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Hey! I was wondering if anyone has some good tips for new witches just starting out? I’m honestly not even sure where to begin with my spiritual journey. I’m mostly looking for spells and things to help me with my day to day life, and spirits and demons and deities and such to watch over me. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance :heart:

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Please take a look at our tutorials:

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Thats actually a complicated question. I suppose it depends in no small part what your objectives are.
You’ve mentioned things to help you out in day to day life. That is pretty broad.

In my view it’s a good idea to get some countermeasures in place early on. For that I would recommend a book titled Magickal Protection by Damon Brand.
It provides a very straightforward twice daily banishing ritual. Once you are well practiced at it, you can do it in about 10-15 seconds.
The book also contains a 33 day Master Protection Ritual, which I recommend and repeat every year.
It also contains a number of more situation specific protection rituals. But its the two I mention above that I would recommend as a good protection staple.

I also strongly suggest learning the basics of energy work. Energy work is itself a broad field with many different tranches.
But for a good, effective text that is well suited to beginners, I would always recommend a book titled “Energy Work” by Robert Bruce.
If you pick this book, remember to take your time and do the exercises. Don’t rush it. It is well worth putting in the time and progressing through the exercises gradually.

Practicing meditation is also of huge benefit in this field. There are a huge number of forms of meditation. I suggest trying out various types to find the versions that suit you best.

Servitors are another avenue which are great for the beginner and upwards.
These are essentially operator created, goal specific, custom made thought forms. In short - you create a non corporeal entity (or extension of your own consciousness depending on ones perspective) to carry out specified tasks for you.
If this is an avenue that interests you, I am happy to recommend several books

Candle magick is also a good starting point.

The heavily overlapped fields of magick and energy work is vast. Start simple. Find what works for you and then work up is my suggestion.

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A former mod wrote this getting started guide you might like to have a browse through:

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