Tattoo Symbol identification request [Identified: Necronomicon]

Anybody can make sense of this?

It’s the symbol from the cover of the Necronomicon by Simon:

Moved to General as this is not a meme, it’s more like fan art, but I would suspect it’s being used magickally as part of this person’s practice. It’s not uncommon for mages to use sigils and things as tattoos, I have three myself. :smiley:

Thinking about it: if you try the search on “sigil tattoo” you’d see a bunch more examples. I think we also have a “post your magickal tat” thread somewhere.

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Ah yeah, we should put the ‘fun’ threads in a separate subforum maybe? And sticky the more popular ones like thanking the spirits, meaning of a symbol/tattoo? A different forum I frequented was organized like this and good to navigate. I don’t want to clog up the forum with threads like this as you can see how ‘unimportant’ it was. Here everything just gets ‘pushed down’ :(

It looked like a mess to me because I didn’t recognize the scribbles around the pentagram as a part of it

Stickies on Discourse forums don’t stay at the top, there’s this pin icon you get, and once you read the post it gets automatically set upside down and you have to manually click it to repin it. This is partly why I created the “Collections” and linked them from the megathread here that is pinned but probably auto-unpinned for most people.

The other thing with stickies is that they become wallpaper and take up screen space while still being glossed over.

We have a post in there for things like that:

and I did say in there as well:

So if you want to link me a particular fun thread, we can add it to that and if nothing else it’s another way to find it.

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