Friendship Thread

I was going through quite a few threads here but couldn’t manage to find a thread to find new friends here so I thought I’d make one BUT if there is a thread to find new friends I kiiiindly ask you to send me a link and perhaps get @ladyeva to take this down :slight_smile:

If there’s not one I’d like to say that anyone that is looking for new friends/ wants to get to know other people should make a post here! :slight_smile:

I’m looking for new people to get to know and hopefully become friends with in the future. I’m looking for people around my age, I’m 20 turning 21 soo if there’s anyone here around that age that wanna give it a shot of getting to know me (and of course me getting to know you) feel free to PM me :slight_smile:


Good idea for a thread. I don’t believe there was a “friendship thread” before this.


My hubbies and waffles say that this is a good idea. I hope this doesn’t get used by some beggars to attempt to get free services


Hi Angeela, great idea, I am 40, baby mage, learning about myself, and feel drawn towards Lucifer and King Paimon, I also have an entity (guardian?) watching over me. I have meet many wonderful people here, and hope to meet many more. Good luck in your search.

Darkest Blessings friends


This is a lovely idea for sure!


I also think this is a fabulous idea. I’m a 41 yr old Navy Veteran somewhere in NY. I’m a mommy of 4, so if there are any mommies that want to bond and talk about practicing magick while juggling mommy duties, feel free to PM me.

If you’re a Veteran and are like me & need to connect with and bond with another Vet and talk about practicing magick, feel free to PM me.

If you want to just talk about magick period, or whatever, doesn’t matter who you are feel free to PM me :bouquet:


I’m a mommy’s and ex Coast Guard wife. If that counts :thinking:


Of course it counts. I’m also an ex Army wife so you know the life :bouquet:


I definitely want to find friends here. If there’s any bunny mamas here or fur mamas i’d be willing to base friendship on how our pets think they’re superman :joy:


I’m 25, work night shifts and studying at Uni. I’m gay and have an incubus. I love creative writing, psychology, philosophy, space, and have written some tutorial-ish stuff here. Am a Libra. There’s a discord chat I use with some people on this site.


I would like to meet more people who are into high magick


I would love to make friends. Im a 19 year old male witch based in India. I work mostly with Qlipothic and Goetic demons and sometimes norse sorcery.


I would love to meet people and make friends. Im 25 years old mage, a stubborn virgo, personality is intj. I work with goetic demons, sumerian demons and deities. Celtic, ghaulish, irish deities. Chaos magick, Draconic magick etc. Whatever suits my needs really.
Im also perfecting my tarot reading abilities.


Lol. Me to my Guides: damn I need friends :joy::sob:

Them: Here

I would love to meet new people


I think this is a neat idea =) I’m 19. I would love to make new friends! I live down in Charleston



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I’ll pm you after work. I’m down in Florida.

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Oh wow! This is great! Hey everyone! I’m a 24 yr old female babyish witch based in the Philippines. I haven’t met anyone from my country in BALG maybe because it is frowned upon here. :rofl: I would like to meet new people! If you have a dog or own any plants, hit me up! The pandemic is getting worse here so to refrain myself from overthinking just talk to me haha magick related or not, I’m here to be your new friend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::raising_hand_woman:


Hey bb :grin:

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Hi Alexandria

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