Easy Spirit Summoning Technique

I decided to make this technique, mostly for new memebers who need an easy way to summon spirits.

First of all, sit in a quiet place, in a comfortable position, wearing comfortable clothes and close your eyes. Make sure that nothing disturbs you. And then, relax your mind and your body (you can do that by using a meditation technique you can find on the forum, on the web, or by simply relaxing every part of your body, releasing all stress).

Then, with your eyes closed, think of the spirt’s name again and again and every time you do so, visualise that you draw it to you. Do that until the spirit comes to you.

Instead of its name, you could think of the spirit’s enn, but it’s your choice really.
Well, I don’t use any enns, sigils, tools, circles or anything. But there have been times, that I used a spirit’s sigil, as a gateway. I simply place my hands on the sigil, feeling the energy flow, while doing the technique I told you.

In that technique, you may feel different energies around you or stuff like that, which means that the spirit came to you. However, since you’re new to this, you may also feel nothing at all when it comes. So, the spirit could be there, but you wouldn’t know it. In that case, know that when summoned, most spirits always come. Just do that technique until you feel it’s enough!

If that technique doesn’t work (assuming that you did it correctly), it probably means that your astral senses aren’t opened enough yet. That could be a problem, but you should try doing that technique anyway, just to see what’s going on.

Advice: While doing the summoning, always listen to your thoughts, because the spirit will try to talk to you through them! And also, you will talk to the spirit through your thoughts!

I also suggest you to do a banishing ritual before the summoning. It can help you and the spirit…You can find some banishing ritual on the forum. Just use the “search” function.


Very good explained. Some persons need alchemy to get on the right Vibration and use incense, candles, body movements, flowers, images, intermediary spirits like Notus, Zephyrus, Eurius, Boreas and so on but magic should be natural and flowing.
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Thanks! I actually wanted to share something simple that gives great results.


Appreciate the effort!

What about circles, protection measures etc mentioned in Solomon’s magick?

I think I shall create a topic with all of this, so many questions I got.

New to all of this, thanks.


For some spirits (like Lucifer, King Paimon, etc), you don’t need any cirlce or protection, they’re super safe and they protect you by being there. So if anything bad comes along, they’ll take care of it.

There are some more advanced spirits, that you may need to have some protection or something to help yourself. In that case, you can use some simple cirlces for that. No need to use something super wierd that no one can understand. You should be making this easier for yourself, not harder XD.


You seem to be knowledgable about this, do you mind if I pm you or would it be better to write some of the questions here so new members can read and get some answers?

Best wishes from UK!

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Thanks! Please feel free to PM me.


Yes that’s true. Have recently begun contact with Belial, King Paimon expanding to Lucifer and i havent call Azazel but think about it. Made sigils with menstrual smear the other night because really feel peaceful with it. Evocation is new and enjoying the process. But if I start “trying” and think of things as being separate then all I get is a cramp. But remembering that as a being the cosmos is inside me and I’m inside it there is no separation. Deciding what’s real or not helps and sacrificing fear and then want to surrender. It feels blissful.
I think anyone can tap in once they understand the nature of reality… yep absolutely anyone. Ah so tired but still feel as though floating on water


Indeed, everything is everything. It may be hard to understand at first, but if you tap at one thing’s energy, you can actually feel the rest of the world’s energy, once you understand the meaning of these words.


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Great :+1:stuff I like it

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This has been a default of mine for quite some time. I’m glad to see others do this too! I prefer the feel of a full on ritual with candles and their sigil and what not but I do this often with Lucifer, Belial, and a few others.

They indeed do talk to you through your thoughts… It’s pretty amazing how this happens. I also see good omens all over the place through synchronicity after talking to them. Got a few today that felt great. Usually it has a lot to do with my relation to numbers and seeing them in the time or in media somewhere. Very specific orders. Sometimes a song will come on that’s significant to me or something else will line up that feels good and reminds me I’m on the right track.

My astral senses could definitely use an overhaul though I’ve had times where it’s very clear and I get a definite sense something is talking to me.

Another strange one is automatic writing/speaking. I’ve watched my hands type a page before and they seemed to speak on their own. One time I actually left myself a recording in a strange voice that lasted 20 minutes. What followed was such a rush of power it lead me to the LHP.

I’d love to see more newbie threads that go over fundamental skills. Fundamentals are the difference between average and elite and it would be nice to have some things even advanced practitioners can revisit and brush up on. One can always improve. I’m still doing ear training as a musician who’s been playing guitar for 16 years.


One weird trick ive found in terms of scrying that also works for seeing the spirit is to gaze not into but ‘past’ the mirror or applicable accessory as if trying to see what is sitting behind it and keep analytical mind occupied with that. Only issue is the spirit’s appearance fades when you focus on the mirror itself again, so it takes some practice im not sure why this works but im interested to see how other people fare with this.


Do you do this with out the going in to the TGS? or is that your meditation technique ?


It works with both.

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thanks. was thesis visual manifestation large or miner?

I would advise using a circle with all means just to protect against small trickster spirits and imposters. But, other than that attempting to subdue a Goetic spirit never really ends well for the exorcist or the spirit involved.