Basic Rune Tutorial


So I want to give a basic rundown of what I have found so far by working with the runes, for all those who are interested.

First my background with the runes:
Some of my first Spellcrafting was runic magic, well that and candle spells. I found a video on YouTube by a man named Kadrich Olsen who detailed a rune mantra that would help one overcome adversity and promote a flow of good energy.

I have only begun to look really deep into the runes in January of this year.

What I have learned:

The runes are a set of symbols that are the archetype of what they represent( that is the big secret of the runes…that will be $9,999). Isa is “ice” it is also “coldness” in both the emotional and temperature sense, it is “illusion” and “restriction” any thing that you can sit down and list that corresponds to “Ice”.

Runes can be used for divination, evocation, spellcraft, and soul traveling. Because of their special nature one can use the runes in a variety of ways. I have come to find that the runes are like 24 gateways that connect my inner states to external forces. Some of them act in a more mechanical sense as if they have no conscious mind, others are very animalistic.

Anyone can use and eventually master the runes. I heard a lot of rune workers claim that only those with “Germanic Blood” can work with the runes. I have found that this is not the case. Sure, maybe Germanic Blood gives one a deeper connection to this current, but no one is excluded from trying out the runes.

Great Books for if you want to immerse yourself in the runic current:
Taking Up the Runes by Dianna Paxton
Futhark: a Handbook to Runic Magic by Edred Thorsson
The Prose and Poetic Eddas: Like the Bible, but Germanic. It dives into the Germanic/Teutonic cosmology and is one of the only surviving manuscripts of its time.

More advanced books:
Uthark, the Nightside of the Runes by Karlsson (great book overall, however the Uthark configuration is highly debated and not readily accepted by most rune masters, I like the story and current it presents though.)
The Book of the Dragon Runes, great look at the runes from a left hand slant within the Draconian Current. The author references Thorsson a lot and makes it obvious that one should read his rune books before attempting to read the authors.

Experimentation is key:
To be frankly honest this whole movement is a reconstructionalist movement. Everyone draws from the Eddas and experiments. Keep an open and honest mind.

Your Guide, the First Runemaster:
One does not “need” to work with Odin Allfather to understand the runes, much as one does not “need” a lifeguard to go swimming. Seriously, Odin is an amazing source to turn to when you are working with the runes. He sacrificed himself to understand the Runes. I would advise one to show him the utmost respect and ask him to help you on your runic journey. Hint, he likes mead and tabbaco.

Thanks for reading this long:
I am going to offer the first three people who comment after me a free five rune, rune casting. Just comment on here and then send me a pm with your question.


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Thanks for sharing your insight and a basic pathway for others to follow. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Orismen for an incredibly detailed reading about the question I sent you… I’m blown away by it and it’s given me a lot of work to do now (in a good way!) to make sure this works out to its full potential.

You picked up on some underlying things I’m aware of regarding my recent work, but hadn’t emphasised here at all, and also on some outcomes that I’ve been told by dem spiritz but hadn’t even mentioned in my PM. Thank you!!

ETA: a lot of people have been offering free readings and I don’t want to seem as though I didn’t take their skills seriously, but then leapt right on board for Orismen - there was a specific reason why I leaped on this to do with the question I had, and at the moment I’m not really in need of readings with other spiritual stuff because my path ahead seems pretty clear cut for the next few months.

I have no doubt the other readers here are comitted and talented, and I’d rather post this PS unecessarily, maybe even presumptuously (I doubt anyone was like waiting with baited breath for me to contact them), than appear to be excluding anyone or demeaning their offers by ignoring them whilst seeking out a reading from Orismen. :slight_smile:

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I am currently busy with finals, I may do some readings in the future.

Orismen gave me a great reading and hit on a lot of points I haven’t spoke to him about before.

I should technically be giving him this review on WF but liked it so much I wanted to give him twice the credit for a job well done.

Honestly Orismen is my go to guy when it comes to me having a reading or confirming my own reading. The guy doesn’t givw himself enough credit.

Thank you sir. :slight_smile:

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I would love a reading.

Thank you Omni :slight_smile:

Orismen did an excellent reading on my healing, and I’d like to thank him for his help.

In the time that has passed, I can say that his reading was not only accurate, but he picked up on things I was unaware of.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

Thank you sir :slight_smile:

Ohhhhhh, well this explains the PM. You were asking a question to read on weren’t you?

Egg on my face.

I am currently busy with finals, I may do some readings in the future.[/quote]

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