If you can hear from Lucifer and his legion

I won’t break the forum rules by saying one of the reasons *why I’m looking for this particular information (I was already corrected by a mod). I also need it for personal study and practice, so I do hope that I came to the right place.

Forbidden knowledge that I’m seeking:
How to summon each demon with respect and facts about them. Also, if anyone hears directly from Lucifer and his legion I’m very interested in knowing exactly what they say in quotations.

How to practice witchcraft with exact instructions for each spell

How to meditate and instructions for each meditation. Include instructions on how to astral project

Facts about various forms of divination and how to practice it - including astrology

Thanks! Please help me by providing as much as you can for free. I don’t know much about these subjects unfortunately. I’m especially interested in info that you picked up from personal experience…

I’s not forbidden, and there’s no reason for for member to write you a book when there’s literally thousands out there that tell you exactly this. Although we already did if you check out the START HERE tutorials thread.

We can’t do your learning for you, and there’s a lot of it so you need to do your research, study up and get your basics down. Be prepared to go slow: there’s a lot of it. I suggest you don’t go summoning just anything willy nilly without your spiritual hygiene in place, that way lies madness.