Servitor Creation Engine

It is a servitor engine. The principle behind its operation is “something from nothing”, and by that, I mean this engine gathers the energies needed with just your intent, specific functions, and instructions to carry out your will to create a functioning consciousness. It generates the new servitor intelligence.

First, you must the following prepared in advance:

  • A Statement of intent:
  • The name of your servitor:
  • A paragraph or a point by point description of what you want your servitor to do:
  • A personal drawing of your servitor which should be as complex as you can make it:
  • A point by point description of your servitor special powers or capabilities which should be apparent in your drawing (no one else should be seeing this drawing so don’t worry about trying to make it perfect, you just want a good description of the creature that you are trying to create):
  • Command/Task:

Once you have the above defined clearly in your mind:

Choose the name, visualize the exact form, attributes, and function you want your servitor to have then concentrate and go into a gnosis trance staring at the sigil below (Go into ‘TGS’ Theta-Gamma Sync). Keep in mind your will, intent and specific function of the servitor while you are staring at the sigil.

When the sigil starts flashing, it will start to glow and a flame will burn from within it. See the smoke rising and forming into the image and body of the entity that you are creating. This is called “Structuring” in other threads of the forum.

Once you are satisfied that your servitor is solid and complete, then breathe into your servitor giving it the “breath of life”. Call its name three times and give it its task.

Based on a previous thread:

A gift to the BALG forum. Happy Winter Solstice!

@Micah, anything to add? or clarify?


Yes, E.A.'s “Triangle of Manifestation” from “Kingdom of Flames” provided the underlying structure, but I had this idea for a long time.


Interesting idea.

If I am understanding your description correctly, you go through all the usual steps, and then the sigil simply replaces the part of the procedure where you are supposed to energize the visualized form of the servitor via something like EA’s Invocation of Omnipotence or the Galley of Magick’s Light from Darkness.



Yes. Exactly.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Just checking up.

Has anyone had success?

Please post your updates here.



I plan to use it, but I have a question … When in TGS can I just focus on the name or you sigil of the servitor?

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You can focus on either one, as long as you keep the intent in mind.


Has anyone had success with this?
I’m having strange sensations every time I use this sigil.

Is it working as I intended or are other steps that need to be taken?

Please post your updates, issues, suggestions here.


P.S. @Micah, did you test this out? Does it work?


Here are two new versions of the sigil:


I like it! Have to try it :grinning: are there any special incantations to it?


No special incantations. Just the instructions above.

You can make up an incantation or recommend one that can be used for it. If so, would you mind sharing it here?


If I want a servitor to look exactly like a fictional character, couldn’t I just print an image out of that character?

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If it helps you to visualize the character, good. You should try to visualize the character in 3-dimensional (3-D) form. Interact with it in your imagination, in real time if possible. This will help bring your intent, will, and emotions together which will help fuel the creation of the servitor.


I’ve been meaning to create a manipulation servitor using a condensed version of the Damon Brand method (I don’t have the book, but I watched Joe “Psycho Sorcerer’s” explanation of it and that’s how I plan to do it. It mentions nothing about TGS (which I don’t think I could reach if it meant the firing squad, meditation is pretty much impossible, so TGS? I think it’s above my rank and pay grade). His description is so simple, the main keys being visualization/focus/intent/“mission”/gestation/birthing/ set to task (after you’ve made your couple of paragraphs that include description,intent/living purpose, what it can do and how, how it’s fed, how to call it, etc… like you’re creating an RPG character. They are said to be able to do about anything for you. You make it’s sigil after naming, spend a certain amount of time with gestating it, birth it, tell it basically what you described it as "your name is******, your purpose is******, you can do this by******, etc… It says nothing about TGS (nor do any methods I’e read, and they are many), which leads me to believe there is way more than 1 way to successfully do it, and enough people who sound like they know what they’re talking about say it works, or I’d call bullshit. It also mentions nothing about drawing it on paper, just visualization. Anyone done this Damon Brand/Psycho Sorcerer method and have it work? If I have already asked a daemon to do the same thing, would it piss the daemon of, would the daemon work with it, strengthen it, or what? There are so many contradictory things on magick (even way,way before the internet existed) that I’ve always had a skeptical view, tho obviously I believe in magick, or aspects of it, that I know there is something to it or I wouldn’t be here. Anyone had the condensed Damon Brand method work, and if so, can you PM me (or write it here, both are fine)? I want this to work, I need it it to work. I just don’t want to wait on something that never comes.


I have used the Damon Brand method outlined in his book to successfully create a temple guardian for someone. When I visited them astrally, I saw the servitor at work.

However, there are many ways of creating a servitor, and the method in Brand’s book is pretty basic, and something you can find described on most Chaos Magick websites. Donald Michael Craig, in his book Modern Magick, has a method for creating what he calls artificial elementals, which are basically servitors made by pore breathing the energy of the elements and condensing it into form.

The process of servitor creation can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it.


Can this be used to create any kind of servitor?

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I believe so, yes, but @CyberLord would know best.



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Through my study and understanding of the principles of servitor creation, I have tried to facilitate a way of “streamlining” a way to create servitors. Now, most people have given me nothing but positive comments about my Servitor Creation Engine (SCE).

Still others have many questions which can be answered by reading the instructions and comments above. And, also by searching the BALG forum for topics about sigils, servitors, egregores, elementals, tulpas, thoughtforms, visualization and structuring.

I, and many others have recommended links to books about creating servitors throughout this forum. So to be blunt, if a person is to lazy to do their own research, just a little bit of reading and practice, most of it very easy and intuitive IMHO. Then, they don’t need to be creating servitors at all!

At least I tried to come up with a method, a solution. Others are welcome to do the same. Isn’t that what BALG is about!

Peace and Blessings.