Magick to induce remote orgasms

Heya guys I’m curious if there’s any magick to induce remote orgasms in someone else or if it’s even possible; I should say that I’m looking to do this totally consensually and I’m thinking in terms of enhancing and improving sex.


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We have posts on here from @dagar offering them, but he never said how. The author Robert Bruce also talks about it in his work, however Robert Bruce also mentions eye contact as important, which is then not remote.

I’ve had one person attempt this over the astral and it didn’t work. :woman_shrugging:

But you can connect over the astral and influence their energy system to an extent, by simply imagining pleasuring them, so it may be a matter of magnitude and how much energy you can raise in one go.


Is it possible to create a servitor or some such for such a task, or is this not recommended?

Yes, it’s possible. You would start by learning how to manipulate chi, first via touch, then with your hand slightly above the person’s body, then you would work on slowly increasing the distance until you can stimulate them from across the room. Then you can work on doing so when they are at their home and you are at yours. Eventually, you would be able to link to them mentally and stimulate them from anywhere.


The main reason for this is i never really trained in it, i just thought about manipulating a generic “energy” and having that envelope whoever i was working on and cause arousal. It was very intuitive and hard to “teach” in any meaningful way since i didn’t really even have a system. To be completely honest the only reason I even believe it worked is because enough people said they felt something. I also had several people who felt nothing.

I can say what i did but i can’t guarantee any success


This sounds similar to what i did. One of the reasons i stopped is because The more I learned about the occult the more dangerous. I realized it was to mess around with people without having a good knowledge base.


Oh wow, haha I didn’t mean to evoke you but thanks for dropping in and letting us know! :smiley:


:joy: nw lol, just been going through some changes in life. Becoming closer to who i want to be and all :relieved: