Advanced Lucid dreaming

Alright so you can lucid dream on a consistent basis, Now what? This will be for you guys to list your experiments with lucid dreaming(with a specific focus on the mechanics if possible… if not, on the emotions, and thoughts prior to the experiment/experience and anything else that may have contributed), changes in Lucidity overtime, substances or herbal concoctions used for lucid dreaming(I’ve heard certain herbs can strengthen both the lucid experience and/or the perception of time making a normal 8 minute dream 30 minutes etc.)
for the sake of example, and to help some people who haven’t tried this yet, I’ll go first…

  1. Working with an entity
    the entity in question with me was Hecate. At this point I was doing devotional work with her on a daily basis(burning some incense and communicating with her), getting her help with divination, and doing daily banishing ritual using a setup that revolved around her(protection and reversal magick-beyond 101, Jason Miller). I asked for her help with a specific subject in my dreams and she would help. Such as…
    Once I asked her to reveal who I am as a person as some things that I was doing didn’t make sense, In the dream I was in a supermarket and I started talking to Two people side by side Both wearing the same clothes, with the same haircut, same eye color etc. the difference was one was female(in this dream representing emotion/empathy), she was the most talkative and spent most of the dream talking to her/flirting with her(maybe an allusion to being a bit self absorbed) she was tall and skinny where here companion was short and stout and I’m pretty sure was a man. He was quiet the entire dream, and he radiated Sadism and Rage. The Reason He looked just like her is when I am like this for anybody who has ever spent a long period of time without the ability to empathise with others will know, you learn how to fake it. What this dream was telling me was I was someone who essentially switches back and forth from a Sociopath(lack of guilt, empathy, and some Sadistic tendencies)with the emotional range of a goldfish, and someone who is Highly empathic with a high capacity for emotion… Why do I classify this as a Lucid dream, because the subject of the dream was Consciously directed.

  2. Repeated Lucid dreaming…
    I have noticed over time of having more and more lucid dreams, the level of control and lucidity in dreams even where I am not lucid has increased, I’m constantly where even if only unconsciously that I am dreaming, which has led to more control when I lucid dream.
    When I first started Lucid dreaming I took on the entertaining role of destroyer of worlds lol, this was automatic due to my more manic tendencies, and every attempt at lucid dreaming would lead to the same story, Running 60 mph, jumping 50 feet in the air, destroying buildings, extreme euphoria, etc. but when I would wake up I would be disappointed due to both my lack of control and the inability to due anything about it. then I noticed something, more and more my dreams took on that characteristic, the sense of speed and power, the general fulfillment it brought. while I still had nightmares, I had more control in them. this led to when I did start lucid dreaming again, I had more lucidity, more options for experimentation, etc. which seems to be leading to even more lucidity in normal dreams.

  3. Doors, windows, and mirrors oh my.
    About a month and a half ago I got the Idea while talking to my anima(and withing that conversation realizing I was dreaming) to look for a door, I have walked through them before and realized there effect in the dreamworld: to transport you to a new dream with new rules( excuse the terminology dreams for me are like video games) I couldn’t find one so what do I do? I shout door as loud as I can and in the corner of my eye I see a flash of light… I look over to the location and a door appeared where there was none before, I kept doing this observing the dream and heading to a new one. I think I did it around 7 times but for the life of me I only remember the first 3 dreams(perhaps doing this strains your shadow memory?) this has led to some interesting experiences in normal dreams such as jumping through a mirror in a dream turned nightmare to a new dream.

  1. TK Does not work.
    If it does I can’t seem to do it in lucid dreams… I have tried multiple times to telekinetically manipulate objects or people in dreams with little result… I have done it before, but only under a certain set of conditions which included the premonition of danger from an entity(not fear, but real danger) so maybe there is a way to do it consciously.

  2. Pulling Objects out of the Dream world
    Now this is something I am extremely interested in exploring further, but the only way I have been able to do it so far is waking up in the extremes of fear/panic. It’s happened twice.
    the first time- I was traveling around some post apocalyptic playground just fucking around checking out the scenery when I noticed a blue spider as large a fairly large small bird with a tarantula like body. as I observed it closer it jumped at me. In My dream I grabbed it, simultaneously waking up and throwing it into the real world. I watched it as it flew away, and slowly dissipated into smoke before hitting the ground.
    the second time- a woman was laying on a bed in some purple lingerie, beautiful by all meanings of the word, but I sensed danger from her. she invited me over but I smirked and said I’ll pass, somehow I knew the game she was playing. She went to get up and I pinned her to the bed with TK(the instance I mentioned earlier) she smiled. and somehow wound up above me bring down two blades I grabber her wrist, Simultaneously waking up and grabbing above me in the real world. By the time I woke up her arms had dissipated down to the wrist and as I was holding her the knives slowly went away.

