How to do spiritual evocation

Hello everyone,

So i introduced myself as being new to magick. Mostly I have just been reading various materials such as Bardon and Konstantinos, along with this forum. So far I have been getting acquainted with the spirits, their nature and what can be done in the world of magick.

I can read tarot cards, feel and detect energy, I have been able to see spirits with the use of my third eye. However now I want to be able to take it to the next level and start evocating.

I feel there are some spirits who do wish to communicate with me and respect me for being a newbie at this. So that is a good start.

Now if you read Bardon or Konstantinos, they make it sound like you need lots of materials and years of preparation to do it. However, I have read of members here getting by with just using a sigil, lighting some candles, offering a gift and chanting. Some even just chant and focus on the sigil.

It is interesting to note that just by chanting, with nothing else at my disposal, I was able to attract a Goddess who came to me straight away. I felt very amazed at the experience and love filled my body. It was beautiful.

So is there any posts or tips any of you can give me for starting this journey? All help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Oh have we got posts for you… link below: scroll down to the 3rd post that lists collections of all our favourite tutorials.

I suggest starting with Spiritual Hygiene Basics first (know how to get and stay out of trouble before you invite any), then search on "evocation tutorial, as we have at least 4 and you would do best to read through them all and then pick the one you like the sound of best. :+1: :slight_smile:

Enjoy! :smiley:

Thank you very much Mulberry! This is all useful information! I will enjoy taking my time to read. :slight_smile:

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