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Welcome back @Infernus.Rofocalus :wave:t5:

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Hello)write me personal message pls.I can not message you first)

Hello. I am into occult for many years and now I am starting to try to develop my magical abilities. Until now I only practiced divination and tarot and numerology

Hello, My name is George, I am from Greece. I want to become a magician but I do not know English… Can you help me ?

Welcome @Deathspell

Where are you from?

How long have you practiced?

Welcome to the forum!

You might be better off looking for grimoires written in Greek. Some grimoires (γκριμόρες) were written in Greek originally. For example, the Kyranides.

Linked below is a huge thread that gives you one place to find all the tutorials and popular info for the forum:

Feel free to post to ask questions :slight_smile:

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I am from Israel. Seriously practiced during the last year. Not seriously for many years.

Hi eveyone. Ive been involved in the LHP longer than I knew what that designation meant. I have a long history with wicca (Hekate brought me in), and I’ve work with several aspects of ceremonial magic starting with the Golden Dawn system. I stepped away for awhile, entered the world mundane, then heard Azazel’s call. It’s like starting over in many ways. I have started back on my path after several personal setbacks. I am asking for help in restoring my business. I am a master life coach who is making a comeback, a black practitioner who is reaching out.

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Welcome @Klburns69

Where are you from?

How long have you actually practiced?

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Through what i outlined, roughly 20 some years. The largest portion of that was dedicated to Hecate. When I left, my choice was my wife. She passed last year, and that’s when I started to hear Azazel’s call. I am currently working through EA’s divination course and working with Belial.

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Originally Wisconsin, now through life Virginia.

Hello everyone,
My name is Stephanie. I’m 29 years old and i’m new to all of this. I stumbled upon the occultism just a couple of months ago. currently i am reading about Goetia demons and i’m trying to make contact with some of them, unsucessfully i might say.
I come to this forum for guidance and to find my path towards working with the occult world.
I started this journey with the purpose to regain my love back by manipulating him back to me.
If any of you can help me in my pursuit i am open to everything.
Thank you all in advance,


Welcome @Bubu

Where are you from ?

@ChaoticEvil , I’m from Romania.


Hello, my name is Saurabh kadam
And i am working with lilith for now.

My interest is now is to see lilith, don’t know maybe via lucid dream or astral projection.

I am beginners in magic field.
Mostly dark and white arts.

My hobby is to work with power ful entities. Hope it will be fulfilled.
I don’t have much success while working with lilith. So i joined forum to get knowledge about her.

I am boy 22age .

Nature- depressed, lusty, wanting happiness but when it comes i dont appreciate it.
Thought- nothing just wanted knowledge on lilith now

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Hello everyone, my name is Nikita and I’m from Russia. I have a fairly modest experience in magic, for half a year I was mainly engaged in lucid dreams, and once I called a succubus (through Lilith). Now I am actively working on the chakras and their pumping. I am a fairly quiet and calm person.


@lepidatura Please introduce yourself properly.

Warm Greetings to everyone from Greece! To my surprise there are a couple of Greek members here. I am so glad to see fellow countrymen (and countywomen that is of course :wink:) in such a forum. Hope to be able to connect more.

I am a physicist by profession and I also teach Information technology. Professionally speaking I am also into the digital marketing and web development sector.
I also hold a degree in psychotherapy and comparative religions. I have studied neuroscience and naturopathic medicine too (yes I know - I do read a lot). By the way if you need anyone to deconstruct your ideas of free will then I am your guy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smile:

I have been studying magic(k) for many years now. I am saying studying only and not practicing because for some unknown (?) reason magic never really worked ( ? ) for me (never worked with demons though - I did workings with the GD system as well as chaos rituals, e.g. sigil magick). I consider myself a rather insensitive individual magically speaking. I do not seem to have any (obvious ?) clairvoyant abilities and I do have problems sensing magical energy. I never had any “supernatural” experiences or prophetic dreams too.

I had traveled around the world searching for teachers - I have even see Carlos Casteneda himself a long time ago - but never really found what I was looking for.

Despite all the above, I have been initiated into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (a version that existed at the time of course…) in the states many years ago, I was also initiated into the OTO in UK and in other Lodges as well. I have a huge magical library, I was practicing martial arts in the past, qi gong and other taoistic systems and recently I was initiated into Tibetan Buddhism, Nyingma tradition.

Obviously (since I am here) something is still drawing me towards magick despite my apparent insensitivity. Maybe here I can experience some breakthroughs.

I am single and my main “obstacle” in my entire life has been in the area of romantic relationships - I did have my fair share of them but I never seemed to have exactly what I wanted. There seems to be an really strange unlucky string running through this sector of my life - in contrast with other sectors where I consider myself to be on the relatively lucky side. I would like to change that!

I welcome any help from any members enthusiastically! I am also here to help in any way I can.

I can’t wait to interact, learn and share.

May you all be safe, successful and happy

Kind Regards

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Welcome @angeleye

Approximately, how long is that?

Thank you @DarkestKnight . I am glad to be here.

Almost 25 years! (if we count Colin Wilson’s “The Occult” as the start :wink:

BTW your ideas and comments on my story would be greatly welcomed - especially coming from someone with your (apparent) experience.

P.S: I am planning to write a small thesis in here about how I think magick works after all my studies

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