Welcome To My BALG Forum

Hey There,

Welcome to my Become A Living God forum, thanks for coming.

I want to create an environment where real practicing magicians can interact and share ideas and wisdom.

I’m not as interested in popularity, as I am in setting up a rich repository of workable and effective information on Magickal Ascension. My goal is to provide support for both up-and-coming and seasoned sorcerers and magicians.

We accomplish this feat by cultivating an organic, ongoing dialog in which we discuss the fine details of our successes and failures. In this way, everyone can learn, whether they are the outgoing, outspoken type, or just a shy, anonymous reader.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your background is, if you have questions about magick, ask. You’ll probably get an answer.

I sincerely hope this forum will be a valuable resource for all who get to access it for many years to come.

See you on the forum.

Godlike Power,


Thanks, this is a great resource! Looking forward to many interesting conversations and learning opportunities.



Looking forward to many great conversations

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Dear EA:
Thank you for this site and for sharing your knowledge with us! :slight_smile:
We are so very fortunate!!! :slight_smile:


I’ve had my doubts about you in the past, but I have to admit… Your techniques have helped me quite a bit in the past few weeks. Thank you for this forum, and I hope to see some great conversations on here.


Thanks for this forum! I’m quite a newbie in the occult and I am very grateful to have you as my mentor… Keep up your good work!!!

Ted :slight_smile:

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Gotta say I love what you’re doing with the place EA. After reading your Ebook Become a Living God I thought to myself “This guy has to be good at both magick and writing to be able to put together something that blows away the entire new age section into 150 some pages”. You’re officially my new favorite author on the subject of magick and attaining godhood, which I thought I was the only one who was looking into that avenue til I found this page a few months back. Glad I did too It’s all helped a lot. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone and swapping ideas. Catch ya later!


Thanks EA. This is a great boon to our ascension.

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Thanks EA!! This is such a great idea! This way, we can all interact with each other.

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GREAT to be here - I second Gozer - feels great to be Home :slight_smile: At last! :smiley:

I have been looking for a proper forum to begin interacting with others who share an interest and desire for the mysteries & secrets. It appears I have found it.

Sincerely, thank you EA for allowing myself and others the opportunity to interact and learn. Hope to meet some new faces soon! Cheers.

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As a solitary practitioner, being able to get firsthand information from a source whose work I have been able to use with success is a gift. I’m looking forward to being here and learning…

Excellent! I don’t comment much on facebook because I try to be a bit more in the shadows due to work, kids, etc. so this forum is perfect.

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Thanks! Will definitely be logging onto here fairly often.

Absolutely fabulous, I had been wondering when there would finally be a forum. There are not a lot of places where one can post and find ‘serious’ Magick. Thanks to all who helped in setting this up!

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It’s nice to be here, I look forward to watching this board grow. I have some of EA’s books in hard copy, but only stumbled across his FB page last week. I guess I was in the right place at the right time. Looking forward to discussions with you all.


This is GREAT!!! Thank you EA for the hard work and vision you have set before us…

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