What's the most retarded thing you've done in the occult


Lets just post our most retarded mistakes and laugh at them, because why not?

I’ll go first
Calling on the most malevolent entities in my area, and then trying to have basic conversation.

Shit got real quick


Telling Lucifer to shut up :laughing:

Calling all of the powers of darkness to me and my area and not banishing or closing the rite. I fucked that patch of trees up


I’ll admit my “most retarded thing I’ve done” isn’t really that retarded.

Waiting to see your guys moments.


Being terrified of working with male spirits in case I had “blasphemous” thoughts about them. As a girl I used to have sexual thoughts about Jesus, then freak out about it. Ah Catholic School memories. But seriously avoided any male spirit so I wouldn’t lust at them for the longest time. Also the first demon I ever called was threatened with a butt trident. It was in a playful/frustrated way, but still. Funny how things work out.


Getting mad at Lucifer for fighting me on a mounds bar and threatening to put laxatives in his next offering. To which he responded by giving me a mind blowing orgasm at work, during a meeting with corporate. Point made Papi.


I became worried that any thought I had that was vaugely offensive would piss off the spirits.

For a while, I became hesitant to fap or even to fart because I thought it would offend King Paimon if I thought his name or had an image come to mind of him while I was doing business.



Me too!


Yeah these guys aren’t Jehovah is what I’m learning


From what I’ve picked up, sexual energy and lustful thoughts about demons is either encouraged, amusing, or they know but don’t care. Freaked me out the first time a name just popped in there during me time.


At the moment I don’t have any, yet. So in a little way i’m gonna contribute with this picture.


Doing a black magic mantra for money 6 years ago, i don’t even remember where i took it, lol,
and the mantra itself was not even translated from Hindi language,
I have no idea what i’ve done, lol,
but the night after, i felt so horrible and nauseous, hahaha, who answered or came for me? a mystery,
Hahaha, but even now i enjoy doing dangerous shit , i don’t recommend it, but i do it!




telling an angel to suck my dick. i did apologise and called upon hum again to give offerings and an apology. he forgave me but told me to watch my mouth in the future.


i know the feeling a few months ago i was stroking and lilith just came to mind and wouldnt go away. i was really afraid i pissed her of unintentially turns out she wants a sexual ritual in the future at least thats what she said after i talked with her.


he forgave me but told me to watch my mouth in the future
he is coming for your mouth Jake, haha!:laughing:


:dizzy_face: Oh my gosh. :scream:
The Lord commandeth thee suckle my ———-
Poor angel :joy:


ummm… phrasing? :slight_smile:


i did it in anger because he didnt want to show up. in my language thats an insult you say to people.


Oh, now that makes sense.


In my native language a lot of insults involve dick, pussy and someones mother :slight_smile: