also browse through collections of tutorials we made to make it easer to find the popular ones (and add to them if you find one that’s not linked):


Thank you for the help it will help a lot. Also I hope a beginner like me can employ these protections, I hope their not too advanced or out of the range of my skill, either way thank you for the help I will look into these topics.

You may also carry a tiny mirror on yourself and visualize your aura as golden white, bright and large.

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Can you give an example?

Sometimes it really is backlash (for example a mirror shield) and sometimes it’s something else. Examples can help others see what’s happening and give more fine-tuned advice.

Something not going to plan doesn’t automatically mean backlash.


So there was this one time I did a black Magick candle ritual on family members of my mothers side (because they were attacking some family members most important to me, including my mother) and I attacked my half sister with a black Magick candle curse. Well a few days later my mom got into a big fight with her and my mom had to leave the house she was staying in which was my grandmas house. (The good thing she found another place).

Another time I cursed a family member, I forgot who but weirdly my parents dog started to get sick and it took him a few days of him agonizing to death. The same thing also happened with another one of their dogs.

These black Magick candle rituals are very basic from EA Koettings Baneful Magick book. I am aware that not everything that I have hinted at is not a result of black Magick because things like these do naturally occur, but some things have rehappened or things that have happened felt like it was from some of my Magick. So I just basically need basic protection for rituals I would perform weekly. I will check the suggestions by a writer on this post, but any extra suggestions are welcome.

Thank you


Then how is it backlash? Your work prompted movement in a positive direction.

Are you sure there weren’t other matters that caused that? Was the dog already sick and it hadn’t been realized for example?

Additionally, sometimes people’s pets bear the brunt of curses targeted at them. The same goes for plants. It might not have been backlash, but the manifestation of your magick.

I don’t do it, but LBRP?


It sounds like the protection you are seeking is some form of guidance for your intentions with your rituals. I like to remind myself and others that magick is not potentially dangerous because of a lack of effectiveness to the rituals. If you do a simple candle spell for another to be cursed, and you are connected to this person in some way, then you could be affected as well depending on how the magick manifests.

What I believe would help you is some way of connecting to Source consciousness. A banishing ritual like the LBRP can do that for you, or you can use other methods which are more demonic, and can even be as simple as blocking out all the lights and allowing yourself to abide in outer darkness, magickally, knowing that what you are doing is more than dwelling in a dark room. You could also seek the aid of a demon with baneful qualities, or any other spirit known for such powers, to guide your intentions.

If you get into layering your spells, it can be easy to fall into the mindset of more is always better, but this is not the case. If you ask for general misfortune, or disease, or mental suffering, or injury, let the magick work, but before you do any of that, I would clarify your objectives. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

If you are clear on that, then there should be no danger of backlash. Even if you make a mistake, if you call on the powers of magick to protect and guide you, they will do so if you allow them to give input to your magick as well.

All of this mostly just applies if you have some agenda you are trying to advance and establish, like create a more favorable power dynamic for yourself, or create peace for you to enjoy. If all you want to do is cause destruction and suffering, though, that is very easy to accomplish, as you have seen for yourself.


Thank you for the advice, I will be researching On the LBRP ritual, I’ve heard about it, it’s really famous among practitioners I believe. And yes I believe you are correct because the people that I mainly cursed were family members on my mothers side, but I think it actually did affect my mother (which is not my intention at all). Also is there A way I could get started into divination? Some reccomendations? Books? Video courses? Systems? Just so I can start gathering materials to be able to get input from spirits on my rituals. Divination will help for that right?

Sorry for all of these questions I’m fairly new and have studied but there is so much to research on. Thanks for everyone’s advice.

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Well EAK has a divination course available, for starters.

Tarot is also quite popular, and for good reason, as it is very effective. I like this website.

Runes and the I Ching are other methods you’ll hear about. I have no experience with runes but recommend this book for the I Ching.

There are also many spirits which have divinatory powers. Something like Tarot cards will give you more tangible, obvious things to consider, but with any method, some learning is required.


Thank you for your suggestions I probably will study EA Koettings course and the Tarot system. Thank you I appreciate your help.

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For safety reasons, I avoid casting baneful magick on people I share blood and/or a roof with.

If you share ancestors, there’s an obvious conflict there. I mean, it doesn’t have to backfire, but the energy invested and the intent might be redirected, as it happened to the pets you mentioned.

And believe me, I really wanted to curse someone I was blood-related to, but I’m glad I didn’t because the effects could have been unintended and unpredictable.

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What do you mean by ancestral conflict? And could there be ancestors protecting certain family members? And also what do you mean by the intent can be redirected?

I didn’t say “ancestral conflict,” I said cursing people you share ancestors with can be problematic, to say the least.

Imagine you and a sibling are beating each other in front of your grandma. You ask her to pass a spoon so you can rip out your sibling’s eye… your grandma goes “yeah… nope, I don’t think so.”

You see where I’m going with this? Shared ancestors can get in the way (and with reason) if you try to curse your own family.

In fact, I’d dare to say cursing one of your parents, if related by blood, would immediately curse yourself too, since you come from them, like it or not.

These are the reasons why I always refrained from cursing family members. Kinda obvious when you think if it…

If your target is aware of what’s going on, that is when you might consider being more cautious. If they are familiar with some of the stuff you practice, there is more liklehood of backlash, in the harshest of cases. It can be very complicated, but how that affects you will depend on your own bravery, skill and abilities.

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I agree thanks

Sure, and in fact, backlash can mean a number of things. It could mean a reverse psychic attack, it could mean public slander, or a mob style vigilante event where you are out numbered, and physically vulnerable. So there’s alot to think about in terms of how you prepare for such things. Nothing happens is the best case scenario, but I think it’s a sure bet that if the target knows what’s going on, there will be some kind of retaliation, if they can get access to you

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I agree with you.