Working with Naamah

  1. How do I work with Naamah ?
  2. What spells can I cast ?
  3. Which book or course or magician from BALG can help with a consultation on this ?

Thank you in advance

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I don’t know anything about Namaah specifically, but we have a huge collective tutorial to get you started in magick.

My advice, if you want it, is that because doing magick work attracts the attention of astral entities that you might not really want to interact with, to first work on understanding how to keep your magickal space clean ad clear of unexpected influences, and make sure your entity connections are not interfered with, such as, by having a negative entities pretend to be the one you wanted.

This is called “having good spiritual hygiene” on this forum.

Regarding courses, if you’re starting from scratch I think the Mastering Divination and Clairvoyance, or Robert Bruce’s Mastering Kundalini and Energy Work is ideal for a foundational training experience. I say this because the one thing you need to most to progress is accurate information. Having good astral senses along with research will help you get that. You will be able to feel what info is real and what is not good for you.

As far as mages go, you can’t go wrong with E.A., he has decades or research and experience in multiple disciplines, he really wants people to empower themselves and will have answers tailored to your situation.

Thank you. I have already purchased the clairvoyance course.

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