Does anyone know this love spell?

First of all, the photos of the parties who want to make a love bond between them are taken. Red rose water, blood of a white rabbit, alyssum Cyclamen and Gypsophillia It is put into a mixture prepared with and then Hebrew amulets are written on the photographs, and the photographs are washed with this mixture and put into the jar full of the mixture. After 5 days, the photos are taken out of the jar and buried in the silty soil and the magic happens. Does anyone know and practice this spell? If yes, could you please explain in more detail?Because I want to do this spell.

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Here is a bunch of getting started with magick stuff in case that helps :slight_smile:

I don’t know that spell, it looks like a combination of Kabbalistic and folk/sympathetic magick. If I had to guess it works through a combo of the “amulets”, which I read to mean Seals, and the symbolism.

Red roses = love
White rabbits = fertility and purity (lots of healthy kids please) I would substitute a herb that’s easier to get, like Cornflower, as that’s in keeping with the style of spell.
Alyssum = protective herb
Gypsophillia (aka Baby’s breath) = love (associated w Venus and used as a bridal bouquet flower)
Hebrew amulets = Seals, doesn’t say which ones and there are lots: might be Pentacles of Venus? :thinking:
Photographs = sympathetic links to the targets of the magic

The important part they don’t tell you here: while you do this all the time your full intent and attention is on the outcome you want to see. Feel as if it’s already happened and be grateful for it, thank the spirits of the seals for their help.

This is the actual magick part the rest is all theatrical props to get you into the right headspace.

Well, the magick started the moment you decided to do the ritual, but if you intend it not to start until this point you can hold it back with this thought.

The burial in Earth is using the gate of Earth to pass the energy to the spirit realm to be made physically manifest. You could also burn them or let them wash away in a river. It’s a closure thing. After this you should forget the spell and know that it’s already happening.

What I wonder about approaches like these is how important are the ingredients? Are they purely for their symbolic value to the practitioner?

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Where herb are concerned I do feel that the plants, being alive or formerly so and associated with a sovereign spirit do carry a specific energy of their own that resonates in tune with the intention of the practitioner.

I find this helps a lot for example in my relationship dissolving poppet spell where I leverage the energy of the Amaranth variety "Love Lies Bleeding.

So I’m a fan of books like Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs as well as experimentation to find the best energy that also works with your system, and I think they do help a lot. If you get more deeply into it Perelandra used to do rose essences for healing using brandy tinctures using the same idea plus co creatively working with the plant intelligence to enchant the tinctures.

The same is the case for the Seals.

I’m iffy about the rabbit’s blood. That doesn’t scream “love” to me, and you have to consider the negative energy effect of having to get that from the rabbit, from the rabbit, the death transition energy, the emotional affect on you… I think you don’t want death around your love spell, that sounds like a backfire waiting to happen. Personally if I want blood I always use my own.


I don’t know much about this spell. I need help from someone who knows how to use mixtures, hebrew charms and other details. I think this spell is a kabbalistic spell. I would appreciate it if someone who knows can explain it in detail.

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I have described what the elements are for, suggested the pentacles of Venus and the full instructions are literally written in your own original post and I clarified how to do magick to get the energy to flow.

If that didn’t help you should maybe consider, doing more studying before you attempt it. … Read the Key of Solomon, or the Golden Dawn’s primer, and learn the basics behind what you are trying to do.

Magick is not just words and fluffy herbs while you wave your arms around, it’s a skill you learn to use your whole being to perform. You also want to prepare yourself to cleanse and remove the causes of backlash before throwing baneful magick - which love spells are - around. Know what can go wrong and how to fix it, in advance, for your own wellbeing.

Also please make your next post is your Intro as requested. Doing that helps us know what level to aim responses at.

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