Unofficial Tutorials: Love and Sex Collection

Seeing @Bluechem’s excellent post today reminded me that there are common questions that have had some great answers, that will get asked again.

This thread collects our favourite tutorials and tips seen over the years. Please feel free to add your finds or advice to the list. Then link this thread when it can help someone out with a question.

Goetic Entities for Love, obsession and break up work:


Ex gf and bff friend-zoned me - a tough love thread.

And, all the “get my ex back” threads - you’re not alone here, advice is mixed, depends on the situation:


Woah i feel honoured :open_mouth:

I would like to add something to the ideas i wrote there (this comes only from my own perception of relationships).

In general I’ve seen that the common approximation to love works it’s like: i will make this person loving my, and somehow magically named targen will be with me. And that might work in some cases but it probably won’t if you haven’t development a relationship in some way with that person or that was broken, because yeah, that person can get interested in you but maybe will never talk to you.

So a good idea could be also work in a friendship development, so you could interact with the person and lately get a relationship with her/him.
In that case there’s some demons that can help:

  • Belial: friend reconciliation which could help with exes.

  • Botis: he’s said to turn enemies to friends which could also help with exes situations

  • Gusion: can make someone to be your friend or reconcile an old friendship.

  • Barbatos: creates a friendship.

Again, this approximation to love works it’s solely based on my vision about romantic relationships, because i feel that an important part of being with someone in a romantic way, it’s firstly constructing a relationship with them (or reconstruct it in the case of an ex).


An example of a love layered spell

An easy sigil work

Literally a thread about getting someone back

Useful advice


Comparison of the energies of different entities that are often called for love/sex workings…

what’s the difference in how Sitri, Sallos, Dantalion, Zepar, Lilith, Gremory, ect work or reach their goals?

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