Lucifer all you need to know if you want to start working with him



I have written this for many reasons the main reason is because a lot of people, on the forum say they want to work with lucifer but find it difficult, second is because a lot of new comers are attracted to working with him so this is a thread, which will help those a lot.

Lucifers enn - ’ Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa icar Lucifer '.

Lucifers masks - Lucifer has many forms and masks to enter all traditions around the world these are his 11 gnostic forms that were pieced together by Asenath Mason and Bill Duvendack.

  • Prometheus - Titan in Greek mythology who stole the fire of the gods

  • Melek Taus - The peacock angel of yizidi mythology

  • Attar - Ancient Semitic Antelope God of war, the son of the dawn

  • Shemyaza - The serpent angel, a watcher in the jewish and christian mythology

  • Samael - The prince of darkness, venom of god, The destroyer from the hebrew mythology

  • Lucifuge Rofocale - The lord of the night, sometimes referred to as lucifers dark twin, they are both the same and separate i know its complex.

  • Pan - Greek God of Nature, the forest, sexuality, the horned one from greek mythology.

  • Lugh - The invincible sun god of irish mythology, known as the shining one.

  • Azazel - found in the book of enoch and many grimoires, azazel is a demonic gatekeeper in the book of enoch he was a fallen angel, a part of the fallen watchers.

  • Janus - The god with two faces the god of time, duality, beginnings, endings, past, future, gateways found in the roman mythology.

  • Shiva - The ancient god of destruction but also of transformation a god found in the Hindu mythology.

Cardinal direction - The East

Lucifer’s favorite Incense - Dragons blood, Cinnamon, Frankincense

Candle Color associated with Lucifer - White, Black, Red, Orange

Lucifer’s favorite offerings - Red wine, Blood, Semen, Chocolate, Poem, Rose, Oranges, Tobacco, Rum and Your time.

Elements associated with Lucifer - His main element is air, but he is also a being of fire so fire is one of his elements to but air is most common.

Lucifer’s Sigil -

A Powerful invocation of Lucifer - many people here including myself have had amazing results with this.

Litany Of Lucifer - This can be used as a rite of dedication, to change the atmosphere of the room to the luciferian energy, also can be used to summon lucifer to a great level of manifestation.

Some Herbs connected with Lucifer - Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Lavender, Myrrh.

Planetary Forces associated with Lucifer - Venus and The Sun.

Some Crystals and Gems associated with Lucifer - Ammonite Fossil, Clear Quartz, Carnelian, Amethyst, Garnet, Black Onyx.

Most common manifestations lucifer takes - Hooded dark figure, A Dark fallen angels, A Bright light Angel, A Jester, A handsome man, A infernal horned demon, A red robe with a goat skull, a serpent, a dragon etc.

Misconception of Lucifer - I have summoned both, they are not the same being, they actually don’t work well together and are in different realms they are totally separate, the notion that they are the same being is JCI influence, Satan was used to demonize countless of gods from all cultures.

In closing - This should benefit you i hope, this is a help i wish i had the opportunity to have all this in one post but instead it took, research, years of experience and me working with lucifer for many years.


Conner Kendall.

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thanks for your awesome thread, i really appreciate it


This is awesome ty. I have evoked him a few times successfully but hit a roadblock invoking him. This helps tremendously ty!


That’s pretty much the exact list I would have made C. Great work! Hail the Light Bringer!


hey, I need to trace some magic circle? and then, to finish an evocation, what to do with secrecy? sorry for my ignorance.


what to do with sigil* troll keyborad here(hey, I need to trace some magic circle? and then, to finish an evocation, what to do with sigil? sorry for my ignorance)


What’s your actual question ?.


what I do with the sigil after the evocation, destroy or something?


If you are gonna develop a relationship or bond with that spirit then keep the sigil because each time you use it, it’ll become more potent or destroy it in fire for manifesting a goal / desire.


Okay, thank you, I’ll keep haha.


What is his specific specialty ? I know he can do anything but what is his specialty . For example, King Paimon’s specialty is mind manipulation but he can do a lot more .


He literally teaches magick in general he taught me how to harness the powers of Darkness, Light and Infernal Fire.


“Shemyaza - The serpent angel, a watcher in the jewish and christianmythology”
I’m glad I read this. Now this explains the snake I saw watching me.
“Janus - The god with two faces the god of time, duality, beginnings, endings, past, future, gateways found in the roman mythology.” I’ve also seen this, and before now, I didn’t understand what it was. It actually made me do a banishment of spirits I never invited. It’s image however didn’t go away. I guess that’s because I’d invited it. I’m looking fwd to learning more on here. Oh my goodness I should have read this thread a long time ago. I realize now I’ve been seeing him all along. “Most common manifestations lucifer takes - Hooded dark figure, A Dark fallen angels, A Bright light Angel, A Jester, A handsome man, A infernal horned demon, A red robe with a goat skull, a serpent, a dragon etc.” I’ve seen the hooded dark figure, the handsome man and a serpent. Mostly serpents and reptiles such as the crocodile.


thank you


Your welcome


Lucifer and azazel are the same?


that’s freaky lol.

So I just set up a mini alter for Lord Lucifer.

I look after my grandmother so i live with her.
So a Mini alter is what I could manage.
I normally do this in my grandfather’s old work garage but I wanted to do it inside as I wanted to invite Lucifer into my home as a guest and friend.

I lit all candles and sat im the darkness.

gazed at his sigil and it activated quickly. in fact the whole sigil disappeared to leave just the parchment paper. never seen that before.

I asked if he was there, although could not feel anything. or I was trying to hard.

I spoke to him as if he was there. and i said he knew the reason why I was calling him and that if he can fulfill my request or help then i would continue working on this path and asked if he could help me accend and who to call.

I asked him to enter my body to enjoy the glass of wine I poured for him (red wine) then asked if he would stay with me while I went outside to smoke a cigarette so he could enjoy with me. i blew out the four little candles and left the red one (dont know why) funny enough I kind of went and smoked in a trance.

because it’s dark outside I for some reason went to various windows to see if i could scry to him but couldn’t as to many distractions.

I went back in and the sigil was still flashing.

I thanked him for coming and blew the red candle out but staying to breathe in the smoke from it.

I’m still a bit light footed atm (litterly) im either light from the glass of wine or from ritual lol

any thoughts on this???


well I am full of energy … or pissed not sure.

one glass cant make me pissed usually.

I’m going gym


Great man glad I could help you Lucifer’s sigil does normally disappear completely for me too.

I suggest performing his Litany as an act of dedication this will also fuel his manifestation.


I tried but need to memories it as it took me out of focus.
I’m gonna do it again tomorrow

do you think he was there?