Astral Projection (Let's sum everything up)

So, there are many topics about astral projection, however, there is a lot of chaos about all the info you can find in there.
I decided to make this post, because I want to learn about astral projection, without having to search many topics, that have small portions of the big picture.
Instead, I create this post, in order to make the whole big picture fit in here, so that me and everyone else interested, can just…learn.

Well, before I start the topic officially, I need to state some RULES, to avoid the upcoming ragnarok…I mean chaos, that is to come:

  1. No soul travel stuff (For soul travelling, you can find other topics. I already know how to soul travel and it’s amazing, however, this is an astral projection topic. Stay to that!).
  2. No trolling (Let’s not make this unreadable guys XD).
  3. When I’m saying “fastest astral projection method”, I don’t mean death, let’s not bring that up.

So, let’s get to it!

I really want to astral project for reasons and I’m sure most people want too. Astral projection is a really hard technique and that’s why many people try to avoid it. I’ve been studying this technique for quite some time and I know about it.

First of all, there should be no fear! I can make a post about the fears of astral projection as well as Q&A and stuff. If you wish that, just PM me. Please don’t worry about it. Anything you believe can happen that will kill you, make you get lost or anything like that…it won’t happen! It doesn’t work that way!

The hardest part and the reason I made this topic, is for methods to get out of your body. It’s the part that I have problem with (me and everyone else, I guess).

As you probably already know, the “rope technique”, “being in another part of the room technique”, and the “tsuki no me technique” and any other technique, that Madara failed to do against Naruto and Sasuke…are completely useless. Unless you already are ready to astral project or have done this before.
I also tried some words of power, but I got no results at all!

So, I ask of thee, oh great community, that is called BALG. Give me thou knowledge and guide my spirit to salvation!
In other words, share good ways (that work), in order to get out of the body, for an astral projection experience.


That’s the main premisis of astral projecting. In contrast to astral traveling, when the astral body is leaving the physical body to travel to the astral plane, the astral body remains in the physical body and the environment of the astral plane appears before you.

What makes this harder to recognise is the skill of your astral senses. The best sense is, in my opinion, the ability to feel energies and spirits on a physical level, Clairsentience. And the more powerful that ability is, the easier it is to astral project.


@BeastCreature It’s not easier, but as I said, let’s not bring soul travel up. It’s an astral projection post. Info is getting lost in every thread, because instead of talking about astral projection, people are actually talking about soul travel instead. Of course, you’re free to do so…in a soul travel thread.

Also, you could ask a spirit to help you get out of your body, but even then, it’s kind of hard to stay out. The work is really hard, even if it’s worth the hard work!

@succupedia actually, with astral projecting the soul gets out of the body, but you have 100% control of it. You really leave the body behind. Soul travelling is easier because you don’t really have to get out of your body. You travel to other realms from the realm inside you, if that makes sense to you.

But I do agree that astral senses are the must have key in order to get out of your body. I believe my astral senses are good enough, though not perfect. I do have the support of spirits, but I have plenty of room for improvement!


So, if I take a smoke under the kitchen fan and I suddenly feel the air around me thickens and my spirits are dressing me up with formal clothings, jewelries and a crown on my head, I’m astral projecting by leaving my body being fully conscious and awake? And there’s hundreds of hands touching me with sparkles close to my ears, like it’s potpurri explosions or applauds. Or when I go to sleep and one of my spirits are carrying me, while walking on circular steps, I’m also astral projecting, right? Remember that I’m fully conscious and awake during these sessions. I have always considered these experiences an astral projection. My head chakra and crown chakra are fully opened, and it’s been open for close to a decade.


Astral projection, is when you leave your body. Your body is like sleeping and your soul is out, but you’re fully conscious and you can remember everything once you go back. It’s not dreaming.

Also, having your chakras opened up, can be super helpful!


So, I spoke with King Paimon (or actually, he came to me). He said that the key to astral projection, is to completely open your chakra and thus your astral senses. When everything is completely ready, then it’ll be really easy to astral project.

I’ll listen to his advice and get to it! My astral sense are good to be able to hear and somewhat see the spirits, but I need some work, in order to fully open them!


I am also learning to Astral Project.
And I came across something.

  1. Best time to project is after having slept already i.e. in the morning.

  2. One needs to get enough sleep already in general. I have had sleep issues and I slept in the stage of hypnagogia. Getting enough sleep regularly is very important.

  3. Drink a cup of coffee before trying to project.
    In order to project body needs to sleep and mind needs to be awake. Drinking coffee helps to makes sure that mind is awake ( Im yet to try this on my own as I got this idea yesterday only).

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


I also want to open my astral senses seeing and hearing.

How are you going to open them?


I have also heard that it’s easier to astral project after you wake up from sleep. It’s something many people tend to say, so there must be some truth in that.
Also, what you said about drinking coffee, makes sense.

I agree that it’s at least a good time for the first few astral projections.

As for astral senses, I’m already really good. But to master them I was thinking about meditation (it’s the best way as far as I know). However, King Paimon said that I should unlock all of my chakras first, because that will do the trick. I mean, chakras are connected to astral senses after all.


I was hoping to get some exercises or methods to do the same.

How can I open my astral seeing and hearing?


YUP. in order to project physical body needs to be relaxed. As during the sleep we dont use it, it becomes relxed automatically. So when we try to project after getting up in the morning, we will have to take very little efforts in relaxing the physical body, as body is already relaxed after the sleep.


That’s true, it can help us greatly and we need all the help we can get!

As for your astral senses, as I said, meditation is a really good way or you can even ask a spirit to help you with that. Spirits have their own ways, so you should ask them what they believe it would be good for you.
Other than that, any good meditation would do.

Also, practice makes perfect. So, summoning spirits, or even soul travelling and of course, astral projecting can really help you. I’m sure there’re other ways, but I don’t know if they’re as good as these.

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Not many people can astral project when ever they want.
Quite often is a spontanious experience.
Intensive magical practise usually leads to astral projectons.
Remembering dreams can be step one.
Lucid dreaming can be step two.
General rule - there are no rules.
This is my experience.


I know, it’s really hard. It’s end game stuff, if you know what I mean. Remembering your dreams can be quite easy these days, for pretty much everyone, even normies.

However, lucid dreaming is somewhat random, at least for me. I don’t believe that you need to lucid dream in order to be able to astral project. But as I said, perhaps the chakras are the key to astral projection…I need to research that when I get some time!


People who are full of energy can do it easier. So, any energy and chakra workings can help.
But, I’ve had some even I was completly exhausted.


I know, even not successful tries can waste some energy. Chakra and energy works indeed help. But getting knowledge about chakra, must come first before any practice!


One think that helped me is to “rotate” around body axis for 360 degrees, not to slow. Also, to imagine to stand while I’m laying down.
But, intensive magical practise, powerful rituals, as daily practise works for me the most.


Of course, practice is the best way to improve!

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meditation is the only way to open astral senses,work on your chakras.

food for thought: work with lilith, she will help you opening them and do approach her with love.


Would there be helpful deities for each chakra, or one specific deity who would be good for all of them, ie Lilith?