Tarot Reading Activation

What’s the best way to ‘tune in’ so that your tarot readings are accurate?

I usually just enter a light, or sometimes medium trance while strongly visualizing the event/person before asking the cards the question. Then I picture it being super imposed onto the card, and when my focus starts to fade a lot… thats when I know to stop shuffling.

You can also do candle meditations beforehand to help strengthen your psychic senses

Learn the system and the correspondences of the cards and find a deck that speaks to you.

Start simple and learn to be perfectly consistent with the meaning of each card

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSyp65n9AZk]- YouTube

This is the most powerful chant I have ever had to graces to be turned ON to.

I recommend have them read to you at completely random, surprise times, after an inquiry has been made, by yourself, to have some pulld. my associate has surprised me during a purchase of cigarettes.

Tarot works by intuition, so take time every day to gaze into each card. Study the images and notices what pops out to you. Eventually, their meanings will become clear.
The ‘way’ I read cards is that I take the deck and put it on the table. Then I cup my hands around it and say "(Name of spirit) (kind of spread; 3 card, Celtic cross, etc.) (Question)?"
Ie "Saint Cyprian, 3 card spread, how does nn feel about me?"
Then I repeat with my right palm on the top of the deck and my left on top if that. Then again asa I start shuffling. I’ll repeat the question over and over in ny head and/or visualize the targets of my reading. Continuing the feeling example, I would visualize the person. Then, when you feel the cards are “heavy” (that’s how I feel when I need to stop), lay them out in the spread

I basically followed the advice of E.A. in the Mastering Divination course by going through each card all at once but I also did a type of min-pathworking with each card; projecting myself into the card and interacting with the characters, associations, meanings and also any correspondence to things astrological, plant, animal, etc.

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Now that’s something I haven’t done. But it seems like an extremely helpful and fascinating experience.
Did each card actually have its own “spirit” so to speak? Would you say that they are separate entities or just a personification of a card’s feel?
It’d be a cool experiment to project into a card from one deck, then project into the same card of a different style (say Rider Waite Devil v.s. Tyson Necronomicon “Cthulhu/Devil”).

Having evoked several entities and looked through a couple of books there is a lot of correspondences you build off of. I think Crowley had some stuff on tarot correspondences to certain spirits. There’s also some correspondences with the tarot and the Kabbalah

Here is a method I liked to use to ‘map’ tarot cards to various parts of the body. I think this has been talked about in some books before but I don’t recall so I’ll rehash here.

Check out this classic elemental pentagram:

Now we can imagine somebody facing us laying in that pentagram and a tarot configuration could be understood as thus:

Minor Arcana:
Wands/Fire: going down the left leg starting from Ace at the hip to the King at the sole of the foot .
Pentacles/Earth: Same thing from Ace to King.
Cups/Water: Left arm with the Ace at the shoulder to the King at the palm of the hand.
Swords/Air: Right arm and from the shoulder Ace to the King at the palm.

Major Arcana:

This one differs for people but usually you can go my number starting with 0 - The Fool start at your root chakra and going up to the top of your head ending with 21 - The World ending at the top of your head.

I like to associate the cards with those specific areas of the body and imagine myself in mediations going into that specific area to interact with the card and the imagined deity/demon/archetype that inhabits the card. For me this also adds to the mnemonic devices that I can use to memorize a card because now there’s a body part that goes along with it.

What is neat about this is that after I have internalized this tarot system with the body is that I can talk to somebody and if they have a question that could be answered by turning over a tarot card I will feel an odd sensation in a specific body part or more than one body part. If I focus on that part or those parts the associated tarot cards start flashing in my mind and I can read off the meanings from those cards that is relevant to the situation.

I can talk more about this depth if elsewhere if you’d like, but that’s just the quick and dirty version. As an example of what I was talking about earlier on various outside beings associated with the tarot, check out this pamphlet concerning an interpretation of Dagon. Dagon here is argued to be associated with with the The Hermit. Various deities, demons, angels, etc can be associated with the various cards and can be worked through in that way, but do what feels right for you and do what research you can into what has been associated before.

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This sounds really cool - do you have any notes you can share?

I’ve been wanting to do something to try and assist my own Tarot skills, this just might be it - thanks for the inspiration! :slight_smile:

I don’t remember having a journal at the time I did this but I can try to sum up my experiences with the tarot deck working sometime. I’ll work on putting that together.