"If I Could Pass This On To My Younger Self" - Magick Tips & Things

Another reply made me wonder what I would tell myself in the past, if I could, about things as a practicing magician:

  1. buy fewer crystals and only go for the big pieces - first thing that comes to mind. I’ve owned a lot of £1 - £3 tumbled stones but it’s the fist-sized (and upwards) pieces of crystal which I find myself wanting to use for serious work, because they have more presence (even just as a psychological prop)

  2. never throw any magickal tools away - you never know when that weird item is exactly what you need. But store them as compact as possible and out of the way, have a designated place for things like that

  3. when stuck, go learn a new method that has no bearing on what you’re doing - tried this twice, only just realised it helped both times (wasn’t a deliberate strategy then, will become one now perhaps)

  4. keep an alphabetical list of every spirit you meet who’s not from one of the grimoires, you’re probably meeting them for some reason later down life’s path.

Anyone else want to contribute? :smiley:


Work on Clairs before trying to project


Ha il try it from my limited wisdom

  1. Be aware of the signs that are coming on your path and don’t ignore , be mindful of coincidences .

2.Don’t try to force things usually you will fail

3.dont daydream when you are driving a motorcycle at 3 in the morning :sunrise::))


Some of my greatest gains came from my scariest leaps. Do the hard, difficult, uncomfortable things. Those are the areas you need the most growth in. And once you’ve done it, do it all over again.


Write everything down, no matter how strange or insignificant it might seem at the time. A month or even a year later you might have a “holy shit” moment where patterns will emerge or the pieces will suddenly fit.


Start with the boring stuff, clear all my blockages and limiting beliefs.


“Yes, you’re doing it right. Stop second guessing.”


Don’t discount spirits because of their reputation


“Magick is real”.


Take your astral senses seriously and train them. It makes everything so much more fulfilling.


It wouldn’t work. This is exactly how it would go down for me.


“Start NOW and don’t tell anyone. Not one single person. For fucks sake, kid, I mean it.”
“Dreamwork is your weapon and not just something that bothers you when you’re trying to sleep. Stop being afraid and use it.”
“You’ve got this. Out of all things in the world you’ve got this.”
“Commitment is key.”
“Remember how you’ve wanted to be a fortune teller in elementary school? Here, take these cards. Practice on yourself.”
“That thing in your bedroom is probably real, but you can send it to sleep if you want to.”
“Shielding, shielding, shielding. Don’t shy away from nasty surprises.”


Pick one practice until you master it, stop grasshopping.

There are no special practices. There is only the practice itself. Keep training.

Leave your expectations off the door. Magick has a plan for you.


@ young Veil:

You have known for years that there’s more to life than what you see. Don’t just acknowledge that this current underpins everything; commit to finding a way you can actually apply it in practice for tangible results (instead of just being a smug peacock about how “everything just seems to work itself out for you” whenever you happen to think about it).

Structured, hierarchical, ceremonial magic and all its rules and trappings are not for you.

In line with the above, you DON’T need to perform the LBRP daily for a year before even attempting anything slightly more advanced. Stop taking the word of anyone else as gospel. You are the operant power.

Anything that interests you should be plumbed to its utmost depths. Do research and go looking for information, instead of just waiting to passively stumble across some helpful book or website. Lean the fuck in.

Read some fucking Neville Goddard. Remember that time you were about 17 years old, taking the train into the city with your friend; and a stranger, before disembarking, clapped his hand on your shoulder and said he’d overheard your conversation. And he handed you a note, one he’d handwritten, which said: “With God, all things are possible”. Girl, as soon as he got off the train, you rolled your eyes and laughed about it with your friend, and you scrunched the note up and threw it away. And now you’re 29 years old and realising the note wasn’t for you as you were then, it was for who you are now. You mightn’t bitterly regret throwing it away, but you will think of it often – more often than you’d think – and wish that you’d kept it.

Also, stop playing with Ouija boards. :roll_eyes:




This is awesome. Great idea for a thread.


“Quit Mainstream music, it slows down your practice and also influences your subconscious in horrible ways.”

  • Remember to take physical actions as well. Magick can lead you to water but it cant force you to drink(unless you did magick for that as well).
    Im salty about that time I did money magick for dad and he got a free rotisserie chicken with no harm done to all but returned it as it was “unethical”.
    Or that time I didn’t study because I was trying to remember how to do all the steps for the LBRP
    -Theory in magick is actually important and worth considering, especially when you want to compound spells or make your own.

-Youtube was trash for learning magick except for LOA and some basic wiccan practises, honestly just stick to books and not the owrds of some brat with a youtube channel barely older than you.

Qigong, yoga, and other energy work really helps magick go a long way.

Dont force yourself to do ceremonial magick, its all about intent, no need to strain yourself and honestly chaos magick or GoM books work just as good

  • the grimoires are more of a set of guidelines than actual laws. You are figuring things out, much like the authors of those grimoires were doing at the time. Experiment and see how it goes.

  • It is okay to admit you do not know what you are doing at times. There will be moments were you just have to roll with the punches and hope for the best.

-If you are going to have an altar in a place where others will see it, don’t keep things you actually use on it. Store them away until ritual, as it will keep them cleaner.

-Use what you have already available.

-Trust your gut

-Be sure what you decide to do are things you would be able to accept if you were to lay in your grave today. Not just magical advice but for life in general.

-Watch the dosage when ingesting herbs. Too much yarrow and vervain is not fun.


Stop trying so hard to find the answer to your question. Ask yourself the question and wait for the answer.

It doesn’t matter how convincing their story is. Trust your gut.

You have a lot more to offer than you think.