  3. Bilocation within the end of dreams.
    Near the end of many dreams where I am lucid, I start to realize I am laying in bed, but I have learned to concentrate my effort on the dream, where I noticed it starting to become less real as I wake up and more real as I will my body back to sleep to keep dreaming. the dream often shortly ends after that, to be transported to another dream.

  4. Sex in dreams
    It doesn’t work for me… I have tactile awareness in dreams, but no sensation. what it leads to is the buildup of desire with no sensation and no release. just getting more and more horny and not able to do a damn thing about it. This has been a trend lately in my lucid dreams, which coincides with a decision to stop getting off, to direct my desire in productive ways(that is, until I get laid again). I assume this will pass as either I get used to it, or like my previous example, I start doing this on a regular basis so that when I do go lucid, I can try something else.

  5. astral projection…
    well you could argue that dreaming is astral projection, but I gave it a shot anyway… didn’t really work as I just wound projecting my consciousness from my dreaming body and being stuck in that particular dream.

  6. standing up to your fears.
    I had a dream where me and another person got the order from someone(I think it was a school?) to head to a location to pick up a package… we were in the middle in the goddamn woods. All of a sudden an monster that looked like a cross between the hellhound from hellboy, and somthing much much bigger(about 20 feet high and built like a 20 foot line backer) which was completely black bull dosed into the vehicle killing the other person I jumped out. all the while I was getting feedback from the thing, telling me I couldn’t run, I couldn’t fight, I was going to die. I was running, jumping and climbing the trees going from branch to branch when I started getting angry(at that point realizing I was dreaming) from the constant feedback. I ran to the edge of the woods to where the entity was standing, I shouted at it I wasn’t running anymore. That I didn’t care what happened I was done running… It started shrinking smaller and smaller down to a cockroach, and I stomped it. Waking up.

9.Receiving Data
In Two Lucid dreams I received messages at the end of the dreams. The first one to tell me to work on lucid dreaming, as it was A gateway, a source of knowledge, and something that will prove key to my success.(which I already knew due to my research, but this is when I started having success). the second one It was a stream of data in a language I couldn’t read(looked like japanese) as well as runes and numbers… but I can’t recall what it was talking about(another reason I want to take herbs to augment my dream recall.

  1. Melatonin
    Taking 35-50 mgs of melatonin I’ve read is supposed to cause a release of dmt in your sleep, causing extremely lucid dreams… I gave it a shot, but Found it extremely maladapted to the circumstances of my life at that point. The first one my dad(who I was living with at the time) wouldn’t go to sleep, pacing back and forth(a common trait in our family, it helps us think, due to some manic tendencies)… I kept winding up on the verge of sleep, in what I now understand as the theta/gamma sync reaching a door I couldn’t go past while awake, surrounded by shadows, telling me they were going to kill me, torture me, rape me etc. I just telling them to shut the fuck up so I could sleep… the weren’t scary so much as annoying . but to no avail I didn’t sleep that night.
    the second night I tried It I went right to sleep… I found myself in a temple(extremely vivid) facing two gold statues of I believe Horus and Set… but then my dog woke me up needing to go to the bathroom…

  2. Divination
    I was talking to my mother in the dream and doing a tarot card(or pseudo-tarot) reading… I pulled 3 cards the first one was just an ocean, the second was the same ocean with 3 bodies handing above it(jungian symbol normally shown by the 3 men on the cross) presumably being pulled out of the water, the Third card was Me in a white button up, black slacks and a brief case facing a tower… this was shortly before my current stage in life was reached.

future experiments
sleeping on psychedelics
Soul travel
Stream of Consciousness
going down to the Basement(metaphor)
Talking to my Daemon/HGA/Higher self
Reality manipulation
Dream Vampirism
Pulling Objects out of dreams Consciously
that’s all I can think of at the moment… Be sure to list as much detail as possible, anything that can help others dissect how they could reproduce it.
thanks and cheers


have u tried going into another’s dream??

Hmmmmmmm just saw this post now. Wonder why no one else responded?

Anyways, a great book on this subject that can take this practice to a whole other level is called Active Dreaming by Robert Balthazar(I’m not at his level yet)

My Experience w/lucid dreaming: a lot of it seems to happen when I refrain from sexual activity or use methods to direct it’s energy elsewhere in my body/chakra work.

TK is real for me as I’ve lifted things before in dreams as well as controlled elements like water and casted fireballs and other spells.

I’ve had lucid dreams after summoning Aphrodite and asking her to come into my dreams, as well as other Goetic daemons, Gods and Goddesses. Sometimes they told me or taught me things, like vampirism techniques, rising on the planes( I guess mentally)

I’ve had super strength, speed, jumping power, flight, 360 degree vision.

Sometimes I teach my friends or family things about the occult and alchemy in my dreams as well.


You can always go the Castaneda route and practice becoming a dreamer.

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